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Problems of Pakistan

...Today, pakostan is facing various problems. The intesity of these problems is increasing day by day.Infact, there are two types of problems, the inner problems and the outer problems.The inner problems like terrorism, secterian violance,target killing,energy crisis,economic meltdown,destability, poor rule of law,floods ,corruption ,injustice,poverty,unemployment,inflation and social disorder are weakining the country very fastly.On the other hand, the outer problems like drone attacks, weak fore...

Orange is the New Black

...So, in the end, Pipers stay was justified in my opinion and she had it coming to her in the end, you cannot expect to do something illegal and get away with it. I believe that throughout the book, while certain aspects of punishment were touched upon, not all were met. While she gave retribution (ten years later), and next time will defiantly be deterred, I’m not to sure how successful the rehabilitation part was or if the incapacitation was necessary. I do think that it is necessary to point ...

Crim Law Review

...Article 365. Imprudence and Negligence Quasi-offenses punished 1. Committing through reckless imprudence any act which, had it been intentional, would constitute a grave or less grave felony or light felony; 2. Committing through simple imprudence or negligence an act which would otherwise constitute a grave or a less serious felony; 3. Causing damage to the property of another through reckless imprudence or simple imprudence or negligence; 4. Causing through simple imprudence or negligence some...

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Causes and Solutions for Crime

...Especially, teenagers are easily to be affected and tend to imitate, so the crime rate of the young has raised annually. The authorities need to adopt necessary measures to resolve this problem. For poverty, it has to narrow the gap between the poor and the rich, that is, the government should tax more from the rich and relieve the poor. For TV violence, television and film rating system need to be strictly implemented. Moreover, parents should supervise their children and restrict the time of w...

Promissory Estoppel


Case Scenario: Big Time Toymaker

...“The statute of fraud is the law governing which contracts must be in writing in order to be enforceable” (Melvin, 2010). The role of fraud applies to this scenario. The statute of frauds refers to the requirement that certain kinds of contracts be memorialized in a signed writing with sufficient content to evidence the contract. Traditionally, the statute of frauds requires a signed writing in the following circumstances. A defendant in a statute of frauds case who wishes to use the Statut...

Moral Obligations about Charity views of Peter Singer and John Arthur

...While less and less is used here to provide relief for our own who are suffering. So, what is my point you say, my point is we spend a lot of money taking care of people around the world. As a society we are generous. Everyday I listen to politicians and others pointing fingers at each other playing the blame game for our economic crisis. Blaming the Republicans, or blaming the Democrats, Blaming the rich or poor, but the fact is all the blame in the world isn’t fixing the problem. Seeing all ...

Increasing Crime Rate In India

...They imitate what they see in films and TV serials. Unemployment and frustration among youth have contributed much to the rise in crimes. Unless these problems are solved, no significant achievements can be made in curbing crimes. Moreover, the police force and intelligence agencies should be made more efficient and effective. Police people should have a human face and be friendly to seek cooperation of the public. There should be no violation of human rights while dealing with criminals. Moreov...

Police Corruption

...Regardless of the fact, police corruption cannot simply be over looked. Controlling corruption is the only way that we can really limit corruption, because corruption is the byproduct of the individual police officer, and police environmental factors; therefore, control must come from not only the police department, but it also must require the assistance and support of the community members. If a police administrator does not act strongly with disciplinary action against any corrupt activity, t...

The Effectiveness of the Law in Achieving Justice

...Laws that have effect in Australia cover the wide range of issues that emerge from relationship breakdowns. In theory they are extremely effective in achieving justice for parties such as the spouses and children involved through considering the rights of the parties and ensuring its accessibility for all. However many of these orders and resolutions do not have any physical means of enforcement thus undermines the enforceability. Overall the law in Australia is effective in achieving justice f...

Crime in the Bahamas

...Contractor accused of slaughtering his girlfriend, Nellie Brown. (2011, April, 8). Bahamas Press. Retrieved from http://www.bahamaspress.com/2011/04/08/28065/ Gibbons, L. (2011). Dealing with the effect of domestic violence. Emergency Nurse, 19(4), 12-17. Hanna, C.A. (2011). Reducing murder in the Bahamas: A Strategic Plan Based on Empirical Research. Bahamas: Nassau. Restoring your trust. (2011, October, 3). National Address on Crime – Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham [Video file]. Retrieved fr...

