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Essay on Law

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The main elements of the Washington Convention 1965 on arbitration

In almost every case, international trade deals feature a clause on arbitration, which is supposed to give away to be taken during the resolution of the problem, during the incidence of a dispute. Some of the major elements of the 1965 convention that mediate the arbitration process with other aspects of international trade are the autonomy principle. Some of the elements that ar...

Impact of jet on vanes

The term "Login" means the combination of unique username and password that is used to access our Service. A login is a license to use a site, application or service for a period of time that is specified. "Membership" or "Members" means a single registration and/or subscription account per user of a valid username and password (login) for the service during the term of a subscription. "We" or "us...

Hypothesis: If Javier Sued Energy-Auto Inc.

New York courts can refuse to hear this case and with Javier being a resident of Dallas could possibly have his case heard there considering the fact that Javier has incurred $100,000 in damages he could possibly be immobile from an accident like that. This case can also be brought to federal court for the simple fact that both the plaintiff and defendant are both out of state parties, and would b...

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Criminal Investigation of Crimes According to Arson

During an arson investigation, the local Arson investigator will normally control the scene upon arrival and complete the arson investigation. Very seldom do federal authorities become involved unless the arson occurs to federal property. Generally Arson investigations are not a chaotic and time sensitive as the bombing investigation. Arson investigations are filed through police and the fire dep...

Health and Safety At Work Act

All spillages should be immediately cleaned up using the appropriate method, usually a cloth or mop, and a wet floor sign should be appointed if needed, this decreases the risk of slips. Staffs responsibilities are to wear safe and sensible footwear which have good grip, and they must also keep their work stations clear and tidy, also both staff and service users have the responsibility to report ...

Serial Killers

I will be continually checking these doctors and researcher’s information gathered from their testing and experiments to hopefully receive new and improved information. One of the most helpful things to do is watch movies and documentaries on not only serial killers but their families, the detectives, doctors, and the researchers. The one problem that I feel I might encounter is not having enou...

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

These penalties vary with the part of the act that is violated, and range from large monetary fines, to suspension from the stock exchange, to the ultimate punishment of being shut down due to bankruptcy. The penalties were designed to be harsh to discourage deviance from the rules set forward in Sox, and to prevent another huge scandal like Enron. Although imperfect, the Sarbanes- Oxley Act provi...

Essential elements of a valid contract

The capacity in contract law is where a person has to either be over a specific age or they have to be mentally fit and not under the influence of alcohol as if one of the parties are then the contract will become void as they will be classed as a minor or unstable to bind into a contract as they need to have a full understanding of what they are signing for. If a contract becomes void then it mea...

Stop Snitching

Those who favor snitching, do so because it has always been an accepted rule. Snitching has become what some would call a “sport”; a person never has to expect responsibility for their own actions because, it is easier to snitch and walk free rather than taking reasonability for ones actions. In Maxwell’s essay Start Snitching he states that if people snitch this will reduce the number of bl...

Payne vs Cave

The court thought the nonsuit very proper. The auctioneer is the agent of the vendor, and the assent of both parties is necessary to make the contract binding; that is signified on the part of the seller by knocking down the hammer, which was not done here till the defendant had retracted. Every bidding is nothing more than an offer on one side, which is not binding on either side till it, is asse...

Law Against Air Pollution The Clean Air Act

"The employment question is real," says the NRDC's Henderson. "The question is whether we want to preserve ancient plants that are making people sick—and costing us money for hospital stays—or we want to get to work on training workers for the jobs of the future in cleaner energy production and renewables." That suggests an alternative to the traditional view of environmental enforcement as a ...

Florida Hunting Regulations

12. New Hunting Zones and Season Dates including bag limits can be found in the regulations manual. Use the map found under "Hunting season dates and bag limits" to find your hunting zone, and then use the chart provided to locate the season dates in your area. Bag limits remain the same throughout the state. What is the daily bag limit for deer during all seasons other than archery? The bag limit...

Legislation, Policies and Procedures in a social care setting

This legislation is in the policy to promote keeping employers and employees working in a safe environment. It also promotes the safety In hospitals for each individual as it ensures that all staff are supervised, and trained, as in the policy it states “Staff must be trained in order to ensure that they know how to keep themselves safe from any type of harm”. If the legislation is not followe...

Public Policy

During the presidential campaign of the last election, an issue arose concerning the "energy crisis" that was driving gasoline and oil prices up throughout our country. Vice President Al Gore supported President Clinton's ideology of waiting for the proper legislative initiatives to pass through Congress, and when the situation merited, provide some limited releases of oil from the national oil re...

