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Theoretical Explanations of Murder by Jack Henry Abbott

...In conclusion, his early incarceration, experiences in and out of foster homes and reform school, and the overwhelming excess of criminal definitions that also bred in him a pathological hatred towards society and people, together with innate criminal tendencies that cannot be explained solely by external conditioning, bred Jack Abbott the criminal. In trying to make sense of his fate, the tenets of differential association that criminal behavior is learned and that a disposition to crime is inf...

Criminology Theories-Differential Association and Strain Theory

...We can determine some connections between the two since both of them are etiological conceptualizations of criminal behavior. In the case wherein, a depressed community is surrounding a person, significantly full of drug addicts and negative and influencers, a person still strives to obtain moral life. Let us say that this person has a good job as well as good family relationships. The strain in his job is greatly pressuring his everyday living. Fortunately, the person can still withstand such c...

Theory of gender entrapment

...In general, Ritchie’s use of data collection and research materials was in line with most of the writers on feminism; it is in line with Baskin and Sommers, Sadker and Sadker, and others.  Therefore, I would say that Ritchie’s model and the research methods employed in data collection and analysis build on the key elements of a gender approach to theory development.  It is also supported by the research made by Girshick as the findings presented racial and gender dis...

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

...One of the major results of the UDHR was the fall of Soviet Communism in the years between 1989 and 1991.  The hope that stemmed from this was that the UDHR would be made more clear and be a stronger force.  Unfortunately, although many other changes occurred after the introduction of the UDHR, there were many more violations of the principles set.  Human dignity and human rights are still being violated, even today, by horrific acts of torture and forms of slavery throughout the world.  Hum...

The Trail Of Tears

...Those who were sick and the elderly were forced out of their homes at gunpoint. At that point, looters came and ransacked their homes. It was hard for the Indians who were transported in the most adverse and harsh conditions of crowding, poor sanitation and drought. There were about two-thirds of the Cherokees who were trapped between the cold weather in Ohio and the Mississippi Rivers (The Cherokee Trail of Tears. 1838-1839).  Other Indians were also involved in this removal and the path they ...

The Scarlet Gang of Asakusa By Yasunari Kawabata

...In The Scarlet Gang of Asakusa Kawabata quotes Soeda Azenbo’s fine depiction: “In Asakusa everything is flung out in the raw. Desires dance naked. All races, all classes, all jumbled together forming a bottomless, endless current, flowing day and night, no beginning, no end”.( Donald Richie 2005). Asakusa was kept alive by all these varied attractions, one of the most well-liked attraction was the cinema, a type of activity early linked with Asakusa for the reason that the first Tokyo movi...

The Scottsboro Trials

...Banaszak, R. (Ed.). (2002). Fair Trial Rights of the Accused: A Documentary History. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. Retrieved December 1, 2006, from Questia database: http://questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=101365042 Bodenhamer, D. J. (1992). Fair Trial: Rights of the Accused in American History. New York: Oxford University Press. Retrieved December 1, 2006, from Questia database: http://questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=78196456 Bright, S. B. (1994). Counsel for the Poor: The Death Sentence Not for the ...

The Reform Era of Policing (Foot Patrol vs. Automotive Patrol)

...And once they are caught the policemen who captured them can send them immediately to the police department or jail. It is easier to respond for the policemen when they are using automobiles when some people are calling them for help because an emergency or crime is happening because it is easy to arrive in the place where it is happening unlike in foot patrolling policemen because they are not using cars they might arrive in the said place that the criminals have done their criminal act or they...

The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison


The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Uniform Crime Report

...As a result of the above problems cited by Barkan, many critics say that UCR does not accurately reflect crime rates. In addition, UCR implements a hierarchy rule wherein if there would be a chance that more than one offense were committed at the same period by the same person, the higher offense shall only be the one reported.  For example, “if someone were murdered during a car theft, UCR would only include murder.” Lastly, critics states that forcible rape has a lo...

