Leadership and Change Essay

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Leadership and Change

It is important that managers hire individuals who have the ability to do what is required. According to the Harvard ManageMentor scenario Mary felt that Jessica possessed the skills and knowledge to promote her as a leader. By Mary managing through her team leader, it is Jessica’s responsibility to lead employees by a task to accomplish the company goal. Because Jessica is asking Mary, “Where do you see the department going? ”(Harvard ManageMentor, 2006) Jessica obviously does not have a plan.

If I was Mary I would not answer that question as well, but I would offer my support to help her succeed. The two effective strategies that Mary could use to motivate Jessica and the employees in the department to keep them focused on organizational goals would be transformational leadership, along- side with rewards. “The concept of transformational leadership is about harnessing the powers of both efficient management and effective leadership to enact change in the workplace. (Bradley, 2013) Since Jessica is taking on the role of team leader in the department and she does not have a plan, Mary can utilize transformational leadership to give advice, support, encouragement, and communicate the expectations that she wants to receive from Jessica and the department. I believe this is a great way to guide Jessica in creating new ways to accomplish goals.

In my own experience I found it helpful when I was able to meet with my superior on a one on one basis to get a clear understanding of the company’s vision, getting a checklist of what tasks my superior wanted to accomplish, and to get that reassurance that my plans were supported. Jessica also views Mary as a mentor, and by Mary using transformational leadership Jessica can put into use the skills, strategies, and techniques demonstrated into her own role as a leader.

Utilizing transformational leadership can also raise employee awareness of the rewards they can receive when goals are accomplished. (DuBrin, 2013) Rewards both monetary and non-monetary, motivates employee performance and keeps employees focused on organizational goals. Both transformational leadership and rewards contribute to building an organizational culture to support one another and share the organizations vision.

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