Latin Cicero In Verrem 2.1 Chapter 67 Translation

As soon as Philodamus realised that what was happening
Quod ubi ille intellexit, id agi

and what was being prepared was the rape of his daughter,
atque id parari ut filiae suae vis adferretur,

he summons his slaves.
servos suos ad se vocat;

He commands them to disregard him, to defend his daughter;
his imperat ut se ipsum neglegant, filiam defendant;

gives orders that someone should run off to report to his son this utmost evil threatening the house.
excurrat aliquis qui hoc tantum domestici mali filio nuntiet.

In the meantime, uproar arises all over the house;
Clamor interea fit tota domo;

a fight breaks out between the slaves of Rubrius and his host
inter servos Rubri atque hospitis iactatur

the outstanding and highly regarded man is being thrown around in his own house
domi suae vir primarius et homo honestissimus;

Everyone is fighting for himself.
pro se quisque manus adfert;

Finally Philodamus is drenched in boiling water by none other than Rubrius.

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aqua denique ferventi a Rubrio ipso Philodamus perfunditur.

As soon as these matters have been conveyed to his son,
Haec ubi filio nuntiata sunt,

he instantly and breathlessly rushes to the house
statim exanimatus ad aedis contendit,

to save the life of the father and the chastity of his sister.
ut et vitae patris et pudicitiae sororis succurreret;

In the same spirit, all Lampsacenes, as soon as they heard of this,
omnes eodem animo Lampsaceni, simul ut hoc audierunt,

came together at the house at night, moved by both the rank of Philodamus and, especially, by the magnitude of the outrage.

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quod eos cum Philodami dignitas tum iniuriae magnitudo movebat, ad aedis noctu convenerunt.

At this point, Cornelius, the lictor of this man here,
Hic lictor istius Cornelius,

who had been stationed together with the slaves of Verres by Rubrius as if on guard to abduct the woman, is killed;
qui cum eius servis erat a Rubrio quasi in praesidio ad auferendam mulierem conlocatus, occiditur;

some of the slaves suffer wounds;
servi non nulli vulnerantur;

Rubrius himself is injured in the melee.
ipse Rubrius in turba sauciatur.

This man here, who saw how great an uproar he had incited through his lust,
Iste, qui sua cupiditate tantos tumultus concitatos videret,

wishes to flee somehow if he could.
cupere aliqua evolare, si posset.

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