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Essay on Leader

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Vice President

Because the way we deliver the message should attract the message receiver's attention. If the message was good and we don't deliver it properly, then it won't be meaningful and the receiver would not follow or learn from it. They won't understand the purpose of it. I think what kids expect from school definitely influences what actually happens in school. Let's say a student told her friend that ...

Our National Hero Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

He became the first Home Minister of Independent India and he is still considered to be the best Home Minister ever. Apart from his political victories he also empowered the poor milk farmers from Anand Region who were getting exploited at the hands of middleman cartels. He showed them the path to form a CO-Operative society which will buy, process and sell their milk at fair price which can bring...

Josephe Stalin DBQ

In the end, Stalin was the only one left to blame. Lastly, Stalin found it necessary to increase agricultural production. He was planning on increasing it by collective farms and state farms to join together the small peasant farms into large collective farms. After this Stalin said Kulaks must be eliminated to substitute them with connective and state farms (DOC 4). Nobody had much of option beca...

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Presidential Speech

Those immigrants see this country as a land of opportunity. Since Barrack Obama gave this speech, nothing has really occurred ,other than Obama's residential order which is similar to the dream act. The people who qualify for this must be between the ages 12-35,arrived in the United States before the age of 16, lived in the United States for at least 5 years, and have graduated a highs school and ...

Cavour's Diplomacy and Bismarck's Army in History

Cavour was the type of person who relied on diplomacy. Cavour discussed and planned how to do things, yet never really participated. Bismarck was the complete opposite. Bismarck was the man of the extremely powerful Prussian army. Cavour’s main opponents were the people and Garibaldi. Very few people actually supported Cavour. Cavour also had the Austrians as opponents. Bismarck’s opponents we...

Group Roles

We were having many issues with one of our sub groups performing to task and another sub group would clean things up if they could. We analyzed the groups and kept asking what made the others work but not this one… the carrier team had five sections with four desks in each section since it fit better that way. All the desks were full except one group had three people this being the problem group...

Our Leader Swami Vivekananda

So at last I would like to conclude my speech withinthe means of a short message. Vivekananda once said that if there comes a day inb yyyyyyour life without obstacles then we must be sure that we are in a wrong path . A glourious day has no value without the view of a starry night. So, today’s youth Don’t break up at the first sight of the obstacles or difficulties of life..rather uphold your ...

Larry Page's 5 Leader Style Strategies at Google

Google founded in 1998 with Sergey Brin. Google soon found itself at the top of search engines and from a small, garage- based company had transformed into a global giant. Google now is a synonym of world's no1 ideal (New York Post, 2011) and employs 53546 people owns numerous offices worldwide. Some vision points for Google and future technologies that Larry pages laying out from Google’s devel...

Gary Kelly, an Effective Leader

I have provided concrete examples of how Southwest Airlines display its corporate culture. I had explained the traits and skills that make Gary Kelly an effective leader. I had identified the core competencies of Southwest Airline. With what I have learned about Gary Kelly and Southwest Airlines, the more companies and their leadership that try to immolate him, the more satisfying being a customer...

Madeleine Albright: Taking the Lead

To be effective, force and diplomacy must complement and reinforce each other. For there will be many occasions, in many places, where we will rely on diplomacy to protect our interests, and we will expect our diplomats to defend those interests with skill, knowledge and spine. ” Madeleine Albright’s life as leader is filled with experiences that talks about lessons of triumph after overcoming...

Roman Empire During Tiberius' Government

When Augustus died, the Roman world was without a leader, and was potentially at risk of another power struggle and possible civil war . Another source from the time of Tiberius’ reign, Velleius Paterculus, praises Tiberius and his military accomplishments, especially those in Germany, and saw a level of continuity between the Republic and Augustus’ Principate. His perspective of monarchy was ...

Four Rightly Guided Caliphs

This meaning out of all the Caliphs they only support the rule of Ali. Every single Caliph had an important part to play in the development of Islam and many people have them to thank for their religion and faith being as strong as it is today. Each of the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs contributed to the safety and growth of Islam. Although with the split of Muslims that result of the Sunni and Shi'...

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

They either died by torture or punishment or hunger or disease. Some were thrown to exiles or deportation. When Stalin died in March 1953, history had mixed reaction thereafter as his merits and demerits. Nearly 40 million Russians died and suffered under his regime. And yet Russia was able to began to establish itself to be a world power through his ruthless leadership. His successor, Nikita Krus...

The Contingency Theory

Fiedler and associates concluded that if a leader's LPC scores fall between 65 and 72, then the leader must carefully analyze their leadership style as they learn more about the relationship oriented and task oriented styles. However, it is important to note that there is no single leadership style that is effective in all situations. Rather, certain leadership styles are better suited for some si...

Luís Bernardo Honwana

Intriguing and insurrection, by their very nature, however, are not bothered by legalities. A new organization -- The White Hand -- was formed from trustworthy men of Narodna Odbrana . It continued the imperialistic work of the Black Hand, using the same techniques. The death of Vojislav Petrovic, an ex-attache to the Yugoslav Legation in London, was said to be the work of Narodna Odbrana . Petrov...

Desmond Mpilo Tutu

He has become an icon of hope far beyond the Church and Southern Africa. Tutu is chairman of the Elders, an independent group of influential people chosen for their outstanding integrity, courage and proven ability to tackle some of the world’s toughest problems. Tutu officially retired from public life on the 7th of October 2010. However, he continues with his involvement with the Elders and hi...