Social Studies Sba

...acquired 25% of the respondent, stress gained 15%, domestic violence 10% and gender based violence and environment gained 5% each. Peer pressure seems to be the main contributing factor of juvenile delinquency, because peers often listen or be involved in activities because of friends. Although environment seems to influence the ways persons would behave, only 5% of respondents believed that it is the main cause of juvenile delinquency. Table 1 shows that most of the respondents think that juven...

Case of Speluncean Explorers

...Secondly, he emphasizes and talks about the relevance of the golden rule. The case had been decided without violating the statute “he who shall willfully take the life of another is a murderer”. However, literal rule cannot always be applied. Justice Foster illustrates cases such as Commonwealth v.Staymore and Fehler v. Neegas to support his argument that applying golden rule often gives a more just result. He raises a point that the above-mentioned statute has never been applied literally b...

Ride Along

...a certain period of time to investigate a possible crime. If the arrest is based on a warrant, the law enforcement officer that has pulled the individual over has the right to arrest the person if the officer should encounter them. (Erikson, 2010) Arrests are frequently made when the civilian pulled over has a warrant issued against them, if a suspect is caught committing a crime, of if the officer has a reasonable suspicion that a suspect has committed a crime. (Erikson, 2010) In this situation...

Understanding Probation and Parole

...In conclusion, these two institutions are being supervised under two different branches, such as probation officers reporting to courts and parole officers to a parole board. Also, that courts are under the judicial branch of the government and parole boards are under the executive branch. Lastly, most individuals on parole are low risk offenders, that’s why they are released from prison before serving their full sentence. As one can see, there are many similarities and differences between two...

Courtroom Workgroup

...The court room work group is a team of individuals processing the trial. Several groups make up the courtroom work groups. The criminal prosecutor, defense attorney, and a judicial officer make up the most common courtroom work group. Each individual has specific duties as part of the group. The judge is responsible for issuing warrants towards a defendant, determining bail amount or if bail is granted or denied, and presiding over trials. Defense attorney are appointed to the defendant. These a...

Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 or Republic Act No. 10175

...No clear definition à allowing people who share, retweet, post to be prosecuted Penalty for online libel is 12 years imprisonment as opposed to the libel under the RPC which is 4 years and 2 months. The Philippine libel law has been previously been declared by the UN Human Rights Commission as excessive and incompatible with international human rights law. (October 2011) Individuals can get punished for libel under the Cybercrime Law and under the RPC because of Sec. 7 which provides that a pro...

Alternatives to Incarceration

...Overall the criminal justice system needs to really start to change the way certain offenders are handled and then pretty much lost in the system. It effectively helps to create more and more offenders and even encourages repeat offenders. Financially for taxpayers it makes more sense. It is cheaper to provide outpatient options and treatments then to pay to keep an offender confined in prison. Aside from all of this, the criminal justice system needs to remember these low level offenders are st...

People v. Sisuphan

...Since Martin Sisuphan was authorized to manage the financing contracts and obtain payments from lenders on behalf of the defendant the lawsuit was effective. It does not matter that there was no intent of stealing the money because Section 508 (of the California Penal Code) states: “Every clerk, agent, or servant of any person who fraudulently appropriates to his own use, or secretes with a fraudulent intent to appropriate to his own use, any property of another which has come into his contro...

State and Federal Marijuana Legalization

...In exploring the way that moral character may inform the actions or choices of each of these central actors is with the recreational pot smoker he would fall under the moral character of “regularianism that holds that an act is just and therefore morally good, if it obeys a rule and unjust, and therefore morally bad if it violates a rule” (Dreisbach, 2013). In the scenario of the parent the moral character would be “objectivism, the views that moral value brings to the object being justifi...

General Provisions

...An obligation is a juridical necessity to give, to do, or not to do. JURIDICAL NECESSITY – juridical tie; connotes that in case of noncompliance, there will be legal sanctions. - An obligation is nothing more than the duty of a person (obligor) to satisfy a specific demandable claim of another person (obligee) which, if breached, is enforceable in court. - A contract necessarily gives rise to an obligation but an obligation does not always need to have a contract. KINDS OF OBLIGATION A. From t...

“After twenty years” by O. Henry

...However life is once again a matter of choice. What happened to Bob’s career and future was primarily his choice and Jimmy couldn’t do about it. On the other hand, Jimmy Wells made a good catch in himself as he remained in his hometown, got a noble job and performed well in realizing his duty. Thus, he never compromises the built friendship between him and Bob. After all a choice can be good or the other way around. One may choose to follow a good path by working on the side of the law and t...

