Leadership and Influence on People

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I believe Leadership is that procedure of inspiring, encourage, and pursuing people in order to see or meet a specific goal, by also mapping out where success lies. There can be no leadership deprived of influence, since influencing is how leaders lead.

Therefore, over the past years up to present, I have exhibited a leadership and influencing skills in several capacities, such as serving as the president for my Secondary School Debate and Quizzing team, for which we won numerous awards, under my leadership, and was assigned as a child broadcaster to the local Radio Station.

Secondly, there was a time that my country experienced the deadly Ebola epidemic, and there was a lot of devastation and massive loss of both human life and economic livelihoods, within Liberia. I worked with the International Medical Corps, Bong County Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU), as one of the few people that where part of the burial team to buried the dead Ebola victims, since the virus becomes very active when the person is dead.

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I also helped the victims as an organizer as well as working with the ETU in other aspects when there were no dead bodies, which involved catering to suspected and confirmed Ebola patients. Separately from the enhanced communication and leadership skills this experience offered me, what I most value was my newfound understanding of the importance of service and helping those in need.

Additionally, I created an inspiring conception of the future, which is an attribute of an effective leader when I established the Electrical Engineering Students Association; which was the first Departmental Organization within the College of Engineering and Technology, William V.

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S. Tubman University, to become one of the fastest growing student organization in Liberia, and to also incorporate Electrical Departments from other Universities in Liberia, and to win global recognition, as Electrical Engineering is the leading and most technical diverse field in the world. I motivated, influence and inspire other students, because I believe it’s a leader ability to arouse and stimulate people that help them deliver their vision, to engage in developing international contacts and to encourage the exchange of ideas among Electrical Engineering students through professional workshops, cultural student exchanges, academic student exchange and Research. Today, the association is still running actively, within the department with numerous students.

I motivated other Engineering students, that thought Engineering is difficult, when I graduated with the Highest Distinction of 3.842/4.000 during the 2017 Graduation Ceremony, and was first of its kind from the Electrical Department, and highest ever from the College of Engineering and Technology which lead many students to take courage, and inspired them to do better in the college, with the passion that they can also succeed, and I believe that was an act of influencing.

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