Leadership and Organizational Behavior Essay

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Leadership and Organizational Behavior


The organization that will be the topic of my discussion in my final project paper will be Pratt Industries Inc. The company started as a recycling paper company in Australia and US, but today they could close the entirely process of recycling incorporating companies that create paper from recycling paper, the energy that the company use is coming burning trash recycled, the company sale cardboard boxes and recycled paper to big detailed companies as Home depot and Walmart, the company create their own design to send their products (recycled paper based) to our homes, the company has their own recycle trucks to pick the recycle products from homes and companies. The company has the all cycle of recycling closed; they pick the recycling trash up, they process it and make new products, they sale it and send it to our homes and the process start again picking the trash up. The company has more than 70 locations where they can create clean energy, recycle and create paper, make cardboard boxes, make the own designs and for other companies also, and other activities as retail recycling products.

Problem Statement

I am IT support on the IT department of the company, I was hired to improve the department capacity of support due the company was growing up and the department started to get issues supporting the computer’s users. We used to have a very friendly work environment; we use to go out to celebrate birthdays, we got good payment improvement every year, our IT manager use to take the department to do some outside activities as a group. The company benefits are placed as the best comparing them with companies with the same quantity of employees, but the company started to buy other small companies and they started to make savings to invest on the new acquisitions. A year ago HR managers started cutting health benefits and changing them backward and the salaries are not been increased as before, neither we go out as a group to celebrate birthdays nor go outside to do any extras activities.

My group of work is great and the environment of work still friendly, I keep some of the good company benefits (like University tuition help) and it is why I still working on the company. The company started to cut benefit plans, expect more output from each employee, and they are keeping the new employees as a contacted people to avoid include them into the benefits plans. Some of those employees are not giving their most on their work, per example some of them never come on time every morning, they don’t give their best on their work and they don’t care if they finished their job but they leave on time or before the end of their time to leave.

I scare this situation will be viral and creates the same feelings to the old department workers sending the company down because IT is one of the most important to keep the company working 24×7 during the 365 days of the year. I will do my best researching and writing a plan to create the steps to return the company as the leader of the recycling business on US. I would like to receive support to make the IT department an HPO and shows to the other company department how to keep the company growing up always improving the employees benefits instead trying to cut them due the employees are the most important key.

Preliminary Solutions

Managers have to make closed call to employees that are not following the company statements. The staffing company the company use to hire temporary employees must increase the pre-hired background check. Company has to review what they are cutting about employees benefits. Managers have to look for a way to show the employees what level of satisfaction they have with the employees dedication they show on their work.

Analysis of leadership

The company is passing through big changes on the executive management area; managers are being moved to different new locations that the company is merging after Pratt bought them. HR is trying to absorb those employees and it is creating an stressed environment when new employees are been hired to replace another and when the company is using a staffing company to hire new employees without the certified classification. The company managers have to improve their level of relationship with their employees showing them they are valuable for the company and letting them know they work is highly appreciate.

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