Juvenile-Animal Rehabilitation to Reduce Recidivism after Re-entry

...The Juvenile-Animal Rehabilitation Program will be implemented through the use of Reintegrative Shaming Theory. This theory focuses on shaming the offender's criminal or deviant act and works to reintegrate the offender back into the community. The act is shamed, but the identity of the offender is preserved (Cullen, Agnew, & Wilcox, 2018). Keeping this theory in mind, the Juvenile-Animal Rehabilitation program will give juvenile offenders the necessary skills that will allow for productive re-e...

Re-Entry and Its Effects: Institutional and Post Release

...Visher, Christy A. and Jeremy Travis. (2003) Transitions from Prison to Community: Understanding Individual Pathways. Annual Review Sociology. Vol. 29, 2003, pp. 89-113. Harrison, Byron and Robert Carl Schehr. (2004). Offenders and Post Release Jobs: Variables Influencing Success and Failure. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, Vol. 39, No. 3, 2004, pp. 35-68 Key American Values. 1994-1995. Retrieved from online on April 2014 http://www.umsl.edu/~intelstu/Admitted%20Students/Visitor%20Handbook/k...

Salem Witch Trials VS Trials Today

...In Salem puritans where the main people in this location. Religion was a big deal in this time, it was one of the main reasons the puritans left England in the first place. In the courtrooms religion was the deciding factor whether you lived or not. The ones who decided you lived or you died where then ministers of the church. It was said that every case presented in the courtrooms there was one minister to call life or death. No one ever questions the judge but no one ever dared question a man ...

Divorce Should Be Legalized in the Philippines

...Abelgas, V.G. (2012, May 29). Philippines needs divorce law. Global Balita. Retrieved from http://globalbalita.com/2012/05/29/philippines-needs-divorce-law/ Umil, A.M.D.(2011, June 14). Divorce bill, providing a remedy for women in abusive marriages. Retrieved from http://bulatlat.com/main/2011/06/14/divorce-bill-providing-a-remedy-for-women-in-abusive-marriages/ Ursua, E.G. (2013, February 1). Why the Philippines needs a divorce law? Positively Filipino Magazine. Retrieved from http://positivel...

Death penalty: Persuasive essay

...These reasons are my strongest arguments for death penalty, death penalty can't teach criminals anything and also it can't stop the increasing crime rate. In addition, for our citizens, it is a very cruel and inhuman way of punishment. For government, it is also a cumbrous outcome. Now, I think it's pretty reasonable for me to support Canada shouldn't adopt death penalty as its most severe form of criminal punishment. Death penalty can destroy everything of anyone, and I hope our human society c...

Teenage crimes

...Our Survey was conducted in FAST-NU. The age group was 18 to 25 years. We conducted our survey from 13 males and 12 females. Some of our questions were whether teenage crimes are on the rise in Pakistan. Majority of the people said yes. Another question was that what the biggest teenage crime is. The students had to choose from Abuse, Street Crimes and illegal drugs. The vast majority chose Illegal drugs as the biggest crime. Another question was that is it a social responsibility of the society...

Business law case study

...Adams, A (2012), Law for business students(7th ed), London: Pearson Education Limited. Public private partnership(n.d.), Key features of common law or civil law systems, Available at: http://ppp.worldbank.org/public-private-partnership/legislation-regulation/framework-assessment/legal-systems/common-vs-civil-law. (Assessed 22 February 2014) Jones, L (2011), Introduction to Business Law, New York: Oxford University Press. Central London Property Trust v High Trees House (1947) KB 130, 44, 53, 110...

Sociological Analysis of Martin Luther King

...God and government. Truth and Consequences. Retrieved from http://www.summit.org/resources/truth-and-consequences/martin-luther-king-and-natural-law/ King, M. L., Jr. (1963). Letter from Birmingham Jail. The Atlantic Monthly, 212 (2), 77-78. Retrieved from http://www.uscrossier.org/pullias/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/king.pdf Mott, W. T. (1975). The rhetoric of Martin Luther King, Jr.: Letter from Birmingham Jail. Phylon, 36(4), 411-421. Rychlak, R. J. (2011). Natural law from a Birmingham Jail. ...

