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Lawyer Career

Answers to Case Questions for attorneys
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"Direct in-person communication with a prospective client" may convince the client to make quick decisions without thinking straight and without making a proper reflection of the discussion (Orlik, 2014). The main purpose of this type of communication is for attorneys to provide benefits about their law firm in order to persuade the client to work with them (Orlik, 2014). "Truthful, restrained advertising concerning the availability and terms of routine legal services" is different because it is a public advertisement that…...
A Civil Action
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‘A Civil Action’ is a legal thriller, well-directed and presented in such a way that manages to create certain mood of extreme anxiety and fear, which all the more increases the tension level to filter throughout the movie. If you think that watching a movie in which lawyers are seen reading doesn’t sound exciting, you will have to give a second thought. The director, Steven Zaillian of ‘A civil action’, has managed to maintain the suspense and thrill throughout the…...
Defense Attorneys
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Discuss the role of defense attorney’s in the courtroom workgroup. A defense attorney is a lawyer who provides legal representation for a person who has been arrested and charged for breaking the law or when an individual been served with a lawsuit. For example, when another individual filing the lawsuit goes after money for damages or justifiable relief of some sort. A very small portion of lawyers actually discuss that they work as criminal defense attorneys. This is because of…...
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