The Origin of Civil Society

...The ideas of civil society in the thinking’s of the three famous scholars Niccollo Machiavelli, Jean Jacques Rousseau, and Lao Tzu depicted the different faces of civil society in the world. The origin of civil society is indeed not only taken from one idea but from different aspects that could give justifications to the outcomes in the society. Moreover, the establishment of thousands of societal organizations is one of the main effects or one of the outcomes of the civil society thing. Whate...

The Laws of Hammurabi and Moses

...The purpose was to bring about the rule of righteousness in the land But in all the different aspect of the code, there was actually nothing that could make one righteous. Instead the code was simply an ethical issue that the society must conform in order to live; whereas, the Code of Moses had the element of making people inwardly righteous. Its judgment was not simply meant wrong doings with punishment but to make one aware of its consequences from God. Moses Law was not at all rules and punis...

The O.J. Case

...Also the prosecution made a lot of mistakes in the case by calling Mark Fuhrman to stand and also by dramatically bringing in the glove that was allegedly used in the murder. These were some of the reasons that caused the jury to bring in a verdict of Not Guilty. I feel that proper presentation of evidence and complete preparation on the part of the police and the prosecution along with the prosecution following basic principles of jury selection would have ensured a different verdict (“Simpso...

Life of a Corrections Officer

...It can be very stressful being a correction officer. The main key is to have training to deal with stress and know what kind of stress they may be in for. Stress can come from many different directions and effect a correction officer, but as long as they know what they were getting into before they got into the situation, then they should be able to deal with the stress pretty good. As long as a correction officer can be fair and treat inmates fairly, then that can also help reduce stress and ma...

Punishment fit the crime

...To take just one example: the odds of a black person being sentenced to death for the murder of a white victim are far higher than the corresponding odds when a white person murders a black victim. Restorative justice is not without its critics, who point out that there are few safeguards to protect the most vulnerable groups from the pious moralizing of reintegrative shaming. This absence of accountability compounds the lack of protection for the offender in terms of appeals to legal process an...

Injustice in the Adversarial System

...Jonakait, Randolph N. The Rise of the American Adversary System: American Before England. New York Law School. Widner Law Review. V14.2009. Kipnis, Kenneth. Criminal Justice and the Negotiated Plea. The University of Chicago Press. Ethics , Vol. 86, No. 2 (Jan., 1976), pp. 93-106 Meadow, Carrie M. The Trouble with the Adversarial System in a Postmodern, Multicultural World. William and Mary Law Review. V.38. 1996. Merrill B. Hintikka & Jaakko Hintikka, How Can Language Be Sexist?, in Discove...

Importance of Religious Freedom

...Religious freedom is founded on the notion of the individual as a person being respected simply because they are. Religious freedom says, “This person is important, even though I don’t agree with them, even though I think they are destined to an eternity separated from God.” Religious freedom values the person in spite of disagreement, something the communal mindset can’t even imagine much less act on. This to me is why religious freedom is so important. We should cher...

Juvenile Boot Camps

...All in all, the use of juvenile boot camps are a highly criticized and often highly respected means of treating and punishing the young offender. Their use has been criticized often for not reducing recidivism rates and their abuse of participants. However, any reduction in recidivism should be looked at as a positive because it is one less youth who is going to endure a life of crime, and one less youth who is committing a crime and harming the general public. Because a lot of the facilities ar...

Regulation and Pizza Hut

...This issue was ultimately resolved through interest group politics, with Pizza Hut and other fast-food chains backing the exemption and frozen pizza interests opposing it. 1 Wall Street Journal, November 29, 1991. 2 Wall Street Journal, November 29, 1991. 3 San Francisco Chronicle, November 28, 1991. Assignment Questions (30%): 1. What is/are the real issue based on the case study? (2 marks) 2. Describe the 4I’s based on the Pizza Hut Case Study. (8 marks) 3. Describe the roles of news media i...