Response to literature- black snake: the daring of Ned Kelly

...Victorians judged the Kelly family and no one listened to their point of view. Ned Kelly stated that the incident at Stringybark Creek was a misunderstanding and that they never planned to shoot. As for the incident at the Kelly house, Ned Kelly was never at the crime scene and was believed to be four hundred-six hundred miles away. It was that the constable was shot by Mrs. Kelly herself but tended the wounds. When the constable went back to the station, he had told the judge, fellow Victorians...

War on Drugs and Prison Overcrowding Analysis

...Drug Policy Alliance. (2012, July 15). A Brief History of the Drug War. Retrieved from http://www.drugpolicy.org/new-solutions-drug-policy/brief-history-drug-war Gillard, D. K. (2013, March). Drug Offenders in the Correctional System. Retrieved from http://www.drugwarfacts.org/cms/Prisons_and_Drugs#sthash.2De1X2nr.dpbs Li, H. (2011, May 4). California Prison Overcrowding: How’s That ‘War on Drugs’ Working Out? Retrieved from http://www.ibtimes.com/california-prison-overcrowding-hows-war-dr...

TDA4.1 Summarise the laws and codes of practice affecting work in schools

...The 2011 Act helps to create an education system that delivers ever higher standards for all children ix.Special Educational Needs Code of Practice 2001 – The code is to help e.g. schools to make good decisions regarding children with SEN. Under this code, the parents and SEN children now have an increased right not to be excluded from mainstream school and to have one-to-one assistant to support them. x.Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (Equality Act 2010) – Makes it unlawful to discrimina...

?Teenage Curfews

...The two types of curfews are complete curfews and partial curfews. First of all a complete curfew is in place constantly. So, for example, if police find a teenager out on the streets past a certain time they have the right to take them home or even to the cells if they had been causing bother. Secondly, a partial curfew is put in place when there are particular times where anti sociable behavior has taken place, for example when it is a weekend or school holidays and teenagers can be out all da...

Role of legislature in pakistan

...The principle of social justice meansthe administration of justice in amanner that society gets its due. Theinstitutions are respected andallowed to work independently andfreely. In all matters collective goodwill have preference over individualinterest? Every one shall havechance to earn his livelihood byadopting any lawful business,profession or service. Each will getaccording to his performance. Stateshall take care of education, health,of the citizens and will provide themfree education and ...

?The road to Mecca

...Helen explains herself to Marius: when her husband, Stephanus, died she “lost faith” and used as many candles as she could find, because the “candles did all the crying”. She created her own “Mecca” as personal goal to set herself free. The candles that were lit after the funeral inspired Miss Helen to express her inner feelings: “I had all the candles I wanted” (p46). Elsa says it beautifully: Miss Helen is “the first truly free spirit I have ever known”. Elsa believes that ...

No one take birth as a criminal

...Imagine how many people in this world would be suffering like this.Instead of understanding the pros and cons of the prisoner he is chained and whipped behind the bars. After a great suffering in the jail they just convert the criminals into a wild beast. Criminals are also human beings and they need to be consulted.No man is born great and no man is a criminal.They want to get wok but there is no employement for them because of shortage of wealth. Society should treat them like normal people.T...

Courtroom work group

...If this was applied the amount of backlog would be substantially reduced because there would be more judges to handle cases each day. In conclusion, I believe that the court system is always going to be changing. There are always going to be people who are not pleased with the way the judicial system is ran. There are also many aspects which do need attention and would be able to be fixed if only the funds were available. 2.00 chief prosecutors assisted by 2400 deputy attorneys. nal offences. ud...

The Exclusionary Rule

...An example is an officer comes to your home looking for a known drug dealer named Tom (you) without a warrant. The officer asks to come in and you say "No, where is your warrant." The officer is about to leave when he sees what looks like a crack pipe and some small baggies on the hall table. He then chooses to call for back up and enters your home to do the search and get your identification. Due to the crack pipe and the small baggies he has probable cause and can come in. This is what some pe...

Promote good practice in handling information

...Staff information is also kept as a hard copy and this is locked away within a metal cabinet and only the manager and deputy manager have access to this via a key which is kept with them at all times. This is also where staff 1:1 meetings information is kept safe. Again some of this information is kept on the computers but thanks to the information log ins for staff again only management can access this. Within our computers we also have encryption information meaning only those who have the aut...

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