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Law And Order Situation Essay Examples

Essays on Law And Order Situation

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Doctrines Of Consideration And Sufficiency

This essay critically explores the doctrines of consideration and sufficiency within the context of contract law, with references to the matter of Thomas v Thomas from 1842. In assigning significance to these matters, it is noted that Sir John Patteson, a judge in 1830 who was appointed to the Court of King's Bench, (later the Privy Council) was knighted shortly after making the landmark decision regarding the doctrine of consideration in the case of Thomas. The ratio decidendi in Thomas,…...

The JonBenet Case

On October 10, 2013 I gave a speech to my classmates about the three most important steps in investigating a murder case. These are including separating witnesses, collecting evidence, and interviewing suspects. Watching the video of my speech, I observed many strengths and weaknesses: strengths including a lot of facts, an interesting topic, and talking at an average pace. Weaknesses that stuck out to me were my hands consistently being in my pockets and reading directly off my notecards. The…...

Donoghue Case

Summary On August 26th 1928, Donoghue (plaintiff) and a good friend were at a case in Glasgow, Scotland. Her friend ordered/ bought a bottle of ginger beer for Donoghue. The bottle was in an opaque bottle (dark glass material) as Donoghue was not conscious of the contents. After, Donoghue consumed some and her good friend raised the bottle to put the remainder of the ginger beer into the glass. A remains of a snail in a state of decomposition left…...

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Gin Act in England

In mid-eighteenth century England, Parliament passed the Gin Act of 1751, which restricted the sale of gin through increased retail license requirements and greater taxes on such liquor. This procedure was enacted to minimize the consumption of spirits and the subsequent criminal activity it stimulated. Indeed, gin production increased almost 500% from 1701 to 1751. Nevertheless, the general population ended up being taken part in a fierce dispute for and against the new legislation. While authors, artists, and religious leaders…...

The Eastside Crips gang in Los Angeles

A gang consists of people bounded together for a common purpose. In their case, it is the interest for criminal and social purpose that binds them together. Gangs are more commonly found in places representing the low – income bracket. Gang members usually live in slums across the country. Most of their time is spent on the streets doing nothing if not performing crimes and other forms of violence. They kind of life they live revolve around violence, crimes and…...

Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Legal System

“World order” is the term given to the balance of power among the nation states of the world. Differences between these nations can lead to a power imbalance, which affects world order. It can best be achieved through agreements between states and other international instruments that set out the ideal international standards of behavior for states on a number of issues. But conflicts arise between countries due to differences in cultural attitudes and the desire for extra territory. In order…...

Locating Witnesses of Crimes

Locating witnesses is important because they can provide significant information or evidence about a crime that may lead to the conclusion of a case. There are many different methods to locate witnesses, but we need to find which method works better to locate persons from four different cases. The first person we need to locate is Georgette B. Good from the Rowdy Outlaw Case. Georgette B. Good could be an important witness because she was a neighbor of Bobbette Bouvier,…...

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