Sir Richard Branson and Haruka Nishimatsu

Branson’s strong instincts, and his quick, reactive management style, is well suited to the UK’s high tolerance for uncertainty. His focus on using the media for PR stunts, his relentless drive for results are well accepted in the UK’s low LTO culture, where short term tangible success trumps other virtues. This exercise in contrasting the different executive styles, shows that these two exe...


Toussaint-Louverture proved that he was willing to fight for his dream of creating equal rights for everybody. When Wendell Phillips says “Then, dipping her pen in the sunlight, will write in the clear blue, […] Toussaint-Louverture.” it demonstrates how greatly appreciated and respected Toussaint-Louverture was. He was considered the most powerful leader in Haiti back then because he fought...

W.E.D Dubois and Booker T. Washington

“To be a poor man is hard, but to be a poor is hard, but to be a poor race in a land of dollars is the very bottom of hard ships.”~ W.E.D Dubois. Quotes like these make me sided with Dubois much more, not Unlike Washington Dubois didn’t believe whites and blacks should remain separate or that in order to advance we should settle for less. Dubois believed in his people speaking out for what w...

Implementation Plan

In conclusion the three articles examined leadership ethics using different variables. Article one was a qualitative study that examined the perception of how ethical leaders perceived themselves. Each executive shared personal stories from the personal experiences that designed the ethical framework. Article two examined bullying and the impact of ethical leadership and the ability of ethical lea...

Path-Goal Theory Of leadership

This style changes reward and clarifies the needs of the followers. In Lewis’ case she was able to get key stakeholders in differing departments to buy in to more strategic thinking. Jeanne Lewis was given ever increasing responsibility at Staples due to her ability to adapt her leadership style to match the changing needs of her subordinates. By following the Path-Goal Theory, Lewis was able to...

Analysis - Mein Kampf

Both are the children of the reference library and the self-improvement manual, of mass newspapers creating a new vocabulary of violence and sensation. Hitler was the half-educated psychopath inheriting the lavish communications systems of the 20th century. Forty years after his first abortive seizure of power he was followed by another unhappy misfit, Lee Harvey Oswald, in whose Historic Diary we...

Plunkitt of Tammany Hall

As a business and political man, Plunkitt knew the political game inside and out. With corruption, he managed to continue to remain in office for countless years. Even though Plunkitt’s grammar was inferior to a professors’ or college graduate, it had nothing to do with being a political powerhouse. A politician had to have common sense and know how to gain ones trust, even if it meant dishone...

Tony Fernandes Is A Great Leader

In Air Asia itself, he implements the concept of equal opportunity between his followers. Fernandes also has created a culture of teamwork, equality and constant communication like what he did at AirAsia‘s headquarters where it is staunchly open-plan. This aims to ensure staff of all levels are continually in contact with each other, enhancing the opportunities for innovative thinking and creati...

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Lastly “Flywheel and Doom Loop” was used to follow up. It’s a focus on being able to identify any and all aspects that take you away from the previous concepts. You should always be looking for ways to improve and stay ahead of the pack. The world of business is ever changing which keeps the bar separating Good from Great ever moving as well. Complacency is a “Good” trait. Having a syste...

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar

He conquered the city and, although he was officially ruling in the name of Alfonso, successfully governed Valencia as an independent principality. He lived out the rest of his life in peace here, but was buried back in his homeland of Castile. His body now lies in Burgos Cathedral. After his death is 1099 he was the subject of many legends, poems, and stories. The people of Spain held him in high...

Famous Person - Vladimir Putin

However, the Russians support Putin’s attentiveness of political influence and control and strongly support him. However in his reign, media censorship was present. In spite of Putin’s popularity in Russia as well as public support, Putin has also been the victim of criticism. Wide variety of restructuring and modifications were completed under Putin’s term as a President have been disapprov...

Red Bull a Leader of Energy Drink Market

Scribd, (2011). Red Bulls Marketing Mix [Online], Available at <http://www. scribd. com/doc/19489027/Red-Bulls-Marketing-Mix > [Accessed 22nd May 2011] Redbull, (2011). Products and Company [Online], Available at <http://www. redbull. co. uk/cs/Satellite/en_UK/red-bull-energy-drink/001243026254412> [Accessed 10th May 2011] Yaqoob, M. (2011) Red Bull Marketing Strategy. The Red Carpet B...

Life and Political Ideology of Ho Chi Minh

He pushed many Vietnamese to follow dreams, in more ways than one. He was the inspiration of his people. No man, woman, or child under his leadership detested his choices, for they understood that he knew best. In overall he did many things for Vietnam, and the people were grateful for each and every little detail. When Ho Chi Minh died due to heart failure, everybody cried. For a whole week, it r...

Famous Persons Guru Nanak and Meera Bai

In the bhakti tradition, they are in passionate praise of lord Krishna. Details of her life, which has been the subject of several films, are pieced together from her poetry and stories recounted by her community and are of debatable historical authenticity, particularly those that connect her with the later Tansen. On the other hand, the traditions that make her a disciple of Ravidas who disputed...

Leader and Politician General Vo Nguyen Giap

Giap used the element of surprise by skilfully employing supporting operations which deceived the French. Giap easily identified the French's critical vulnerability and used their mistakes to his own advantage. The work of a great strategist. One crucial decision that Giap made was when he moved his own headquarters to the Dien Bien Phu battle site. This allowed him to personally oversee the confl...

Genghis Khan, The Conqueror and Leader

Now mind you he was a drunk trying to be as great of a ruler and a conqueror like his father. (133) Today the Life and Legacy of Genghis Khan still remains. A Spirit Banner has been hung in remembrance of Genghis Khan. In conclusion I think Genghis Khan was a very Great conqueror that fought the way he did because he wanted his people to be safe. Khan made his name stand out throughout The Modern ...

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