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Latin III Cicero, Pro Caelio, Vocabulary List Essay

Paper type: Essay (179 words)

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affero, afferre, attuli, adlatum, irr
to bring, report

arguo, arguere, argui, argutum 3c
to declare, show, prove

commodo, commodare, commodavi, commodatum
to give, supply

egregius, egregia, egregium
remarkable, outstanding, excellent

expono, exponere, exposui, expositum 3c
to set out, explain

existo, existere, exstiti, exsitum 3c
to appear, emerge, stand out

fateor, fateri, fassus sum dep
to admit, confess

foedus, foederis, n
treaty, agreement, bargain

gloria, gloriae, f
glory, fame

imago, imaginis, f
image, statue, ghost

inimicitia, inimicitiae, f
enmity, hostility

potius quam
rather than

progredior, progredi, progressus sum dep
to proceed, advance

quamdiu, adv
as long as

ratio, rations, f
reason, accounting

repello, repellere, reppuli, repulsum 3c
to repel, push back

sumo, sumere, sumpsi, sumputum 3c
to take

turpis, turpis, turpe
shameful, disgraceful

vitium, vitii, n
sin. fault, vice

invitus, invita, invitum


inceste, adv

progenies, progeniei, f

plebes, plebei, f
Plebeians, Plebs

mulier, mulieris, f

sedes, sedis, f
seat, foundation

auctor, auctoris, m
author, originator

persona, personae, f
actor, character

venenum, veneni, n

quaero, quarere, quasivi, quaesitum 3c
to search for, seek, obtain

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