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Languages and Dialects of Spain

...Spain is a multilingual society which has faced several obstacles in the way of preserving and keeping their languages and dialects, this protectionism has led to positive, but also negative consequences and implications for its citizens which, day after day deal with it and adjust to this conditions in order to be a part of the society. As challenging as it can be, Spaniards adjust to each situation in order to fit in; but of course there are also rewards involved, they are capable to appreciat...

Vocabulary development

...Words used in young age may not be appropriate as one develops in age thus necessitating the acquisition of new words. Among peers, individuals may develop a different form of language for their own use as is the case of slang or scientific words and here to be able to fit in one has to learn to use these words correctly in passing information. In the learning environment, an individual will encounter new words as they progress through the learning process and proper understanding of these words...

The Importance of Words

...Just as learning something new in culture can provoke emotions reading which consists of words which makes a person “stress the value of sympathy [which can] sink our identity;” (Woolf 268) Woolf shows her audience how books can cause different emotion ,same as culture to question their identity. Woolf uses her knowledge on books like an elder of a tribe will use his knowledge of his or her culture to teach a new member. In conclusion, Pablo Neruda and Virginia Woolf use their work of art to...

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Business Communication Questionnaire

...Determine the purpose and select an appropriate channel. You must think your message thoroughly before you begin writing the message. Then you must envision your audience and understand who your audience will make it easier to share the message with. After that you must construct a message that is directed to the audience’s needs and concerns, make it about what they want to hear and gain knowledge from. Organize your message would be the next step making sure that your message is concise and ...

Growth and Development

...In conclusion children can be the same age, the same weight, and the same height, but each child will develop differently, each will have their own unique pattern of growth. Each child will develop differently with the influences of environmental factors, culture, and family values that are uniquely to each individual. As children grow there are points of developmental milestones. Each milestone helps the progress of new milestones such as walking, which requires muscle strength and coordination...

Eight Elements of Communication

...With the significance of communication put on the development of the human society, it is undoubtedly necessary to comprehend the different aspects that make it practical for developing the essential involvement within the human neighborhoods around the.world. To have an introduction and understanding of the stated components, this paper will go over the different impacts of the elements upon the enhancement of human relations within a globally linked society. The discussion of the eight aspects...

Teaching English Vocabulary Through Pictures for Young Learners

...1.8 Clarification of the Terms To avoid misunderstanding several terms are clarified as follows: 1. Vocabulary in this research is all the words known and used for all people. Furthermore, based on Jack, vocabulary is a core component of language proficiency and provides much of the basis for how well learners speak, listen, read, and write. 2. Picture in this research is a visual media for making student interest to learn vocabulary. Furthermore, based on Ann Raimes, picture is drawings, photog...

Critical Period and Language Acquisition

...While Genie was able to learn some language after puberty, her inability to use grammar (which Chomsky suggests is what separates human language from animal communication) offers evidence for the critical period hypothesis. Of course, Genie's case is not so simple. Not only did she miss the critical period for learning language, she was also horrifically abused. She was malnourished and deprived of cognitive stimulation for most of her childhood. Researchers were also never able to fully determi...

The Role of Universal Grammar in Second Language Learning

...This means that even the most complex structure can be built from the simplest structures. Another principle would be the economy of structure which postulates the idea that “there is no level or type of structure in the grammar that is not absolutely necessary for describing the specialized cognitive system that is human language”. These two would affirm the contention of UG that languages are the same in principles despite their differences in parameters (Hinkel et al, 2002). Among the mos...

Innate Ability on Universal Grammar

...Thus, ever since a person is born, his or her brain is already working to acquire and learn the language that a person needs to produce. Conclusion In conclusion, although there are still speculations about the authenticity of the universal grammar and even if it is still a theory, there should be no reason to rule out the possibility that it may indeed be true. Perhaps, in the near future, someone may be able to fully find out the truth and prove that there is indeed a universal grammar existin...

Exploring the Universality and Diversity of Human Language

...Evolutionists would agree that “the faculty meditating human communication appears remarkably different from that of other living creatures…. that the human faculty of language appears to be organized like the genetic code with respect to its scope of expression. ” Animals have been “designed on the basis of highly conserved developmental systems that read an almost universal language coded in DNA base pairs,” however, “they lack a common universal code of communication” (Hauser, C...

Developmental History Case Study

...In the analysis of possible Asperger’s syndrome development, the patient involves the primary signs of the condition such as the impairments in language, social participations and imaginative play. However, the only validated impairment is the speech delay. Other impairments are resulted by the parental observation, which apparently, still requires further assessment on the child. The child may exhibit these behaviors as due to situational causation, which happens to be unfamiliar with the par...