Adrian Crump

With the evidence that was presented at the trial, and the circumstances that I discovered within the film, I came to the verdict of innocent for Adrian. I believe he did not intend to hurt the child, just scare him, but when he thought his life was threatened he reacted. I also think he is also the kind of man that is going to live with the guilt of killing that child for the rest of his life....

Doctrine of Stare Decisis in System of Justice

Until 1966, the House of Lords in the United Kingdom was bound to follow all of its previous decisions under the principle of stare decisis, even if this created "injustice" and "unduly restrict(s) the proper development of the law" (London Tramways Co. v London County Council [1898] AC 375). The Practice Statement 1966 is authority for the House of Lords to depart from their previous decisions. I...

Acts for Cyber Crimes Prevention

No clear definition à allowing people who share, retweet, post to be prosecuted Penalty for online libel is 12 years imprisonment as opposed to the libel under the RPC which is 4 years and 2 months. The Philippine libel law has been previously been declared by the UN Human Rights Commission as excessive and incompatible with international human rights law. (October 2011) Individuals can get punis...

Alternatives to Incarceration

Overall the criminal justice system needs to really start to change the way certain offenders are handled and then pretty much lost in the system. It effectively helps to create more and more offenders and even encourages repeat offenders. Financially for taxpayers it makes more sense. It is cheaper to provide outpatient options and treatments then to pay to keep an offender confined in prison. As...

Labour Relations

Unions still have a place in Canadian Workplace. Labour unions engage in collective bargaining with employers to determine issues such as salary, the rules and regulations of labour, and employee security. Unions also take on in political activities on behalf of workers and have historically had ties to political parties, such as the New Democratic Party (NDP). Unionized workers in Canada include ...

Prison Overcrowding

Some communities have started outreach programs that help offenders. By having alternative programs available to offenders, who meet certain criteria it will help with the prison overcrowding problem that much of the United States continues to have a serious problem with. Prison overcrowding is a serious problem all over the world. It has economic effects. Prison overcrowding also has health risk ...

Racial Formation

This meant that white supremacy was taught to others and thus engraved in their minds for years after. All this was created so that whites would have power over other races. Additionally, whites reserved the right to whip African Americans; however, it was illegal to whip white people. On top of this, African Americans were denied the right to having a family just because husbands could have autho...

Knarles and Barkley

A form of reformation, where perhaps it could be negotiated that K & B performs cosmetic maintenance on the properties and not handles the commercial maintenance. It is doubtful based on the personalities and the situation involved that either mediation or arbitration would conclude the problem. Some form of compensatory damages may have to be paid by K & B to have another service maintain...

Legal Process and Judiciary

The Law Commission criticised that there is no clear means to test the existence of the characteristics of absurdity, inconsistency, or to measure their quality or extent. This became known as "Lord Wensleydale's golden rule". It only applies where the words are ambiguous. An interpretation that is not absurd is to be preferred to one that is. An example is: R v Allen7 The Law Commission (1969) no...

International Disputes on Common Law and Judicial Precedent

Basically, in Quebec, what was used was old Roman law and the custom of Paris. Under the Quebec system, the court system became a British system. The result was that Common Law heavily influenced civil law. July 1866, the Civil Court of Law in Canada codified the Civil Law in Quebec (like Napoleon and France). Much of the Civil Code of Canada was taken by the Napoleonic Code. Unlike what you would...

Virginia Slave Codes

The law forced cruel corporeal punishments for slaves who did not obey with these codes, since enslaved persons who did not own property could not be obligated to pay fines. Even though these codes changed from state to state, generally the codes dealt with were the same for most African Americans.(PBS 1) The code, which would also function as an example for other colonies, went even further. The ...

Were Barbaric Laws Barbarian Really

The barbarians were a barbaric people. As you can tell, they did what the pleased. The laws made by Genghis Khan that were used for battle situations were barbaric because if one person or a small group of soldiers left because they were scared, everyone else and them included, were killed (Doc 2). There was pretty much only one punishment in the whole Mongol Empire, and that was death. This punis...

Hearsay and Exceptions to Hearsay Rule in Law

The issue is whether the evidence of a recorded phone call to sell drugs is admissible. Held: The telephone conversations were tendered, not as evidence of any previous representations to prove the existence of facts the persons intended to assert by such representations, but as evidence of the making of the agreement for sale (comprised transactional words which is original evidence), and to that...

