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Laws and Rules of the Road Essay

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Create a car saying (Bumper Sticker) or a Road Sign (Billboard) that would describe one main point you learned in Module 5. This is an example of a bumper sticker from a former student: ““Driving the right speed is always a good deed. Enjoy your ride and don’t collide!”

1. What would yours say? When you speed it causes more collisions so remember always be safe and wear a seat belt.

2. How would it look? It would be a billboard and it would have a picture of a had collision that happened because of speeding

3. Now, write at least one paragraph (5 sentences or more) which explains why you thought this would make a great bumper sticker or billboard, and how it summarizes the information you learned in Module Five. Remember to use complete sentence answers and proper spelling and grammar. I thought this would make a good bumper sticker because most collisions are caused because of speeding and people should not take advantage of the roads.

This bumper sticker summarizes what I learned in module 5. That is because In this module I learned about driver licenses and what you need to do if you are new to the state or if you are a new comer. Also in this module I learned that excessive speeding is the cause of many collisions.

Module 6 Effects of Alcohol and Drugs Some day you might find yourself in a dangerous driving situation because of drugs, alcohol, or extreme drowsiness due to medication. Talk to a parent or guardian about what they would like for you to do if you find yourself in this situation. Answer the following questions in one or more complete sentences.

1. Explain three ways you can get home safely, without getting behind the wheel, if there are drugs or alcohol in your system. A. Call a friend B. Call a taxi C. Call a parent or relative

2. Explain three ways you can get home safely if the friend you rode with has drugs or alcohol in his system and you prevent him from getting behind the wheel. A. You can drive B. Call a taxi C. Tell your parents to pick you up

3. What would your parent/guardian want you to do? They would want me to contact them and tell them I need a ride home.

4. Look up and list the number of a local taxi or car service in your community. Include the company name and telephone number.

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