Issues facing women in prisons

...McClellan, Dorothy S. “Coming to the aid of women in U. S. prisons,” Monthly Review, June, 2002. Huft, Anita G. , Fawkes, Lena. and Lawson, Travis. “Care of the Pregnant Offender” Federal Prisons Journal, Spring 1992. "Prison," Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia 2004 <http://encarta. msn. com/encyclopedia_761573083/Prison. html> Owen, Barbara, and Barbara Bloom. Profiling the needs of the California youth authority’s female population. ICPSR version. Fresno, CA: California Sta...

Should gambling be legalized

...This happens because their obsession forces one to invest a great number of money in gambling. Accordingly, this might make one reach a stage in which he or she cannot halt himself or herself from risking money or possessions. Consequently, gambling might lead to debts as mentioned before. Likewise the ones who usually start gambling, are the ones who give up their work, ruining their lives. Thus, gambling should not be legalized but rather should be banned. Accordingly through the use of edicts...

The Pros and Cons of Inmate Work Programs

...When more inmates are recruited then more people will be displaced from work. (“Protecting Jobs, 2001, p. 1) Indeed, it is unfair if employees will be forced compete with inmates who are wiling to accept lowest wage for their services. Conclusion The Inmate Work Program has its benefits but it also has its disadvantages. One thing is clear though. Inmates also deserve a second chance. Giving the inmates opportunity to work in jails helps them become responsible citizens of our society. Private...

Legalizing gambling in Hawaii

...It is because there are no rules in these current gambling facilities, that many have gambled away all their money, and live a criminal life in poverty. Why not start small and test the waters? The state should allow only a certain small district or street to open legal casinos. Even if the taxes are ridiculously high for these casinos, there is no doubt that entrepreneurs and businesspeople will open them, anyway. With the high stream of income from gambling and tourism taxes, the residents of ...

The duty to disclosure in insurance law

...In contrast, the Barclay case facilitates the application of the test of materiality. Roselodge v. Castle involved an all-risks diamond policy. McNair J. held that the undisclosed fact of the principal director of the insured company being an ex convict was irrelevant to the issue as it had "no direct relation to trading as a diamond merchant . " In Reynolds v. Phoenix , at the time of taking out a fire policy, the insured concealed the facts about a previous conviction. The judge opined that it...

Subculture of violence theory by Marvin Wolfgang

...Sub-cultural theoretical framework that involves the occurrence of violence depicts its origination in the scope of cultural assimilations and culture-behavioral pattern formation. The theory is the combination of various perspectives ranging from cultural, behavioral, and sociological background that incorporates the origin of individuals. The conceptual framework of Wolfgang and Ferracuti has been assimilated to various cultural frameworks; however, the theory still obtained various criticisms...

Council on spiritual practices

...The silence wrought by the "Just Say No" campaign must be replaced by words, many, many words. And those words must come not only from police, doctors, sociologists, criminologists, and the usual experts, but from gang members, drug users, drug dealers, and underground manufacturers. — On Drugs (1995), pp. 200-201. If you (and your children, if you have any) are not to continue to live in a tyrannical police state, without freedom or dignity, it is time to stand up, speak out, and make your vi...

Impact the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry

...http://www.socresonline.org.uk/ 4/lawrence/innes.html [Accessed November 30, 2012] Miller, J. (2010) Stop and Search in England: A Reformed Tactic or Business as Usual?, British Journal of Criminology, 50, pp. 954-974 Macpherson, Sir William. (1999) The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, London: HMSO. McLaughlin, E. and Murji, K. (1999) After the Stephen Lawrence Report, Critical Social Policy, Vol. 19(3): 371-385. Murji, K. (2007) Sociological engagements: Institutional racism and beyond, Sociology-the ...

Adult Crime Adult Time

...The essay presents many weaknesses related with the appeal to logos and ethos, however her facility to establish common ground helps the confident of the article. Although, ethos and logos does not provide support, the appeal to pathos along the essay is a major strength. Collier should add more reliable information, facts, and statistics in order to make a stronger argument and support all the information contained in it. Coming up with respectful and clear refutations to other opinions will cr...