Do Guns Make Us Safer?

Getting a permit could require a full background check and several forms of identification. A waiting period of one to three weeks can be required and inforced. This could cut down on the fact that in some states anyone can walk into a gun shop and give a fake name and walk out with a gun that day. Another way to compromise would be to completely limit guns to shooting ranges and hunting grounds. ...

The executive branch of the U.S. goverment

Despite the restraints put on the power of the executive branch by the separation of powers and the predomination of the legislative branch, the president has successfully surmounted many limitations by bestowing special rights upon the executive. These privileges have increased the power of the president while enabling him to make decision and take action more successfully and efficiently. In the...

Equal protection and due process clauses

In reference to the 14th amendment, Senator Jacob M. Howard, one of the 14th Amendment?s authors, once stated, ?It establishes equality before the law, and it gives, to the humblest, the poorest, the most despised?the same rights and the same protection before the law as it gives to the most powerful, the most wealthy, or the most haughty?. Without this principle of equal justice to all men and eq...

Intention to Create Legal Relations

Any money paid out under such a contract would be recoverable and any work that has been done maybe compensated on a quantum meruit basis.[61] Care would also have to be taken to ensure the rights of third parties are protected.[62] The use of form as proof of the intention to create legal relations would provide a "useful safeguard against rash promises."[63] Although, "this does not solve the p...

Should Handguns Be Banned?

Guns are capable of ending a precious life in a few minutes, thereby interrupting the natural life cycle. On the one hand, every effort is made by scientists and doctors to save and improve life expectancy. Researchers throughout the world are working to find cures for deadly diseases such as AIDS and cancer so that a human can live longer. On the other hand, guns are created to destroy the same l...

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution is becoming one of the leading conflict resolution practices in the workplace. The advantages of settling in the ADR process are more positive and less extreme then settling in a courtroom. It also has its advantages in the workplace, such as handing disputes out of the public eye, more cost and time effective, and making the work environment more positive by having ...

Mandatory Minimum Sentence

The long mandatory sentences for serious crimes have intuitive appeal. Evil actions deserve severe punishment. In the case of petty street crimes however, mandatory sentences can be harsh and a burden on taxpayers and the courts. The prisons are full off non-violent offenders who are serving mandatory sentences. We must all put our resources together and find a way to remove mandatory sentences wh...

Obscene and Indecent Materials on TV

The main difference between the fairness doctrine and the equal opportunities rule is simple. The fairness doctrine was applied to discussions on controversial topics and "was {only} enforced from 1949 through 1987" . The station was required under the fairness doctrine to provide equal time to differing viewpoints. The equal opportunities rule relates to free time given to political candidates. T...

The Adversary System Of Trial

The adversary system is the best system for achieving justice in criminal trials because of its use of several different elements. These elements combine to produce an effective and working system that provides justice to a majority of cases and instances. The implementation of plea bargaining, the standard of proof and evidence utilised, the use of juries and the cross-examining of witnesses are ...

Contractual Agreements According to Zimbabwean Law

In short if there is breach of contract, and the contract is not a commercial one, if such breach affects plaintiff's personal, social and family interests the courts will use their discretion in awarding damages for mental suffering should the courts think that in those particular circumstance the parties to the contract had such damages in their contemplation. In the case of Mrs D v S both parti...

R v. Zundel - In Depth Case Analysis

The appellant was fully able to defend the specific allegations out of which he built his argument as to the motive, intention, mechanisms, scope, and impact of the slaughter. He was fully able to put forth his argument that "the Holocaust", writ large as an historical icon, was a fabrication. The court explicitly did not take away from the jury the possibility of accepting evidence in support of ...

Doctrines Of Consideration And Sufficiency

It is incumbent on the parties only to determine the subjective and adequate worth of a promise. Patteson J articulates in Thomas, ‘although consideration must be sufficient, it need not be adequate. ’ CONCLUSION Blackburn J statement of objective interpretation suggests the objective test must always apply in assessing how a reasonable person would view the situation. It can be concluded that...

The Plea Bargaining Process

In sum, I believe plea bargaining plays an important role in the criminal justice system because it keeps the costs of justice affordable. Without it a prosecutor will stand the risk of losing the substantial time and resources he invested in a case, only to have the defendant be found not guilty by a jury and escape punishment altogether. It does have its disadvantages but overall I believe it sh...

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