Laws Essay Topics

Baseball and Antitrust Laws

Any commerce with operations spanning state boundaries, thus undertaking interstate trade, is governed by antitrust laws. Efforts at monopolizing and controlling trade could be regarded unlawful by national circuit courts as per the Clayton and Sherman Acts. Baseball has always been immune from such antitrust regulations from 1922, upon the Supreme Court’s verdict made baseball… View Article

Illegal Immigration and enforcement of laws

America, as we know it today, is a melting pot of many nationalities, cultures, races, ethnic backgrounds, and religious pursuits. This is the result of the early massive immigration to American shores from countries across the globe seeking a new life inside the borders of the United States. This dream has not waned despite the… View Article

Curfew Laws: Helpful or Harmful?

Curfew laws are being carefully examined right now. Some adults believe that they are necessary and that they help curb adolescent crime. Others believe that they violate rights and don’t really solve the problem at all. To look at this issue more closely, there are two articles, one in support of curfew laws, and one… View Article

Country Labor Laws

Labor laws or employment laws are a collection of laws, organizational rulings, and precedents which address the lawful rights of, and restrictions on, working people and their organizations. As such, it mediates many aspects of the relationship between trade unions, employers and employees (Chilumpha 2004). However, there are two broad categories of labor law the… View Article

Just War Theory and a Thoughtful Realist

One important theory within International Relations shows a moral aspect on how to conduct war. This theory is called Just War Theory. Just War Theory is a doctrine of military ethics from a philosophical and Catholic viewpoint. This theory consists of two parts: Jus ad bellum (the right to go to war) and Jus in… View Article

Outline the concepts of just war and pacifism

Outline the key concepts of Just War and Pacifism. A01 [21] The Just war theory maintains that war may be justified if fought only in certain circumstances, and only if certain restrictions are applied to the way in which war is fought. The theory that was first propounded by St Augustine of Hippo and St… View Article

Evaluation of a Gas Constant (Experiment 3)

Experiment 3: Evaluation of Gas Constant Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate the ideal gas law under ordinary conditions. In this lab, the variables in the ideal gas law are known or can be found aside from the constant R. Thus, the R values can be found and relatively determine the relevancy… View Article

Settling the Northern Colonies Vocabulary

1. John Calvin: 1. Protestant leader 2. Created dominant religion of American settlers 3. Wrote theories in Institutes of the Christian Religion 2. Anne Hutchinson: 1. Lived in Massachusetts Bay Colony 2. Promoted antinomianism 3. Banished and forced to walk and settle on Rhode Island 3. Roger Williams: 1. Wanted to break from the Church… View Article