Homicide Investigation Techniques

...Victimology is the study of issues interjecting to the intensification in victim perceptibility, characteristics and elements, persecution and its influences, and victim’s reactions to persecution. Through this scientist studies physical, expressive and monetary harm people suffer because of unlawful activities. Victims are individuals that experience loss, injury or hardship because of a criminal act. Victimology uses subjective approach to identify, define and describe the problems associate...

A clockwork orange: chapter One

...Alex himself tells us that he must go to school the following morning, and we later learn that this is a corrective school. Overall, the world in Alex's day seems extremely bleak. Wherever Alex is, it is clearly a police state, where individual rights and freedoms do not stand for much. The older, and in some ways, unnecessary institutions, such as the library system and newspapers, seem to have lost appeal completely, presumably replaced by "worldcasts" and "Milkbars". It does not sound like so...

Dark side of technology

...Deregowski reviewed Hudson's work and put forward some different opinions. This means the results could have been a consequence of interpretation. The study includes information from different time periods. The results may have been as a result of this time elapse. For e.g. the info collected from Zambian school children-information was presented from both 1960 and 1972. There culture and circumstances may have changed tremendously during the time elapse. Adults and children were differentiate...

Research Proposal - Brief Provisional Title

...David, M. (1997). Child Protection, Moral Outrage or Mob Rule? Community Care. 7 August, PP. 20-21. Greer, C. (2003). Sex Crime And The media, Cornwall: Willan Publishing. Kitzinger, J. (2002). The Ultimate Neighbour Form Hell? Stranger Danger And The Media Framing Paedophiles. In: Jewkes, Y and Letherby, G. Criminology: A reader, London: Sage Publications. McDonald, l. (2001). Sex Offender, The Home Office And the Sunday Papers, Journal of Social Welfare and family Law 23 (1), PP. 103-108. Rein...

The Destructors by Graham Greene "How is T. different from the rest of the gang?"

...Overall, throughout the story, we are blatantly shown the manifold of differences between T. and the rest of the gang, his intelligence, education, up bringing, maturity and manners. Then there is also his encounter of being wrenched out of an aristocratic being and then being thrown into an atmosphere of destitution and distress in the lower areas of London, which taught him many lessons about love and hate "all of this love and hate...it's soft, it's hooey", and gives us an in-depth look at hi...

Capitalization, Punctuation, and Spelling


Key Topics on Writing Human Trafficking Critical Essay

...The most commonly known reasons are related to low standards of living, spread of unemployment,  lack of education, legal illiteracy of the population, superficial ideas about the ease of life in foreign countries, lack of real information about the problems, sexualization of life, advertising of sex, active international labor migration. Difficult economic situation remains in the first place among the internal factors. Feminization of poverty promotes the search for any earnings, even without...

Goodfellas research paper

...For most viewers, the meaning of robbers is connected with cellar and darkness; but Scorsese places his characters in real life. They have families; they celebrate anniversaries and holidays; they have days out which they spend with their friends. These people get everything the others can achieve wasting their time at work. Members of the criminal organization live in the beautiful houses with nice furniture and have full wardrobes of clothes. They try to act like usual people, but the problem ...

FAQ about Law

What Americanism Means to Me

...Americanism is not an ideology. It is not a tradition, it is something that lives in the heart of every citizen of this land. It is that driving force that moves us to become world leaders and peace keepers. It is that sense of duty and responsibilit ...

Why were the police unable to catch jack the ripper?

...Jack the Ripper was never caught because the police were still very naive, inexperienced and did not have the modern day methods that we use to track down killer in the twenty-first century. Jack the Ripper left very little evidence and no major lead ...

How does Alfieri justify his 'love' for Eddie

...Like a hero in a modern tragedy, Eddie is a strong character who is destroyed by his weakness-Catherine. As the only character who can reflect on the play's events objectively, Alfieri realizes that Eddie's death must seve as a reminder to others to ...

How does Miller present ideas about justice and the law in A View from the Bridge?

...Overall, Miller portrays how neither archaic methods of bringing about justice is effective in the real world, and uses the downfall of Eddie and Marco to illustrate the failures of not only the US Law System, but also the Sicilian Moral Code, and ca ...

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