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Law Enforcement Essay

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Policing as historically been a reactive enterprise. Law enforcement efforts are focused on responding to citizen request for service. Policing at the state and local level is structured to meet the demands for service. Ideas such as community policing as well as problem oriented policing have attempted to move policing into a proactive, future-oriented process. Policing will be greatly impacted by the rapid changing cultural dynamics of our communities. The most significant trend will continue to be the utilization of technology to law enforcement manifest in nearly every aspect of policing.

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The technology we currently have helped solve many crimes, prevent crimes, and facilitate crimes that have yet to be committed. The quick growth of technology continues to increase the weakness and fear, giving criminals new ways to commit crimes and police new tools to stop them. As neighborhood as well as drug crimes has slowed down a new wave of crime such as terrorism, internet as well as hacker crimes as taken the fore front. The tech savvy generation that is now emerging, will become even more tech crime knowledgeable. Law enforcement agencies will be dealing with smarter criminals.

As police agencies make basic changes in gathering, accessing, communicating, as well as sharing information. Police administration will be at the center of system development and management. Technology will establish a very quick changing social environment to which law enforcement officers will have to adjust. This could lead to law enforcement officers who are not accustomed with or who cannot grip technology use to have to retire before their time or be passed up for any promotions. Technology will grant essential policing methods, structure, as well as process that law enforcement will have to create, incorporate, as well as learn.

The twenty-first century has put policing into a whole new milieu one, in which the causes of crime often lie outside the immediate community, demanding new as well as innovative approaches from law enforcement. Law enforcement has been issue video cameras as well as other great technology to help them surveillance high crime areas in the communities. The decrease is cost and the increase in quality of technology in surveillance cameras, accompanied with a greater public acceptance of street surveillance, will push the trend towards more cameras.

Though possibly the trend has subside, the public has become tolerant of privacy because of what happen on the 2001 terrorist attacks as well as following terrorist efforts made police realize that they need to understand the foundation in communities. There are a number of things that can affect the future of policing. It can be seen as a negative or a positive. Future policing in part will rely upon on the kind of society being policed as well as the social, economic and political realities. Policing has been seen as a slow-to-change subculture because of how fast technology continues to rotate.

It is difficult to image how law enforcement will be able to cope with the emerging complexity of combating terrorism as well as internet crimes. While at the same time, trying to keep crime at a low rate in the communities. The possibility that law enforcement officers will not be able to keep up with the change of time of terrorism, cybercrime, technology was seen as the top leading serious threat. Another foreseen danger in the eyes of law enforcement is the misuse of power as well as abuse of authority by the men and women in charge.

Aggressive policing and racial profiling could undermine the public trust with law enforcement officers. Unqualified law enforcement lacking leadership or a sense of public service also poses a very large threat to police. The threat is police enforcing the law as well as providing service that is managed by unqualified or under qualified person in control. Leadership occupies an important role towards the success or failure of every organization. Police performance affects by policing because of the lack of police on the force verses the high number of police that was in the past.

This affects the number of police that is out protecting the community, stopping the high volume of crime we face today as well as the future ahead. Law enforcement agencies will have to adapt as well as change quickly, embrace technology and analyze emerging trends in communities. Another issue that can affect policing in the future is funding. Without the funding we would not be able to keep up with the hi-tech criminals if we cannot afford the equipment we need to keep up with them and stop them from committing these types of crimes.

Most law nforcement department budgets are not big enough to get the latest equipment to fight crime as well as be unable to service the community fully. Some of the technology may seem like an invasion of privacy that can lead to a lawsuit but this type of technology can help fight crime. The changes that need to be made to effectively address these critical issues Officers need more extended training and yearly workshops to keep them up to date on the latest crimes of criminals to deter them from continuing the crimes weather there street crimes or cybercrimes.

Reorganizing the way they fight crime can help them out a lot. Cooperation of law enforcement of all levels along with coordination with other agencies will be necessary to deal with crime that crosses jurisdiction. Internet crimes and offenses as well as terrorism are examples of such. Local police need to be more aware of what happen on and around their beat, the more they are aware the less bad things can happen in the community they patrol. They can keep the public safe and at peace.

Law enforcement needs a bigger budget, to get all the latest equipment to keep up with the hi-tech criminal. This funding will help in the capture of the criminal who uses technology to commit crimes. It is believe that the added high tech spyware as well as the increase in surveillance can greatly help out other law enforcement departments as well as homeland security if necessary. Excellent technological knowledge, great educated and trained officers as well as leaders, and better community ties were seen by most as the significant promises in the future of policing.

If there is a willingness of law enforcement agencies to work together, communicate, and share information with all jurisdictions and levels of government it would be a better working relationship that can benefit everyone. Great partnership with the community, improved technology, and ethical, educated employees is a good way to start for a policing future. You need to build relationships in order to build power to fight the crime and terrorism. It would be a more productive fight against crime if everyone was on the same page.

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