Latin America and the Catholic Church Essay

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Latin America and the Catholic Church

The Pope John Paul II visit to Nicaragua in 1983 had given hope to the people of Latin America and especially to the reform Catholics. Some of the reform-minded Catholics hoped that the Pope will address on the conservative order, which existed in the regime and even make efforts of ensuring the oppression and killings of the catholic priests and nuns will not happen again. In addition, they hoped the Pope will console the families, which continuously kept on losing their loved ones as a result of the counterrevolution in the regime.

They further hoped that he will give sympathetic remarks especially to the Martyrs and heroes who had lost their lives during the counterrevolution. Reform-minded Catholics also hoped the pope will give proposal for peace Nicaragua. The Pope advocated for the bishops and priests to have church unity. He never gave even a crumb on the issue of revolution showing that the revolution was not much necessary. Furthermore, he wanted people to abandon the ideological commitments for faith which was unacceptable.

Most of Nicaragua catholic people were very disappointed on the Pope position on political action because he was not concerned about politics and the major interest of the people was the political action which the pope could take. The people thought that the pope will take a stand on the politics of the regime so as to save the Catholics who were oppressed and mistreated continuously by the government in power.

The people thought the situation will worsen if the pope will leave the nation without solving the problems which they were facing especially due to the revolution. They feared about the battles in the counterrevolution as well as war which would arise after the Pope leaves the nation. That is why they were demanding Pope to address on those issues so as to leave the people in harmony and peace. Hoyt, K. (1983). The 1983 Visit of John Paul II to Nicaragua. Retrieved August 15, 2010, from http://www. hartford-hwp. com/archives/47/030. html

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