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Lavinia froze silently in awe Essay

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She put her hand out to the light switch and stopped. ‘What? ‘ she asked. ‘What? What? ‘ Behind her, in the black living room, someone cleared his throat. ‘Hello? ‘ she asked anxiously. Still, no answer. She stared apprehensively around the pitch dark room, curiously, as to what the source of this mysterious sound was. It suddenly became all too familiar with her. Oh my God, she thought, the Lonely One? As she examined the kitchen with her eyes, wide as the ravine which lay outside her house, she began to think irrational thoughts.

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Thoughts which could only lead her to worse ones.

She stood still as her eyes continued to scan the room, not moving a single inch from where she was. There was a piercing silence which filled the air. You could hear a pin drop. ‘Officer Kennedy? ‘ she tried to reassure herself that someone she could trust was in her house. She began to tremble as she reluctantly took her first few steps towards the centre darkness of the kitchen, like a baby learning how to walk. She could smell the soup she’d made earlier on that day. How she longed to go back just a few hours. She continuously looked around hoping she would find nothing.

Just as her uneasiness began to settle, a distant figure appeared through the dark, walking eagerly, but gradually towards Lavinia. Lavinia froze silently in awe. As this body continued moving closer, it became obvious that they were limping on one foot, as to say they had caught on something. Lavinia could smell the putrid waft of the ravine almost suffocating her. Still she stood still, with her hairs on the back of her neck standing up as if wanting to escape from her body. Goose pimples began to appear all over her temporarily immobile body. She opened her mouth as to speak, frightened at the same time.

“What, what, who are you? ” she babbled, her words only just managing to escape from her cold-blue lips. The person stopped and looked up, to what seemed the darkest room in the world. “Why don’t you turn the light on Lavinia” he said, with a raspy voice. Lavinia couldn’t believe her eyes. “You! ” she shouted furious as a bull seeing red. “Yes Lavinia, me,” he said slowly uttering the words. “What are you doing here?! How did you get in?! ” Lavinia shouted, stunned. “I followed you” he said staring Lavinia up and down with his eyes red as flames. “I watched you walk through the ravine. ” “Why?!

I don’t understand. Just leave. Get out! ” Lavinia shouted, as her annoyance and shock replaced her fear. “No Lavinia. I came here to see you. I’m not leaving. ” He stepped closer with a mild grin, looking at Lavinia deeply into her eyes. His hand crept up slowly, approaching Lavinia’s hip. He places his hand there, clutching it. “I’m not leaving. ” Lavinia jumped, and pushed his rough hands of her hips, disgusted and extremely annoyed. “I said get out! Don’t you dare touch me! I mean it! Get out otherwise I’ll scream” Lavinia said furious. “No I told you already beautiful! I’m not going anywhere.

I’m staying here with you. You can scream all you want,” he said calmly and slowly, still carrying the same smile. This time, he lifted his hand and latched onto Lavinia’s hair, and began stroking it, twirling the ends with his rough as sand paper hands. Lavinia became full with fury and pushed his hand away, gathering all of the saliva she could in her mouth in an instant of a second and spat in his face. His concentrated smile turned into a furious face. He pulled his right hand towards him as he wiped his face with the end of his left black and grey stripy gauze shirt sleeve.

He looked up at Lavinia who looked scared as hell, looking like she wanted to run away. He gathered all of the strength a man could and released the most powerful blow to her pretty face with the back of his rusted hand. Lavinia immediately fell to the ground slamming her side on the kitchen floor tiles. She began to bleed from her ear, as her silky black hair became covered in it, drowning in the wine-coloured substance. Her eyes were half open, half closed and she began mumbling words like a drunk man talking. “who, w huh where? I where? ” He stood in front of her looking at her bleeding to death, grinning uncontrollably.

“Lavinia? Can you hear me my darling? ” Silence. “Oh well. You shouldn’t have done that should you? ” Lavinia lay on the cold floor as she looked at him, continuing to bleed. She could just about manage to put up an angry face as she screwed her eyebrows inwards. The whole floor by now was covered in her blood. Her eyes however continued to flicker life. She carried on mumbling her words. “You y, I, I can’t. Why”. He kneeled down on the floor as he bent over to kiss her bloody cheek. Lavinia couldn’t react as she lay frozen on the floor. He got up and walked towards the main door leading out to the ravine. “Lavinia.

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