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Leadership and management



Mr. Hans Wiedemann is a top hotel manager with enormous expertise. He has given a five star hotel and received the national award for excellence in service. he became head of ‘Grande dame’ in St. mortiz. He graduated from reowned hotel management school in Lausanne. He moved to various stations in Switzerland to Asia. He began his career as a service provider in St. moritz. He has two child one is 21 years old son and second is 16 years old daughter.

Hans wiedemann started an apprenticeship as a waiter in the schloss restaurant, binningen at the age of fifteen. After that he worked as a chef de service and in administration in other establishments. At the age of 23, hans wiedemann decided to complete the hotel management course in Lausanne. After training of hotel management, he took a job in Australia and remained until 1995. Hans wiedemann honored for this work in hotel industry at ITB Berlin. In 2007, he was awarded as hotelier of the year and in 2009, he was awarded as hotelier of the world.

In 2018, hans wiedemann retired and resigned as head of operations.

It is observed from the case content that hans wiedemann who is now head of “grande dame” started his career from service provider and continued until he became CEO of that organization. He is good leader as well. In this study, it is found that hans wiedemann was against the former superior as he was not approachable and visible. He was not enthusiastic towards his work when he does not find original spirit and culture as he said guest should not perceive the modernization as it show that he focuses on the customers as well as employees of the organization.

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In this paper, the democratic style of leadership is followed, the various leadership traits and qualities is found in Hans weidemann such as integrity, honesty, good communicator, inspire others, creativity and innovation. The Behavioral and trait theories are applicable to the study as hans wiedemann motivates and promotes its employees and also demonstrate its involvement which is good traits of a leader. So it is clear from the content that good leaders are not born they make themselves good by working hard from bottom level to top level and leads other people for achieving their goals and the best example is hans wiedemann from the content.

The Hans wiedemann who began an apprenticeship as a waiter in the schloss restaurant,Binningen. Later he began worked in other establishment in the kitchen as a chef de service and in the administration. At the age of 23 he decided to complete the hotel management school in Lausanne to put the bottom into the barrel. After completeion of training, he took a job in Australia and remained until 1995. After that hans moved to badruth palace in 2004 started his job as a service provider and became hotel manager of badrutt’s palace in st. moritz. The path for development of Hans weidemann was not established. He develop path by doing unenthusiastic task in his own manner that is, renovated the badrutt’s palace with two digit millions annually with original spirit and culture without modernizing it as keeping in mind the guest should not perceived the modernization. The former superior of badrutt’s palace who was called god by staffs was not approachable and visible and due to this reason, he was unable to develop his path for achieving goals. Hans wants to know first-hand about the worries of the employees when he was manager at that hotel which states that hans possess certain good qualities, which every leader must have. In last two years, the owner of palace badrutt and director Hans wiedemann had developed a close personal and professional relationship, which help in growth of the hotel industry as it, is mandatory that relationship between owners and employees must be exits in an organization for the development of the industry.

Indeed it can be said that discussion is relevant to leadership traits, styles, theories and characteristics as Hans wiedemann received daily request for two third of the share of palace and was approached like a lottery millionaire but he did not inherited money. Hans possess honesty and integrity whch is traits of good leader and after that badrutt and his wife handover the palace in wiedemann’s hands that was incredible trust instead and in return they only wanted certainty that the unique atmosphere will be maintain for long period. Hans possess the accountability, delegation and empowerment qualities of leadership. Traits theory of leadership is based on the characteristics of many leaders both successful and unsuccessful and is used to predict leadership effectiveness. The resulting lists of traits are then compared to those of potential leaders to assess their likelihood of success or failure. Hans wiedemann only not motivates and promotes his employees but also demonstrate its involvement in the hotel industry which is democratic style of leadership. In democratic style of leadership top manager supports subordinates and involve them in the decision making process of an organization.

The behavioral theories, path goal theories, and traits theories are found in study. Hans possess various traits of leaders. Honesty as he maintain palace of badrutt without having motive of profit earning because money does not interest him. Good communicator as he is head of the palace in respect of this he communicated to its employees regarding any decisions taken for hotel industry. Accountability as he is answerable for all the activities of the hotel and decisions taken. Inspire others as he motivates and promotes its employees for their working. Creative as he renovated hotel with original spirit and culture of palace with modernizing it. Path theory is also applicable as there is mutual relationship between employees and the Hans to achieve common goal of the hotel industry. Behavioral theory is also seen in the study, as it is focus on the study of behavior of a leader. Hans also motivated, empowerment, and satisfied its employees as it is given in the case study.

It is found from the study that good leaders are not born with leader’s traits and characteristics. They established their path for development. Likewise, Mr. hans establish his own path for the development by doing job from service provider to head of the five star hotels. The theories that are applied to the study are applicable as Mr. hans possess those traits, leadership characteristics and work according to the democratic style of leadership.

However, there are different styles of leadership such as autocratic or authoritarian, democratic or participative, and laissez faire or free rein styles. In autocratic style, the superior tells his or her subordinates what to do and how to do without getting their advice or opinion or ideas. This style is not seen in the study as superior does not order his subordinates even he motivates and promotes its employees. In democratic style, the superiors include one or more employees of the organization in the process of decision making. This style is seen throughout the study as superior that is Mr. hans include its employees in decision making process as he possess good leadership characteristics. In laissez faire style, the superior allows the subordinates to make all decisions of the organization however; he is also responsible for the decision made. This style is not completely seen in the study as whole power of decision of the palace is not lying with the employees of that palace. The leadership style of Mr. hans was democratic as he involve members of the hotels while taking decision after analyzing three different styles of leadership.

Along with leadership styles of the person Various leadership characteristics are made as per the article such as inspire others, good communicator, commitment and passion, decision making capabilities, accountability, delegation and empowerment, creativity and innovation, empathy all these leadership characteristics make Mr. han the hotelier of the world 2018.

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