L&D unit screaming “The baby is coming!” Essay

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L&D unit screaming “The baby is coming!”

An adult male received a liver transplant a week ago. The nurse notes that he has developed a rash on his palms that itch and hurt. Which finding of GVHD is most important for the nurse to report to the healthcare provider? WBC and differential count

A male client is returned to the surgical unit following a left kidney removal. The patient has a drain that is draining bloody drainage. The nurse should monitor output hourly
A client with cirrhosis and hepatic encephalopathy ascites resulting in portal hypertension. Which finding provides the nurse with an early indication that the client is at risk for a life-threatening complications? Hematemesis and melena

Which assessment finding is indicative of a developing epidural hematoma? Altered consciousness within the first 24 hours after injury A client who is admitted with an ACS receives a glycoprotein inhibitor. Which assessment finding places the client a greatest risk? Unresponsive to pain stimuli

Late decelerations intervention
Administer oxygen to the mother via face mask first
A female client with breast cancer who completed her first chemotherapy treatment today at an out-patient cancer treatment center is preparing for discharge. Which behavior indicates that the client understands her care needs for the next week? Rented movies and borrowed books to use while passing time at home A client receiving chemotherapy has severe neutropenia. Which snack is best for the nurse to recommend for this client? Baked apples topped with dried raisins

The nurse has received funding to design a health promotions project for AA women are at risk for breast cancer. Which resource is most important in designing this program? Participation of community leaders in planning the program

The nurse is starting an insulin infusion for a client with diabetes mellitus who is experiencing HHS. In addition to the client’s glucose, which laboratory value is most important for the nurse to monitor? Serum potassium

The nurse is changing a client’s IV tubing and closes the roller clamp on the new tubing setup when the bag of solution is spiked. Which action should the nurse take to ensure adequate filling the drip chamber? Compress the drip chamber

One day post op of an MI, a client is experiencing red and tender skin at the IV site what PRN a prescription should the nurse administer? Regitine
A client is admitted with possible urosepsis. What intervention should the nurse perform immediately? Obtain a Urine Culture for culture and sensitivity
A client admitted at to the ICU after a motor vehicle accident and is experiencing delirium tremors. Which assessment finding should the nurse report immediately? Wide QRS conplexes and flat T waves

A client has been corticosteroids for a few months and reports stopping abruptly. Which nursing intervention is important for the nurse to implement first? Obtain VS A woman who refuses to take Herpes Simplex medication, what information should the nurse provide? Explain the benefits of the drug outweigh the risk to the fetus A female who is admitted for depression the nurse finds the client to be withdrawn. She states that she feels hopeless and has not slept for 2 days. What is the priority outcome for this client’s treatment plan? Reports sleeping for at least 4-6 hours at night

A woman just learned that she has H. Pyloric. What health promotion practices should the nurse suggest? Encourage screening for peptic ulcers

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