"Last of the Mohicans" Contrast and Comparison

A paper which compares the book and movie version of “The Last of the Mohicans”

Last of the Mohicans” Contrast and Comparison

While reading “Last of the Mohicans” I found that there are many differences between the book, and the movie. Before I read the book, I thought it would exactly like the movie, but I was wrong. If you were to read the book, and then watch the movie, you would be amazed at what they left out of the book, and vice versa.

The book and movie did not contain only differences, but also similarities. As I stated before, there are many differences between the book and the movie. For example, in the book, there is a character by the name of David Gamut. This character follows his profession of the psalmodist, carrying his faith through song into the wilderness.

Gamut wants to join Major Duncan Heyward, Maugua, and Alice and Cora Munro, and while arguing with Alice over this matter, he pulls out the 26th edition of The Bay Psalm Book, and begins to sing “in full sweet melodious tones”.

Gamut is a tall ungainly singing master described as ridiculously dressed and carrying a pitch pipe while riding a horse, and pulling along a pony. At a muttered comment from Magua, Major Duncan orders Gamut to be quiet for safety. This scene was not only not in the movie, but neither was the character of Gamut.

The movie not only left out a character, it left out other scenes.

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One such scene would be when Uncas Chickengook and Hawkeye join Cora, Alice, Duncan, Maugua, and Gamut.* When these characters join the party, they tell Duncan that Maugua is a Huron spy. Duncan decides to question Maugua, but when he does, Maugua runs away. When Maugua begins to run, Duncan wants to chase him, but Uncas, Chickengook, and Hawkeye see that it is not wise to chase him, because there might be more of his tribe near. This is not only dissimilar to the movie, but in the movie, Uncas, Chickengook and Hawkeye join Cora, Alice Duncan, Maugua, and many troops. The troops seem to be on the journey in the movie, but not in the book.

Also, while they are all traveling, Duncan questions Maugua about being a spy and instead of running away, he initiates the attacks on the party, by turning around and killing some of the troops. There were not only differences between the movie and the book, there were also a great deal of similarities. A few of these similarities were that the setting, most of the characters, and the plot were basically the same.

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