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Lawrence Krauss: Religious Education Is Child Abuse Essay

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Lawrence Krauss has repeatedly stated that teaching religion in science is “child abuse”. The term, “child abuse” when used in this context is extreme. Krauss (2013) explains the purpose of education is to teach children the truth providing empirical evidence based on facts, and knowledge of science and religion do not coexist. However, Krauss wants to exclude religion from science because he observes that there are ethical boundaries in science such as telling the truth, but the methodology is to exclude religion from education in general because religion is fiction with no empirical evidence to support it but only have ethics.

Krauss justifies how science based, not on ideology or testimonies science supports the methods with empirical facts that can provide us a better understanding to overcome ignorance. While “child abuse” perhaps antagonizing word to express Krauss’s ideas, on the other hand, creationism with science should not be taught in class because they based on different knowledge that also contradicts the other.

Religion does not have a place in science but does have a role as a subject as long it is not mixed with science.

Teaching creationism with science is a disservice to students because creationism has no empirical evidence to support the doctrines in the bible. The beliefs of a creationist view its doctrine that an omnipotent creator creates all things, but it is a disservice to students since there is no evidence. Krauss expresses how science can offer a better world by telling the truth on the age of the earth evidently shown on evolution (a change inherited characteristics of biological population over successive generation).

Krauss stated (2013a) if parents or teachers “withhold knowledge or do anything to children to put competitive disadvantage as adults is mild child abuse”. This context explains the disservice of creationism with science; due to religious education it withholds the knowledge of expressing the facts. Krauss (2013a) stated that the purpose of education “is not to validate ignorance but to overcome it” and this suggestion is to teach children evolution the source of modern biology to overcome ignorance.

Creationism is a disservice to students because there is no evidence to tell us but only the values of the biblical stories. However, Krauss (2013b) clarifies that evolution had happened, and that is science evidence of biology, “science is falsifiable and testable, and god is not testable” therefore; creationism is a disservice because there is no proof of the existence. Science has ethical boundaries based on truth provided by data evidence that does not base on ideologies. Scientists have theories that are testable to try and prove it wrong to work and challenge beliefs also hypothesis.

Krauss declared (2013c) the progress of science in modern technology keeps changing “to view reality… if people do not challenge their beliefs they are not learning”, and this is how to overcome ignorance with evidence in reality for progress to education. However, Krauss and Dawkins (2007) discuss the notion of science and religion do not coexist because “religion is a bad science or ancillary to science” that there is no evidence to be tested. This contrast expresses that religion, should be viewed as a subject but not taught with science.

Dawkins mentioned that evolution is “easily misunderstood” (Krauss, L. , & Dawkins, R. 2007) and those who misunderstand science issues are ignorant. Although the term “child abuse” is dogmatic, because it is too violent in which Krauss uses that terminology to make awareness so that children can gain knowledge by understanding the truth and critically asking themselves questions to the purpose of life. This methodology contradicts creationism because an omnipotent creator has no evidence to existence and creationism relies on faith and fear that undergo disservice to students.

However, religion should be excluded from science because there is no empirical evidence in reality. Creationism does play a role in western civilization due to moral ethnicity on Ten Commandments and legal jurisdiction; this functionalism can structure a better society for a future hope. Krauss explains (2012b) that there are no ethics on religion upon science “religion never enters on to science” because there will be a conflict theory.

Krauss suggested (Krauss, L. , & Dawkins, R. 007) that children should not be forced on what to believe and how parents could educate their children on how the world functions by the modern biology of evolution. Though religion should not be excluded from education because, it purposes the students to have moral behavior. The education curriculum should not teach science and creationism side by side. Students can question their belief to be educated and to learn. Science and religion should be taught two different subject and not together, where children could make that choice to learn and not forced upon or deviated.

In conclusion, religion should not be excluded in education but taught separately from science because there is no empirical evidence on the creation of this world, which is a disservice to the students. Krauss has justified how science and religion cannot mix because students will not understand the fact about the world and how we originated by evolution. Krauss also discusses the ethnicity of empirical truth in which will make a better world. However, to exclude religion in general will disrupt the social norm.

Religion plays a role to moral ethnicity (performance on behavior) in civilizations and will educate students’ behavior. Students need to have discipline and morals created to their worldview and awareness to their stratification in society. The essay examines the comparison of how creationism should be excluded from science and should be applied as another subject in education curriculum. Religion has ethical boundaries, which is rational and science concludes on empirical facts supported by natural selection.

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