Benefits of being Multilingual

...Aspects of money come to play as well when discussing benefits of multi-linguistics. If you can speak more than one language, especially one not common to your local area, then you are more at an advantage to someone who is only unilingual. Jobs are more likely to hire you over someone who can only speak English because of the scarcity of multilingual laborers. The traveling thing will also come into play, everyone secretly dreams to travel the world one day and visit all the lands of the unknow...

English Language Varieties

...Several relevant books on language variation have appeared, and linguistic correctness was the topic of the 1996 BBC Reith Lectures, delivered by Jean Aitchison (1998). In the USA much of the interest in language differences has been driven by public concern about the language of ethnic minorities. In 1997, the Linguistic Society of America published a document inspired by a controversy about ‘Ebonics’ (African American Vernacular English), which was recognised by the Oakland (California) Sc...

Language acquisition: Nature or nurture?

...During the late 1950s, psychologists differed on how language is acquired. Skinner argued that language acquisition is based on instrumental conditioning, while Chomsky stressed that people are born with an innate capacity for acquiring a language/s, also called nativism. This paper argues that language is acquired through both nature and nurture, because these two theories can help fully explain language acquisition, instead of separately, although it is still unclear how much nature or nurture...

The Role of Grammar in Language Teaching & Learning

...Before the learners are ready, grammatical explanation is kept to a minimum or presented indirectly through games or other types of exercises. Learners at tertiary levels (or perhaps adults in general) appear to need grammatical explanation from an early stage. But it is believed that time should not be sacrificed to develop communicative mainly oral skills in favour of detailed grammar teaching. Their needs should be met by providing grammar books which explain grammar in language that they can...

Word Factory Game

...The Entity Relationship Diagram of the Proposed Study Data Structure Table 1:PlayerID (txtID. txt) PlayerID Int 2 Playername Varchar(50) 20 Table 2: Dictionary (txtdictionary. txt) Column Name Data Type Length words Text 100 Table 3: Finding of words (findWords. txt) Column Name Data Type Length findwords Text 100 Table 4: Scrambled words (scrambledWords. txt) Column Name Data Type Length scrambledwords Text 500 Table 5: Letter patters (txtpatterns. txt) Column Name Data Type Length txtpatterns ...

English As Official Language In United States

...English as an official US language has been an issue for decades by which some influential groups/people have been trying to restrict other languages and promote English Language.  On the other hand, this policy has not been accepted nor approved by the majority of Americans as it is discriminatory to other equal language. This idea is not hidden. Making English as the US official language is the agenda of White Americans – it also unveils the approach of White American as they don’t want m...

The speech emergence stage

...Intermediate proficiency starts in another year after completing the stage of speech emergence. The usual factors that affect this stage are the following: first, students are more concerned on how their speech and writing abilities may come out and in due course, sometimes disregard the need to apply the certain rules of grammatical correction and speech communication regulations, they had the tendency to not to look beyond their errors because they are more concerned on how it would sound bett...

The language used in 'Blood Wedding'

..."It's the same. The cross, the cross. " "Sweet nails, sweet cross, sweet name of Jesus. " (pg62) The haunting last lines in a way encapsulate the tragedy where a feeling that began so small has escalated in to something that is now enormous "That barely fits the hand, But that slides in clean Through startled flesh And stops there, at the place Where trembles enmeshed The dark root of a scream. " (pg63) As they have continued throughout the incoming of the bodies, it seems Lorca uses this time f...

'No Dialects Please' by Merle Collins


Arthur Millar

...His speech is simple but at the start of the play his words are more vibrant towards Catherine as he tells he that she is "walking wavy. " At the same time he also refers to her as a "Madonna. " This gives the audience the idea that she is pure and she is a virgin and Eddie wants her to stay as she is. " Listen, B. , she'll be with a lot of plumbers? And sailors up and down the street? " This illustrates Eddie's feelings for Catherine and it can also mean that he does not want any other men look...

Hamlet, Part 8: Themes Quiz


The Evolution of Language

...Language is not a simple abstract concept constructed by our cognitive abilities, so it cannot be reduced just to its theoretical aspects. Many linguists treat it rather like some living organism, arguing that language is constantly growing and evolving under the influence of society, (Erard, 2017), or the contrary that language is the one influencing the development of society. What many specialists agree on, however, is that 'every single speaker on Earth will have their own specific linguisti...

Foreign Language Speech

...A report from the College Board stated that kids taking the SAT that had learned a foreign language on average beat the scores of those who hadn’t by 140 points on each section. There are definitely many benefits to be gained from learning a foreign language as a child. Besides the benefits of just knowing the language, there are countless ways it can benefit other aspects of a person’s life. In a world that is rapidly advancing on a global level, the acquisition of a foreign language at an ...

Farewell Party for Miss Pushpa

...Whenever he asked her to do anything, she said,” Just now only I will do it”. Clearly the speaker means Miss Pushpa’s readiness to do any work, and the unnecessary use of “just” and “only” exhibits the Indian speaker’s ignorance of the usage of English words, creating laughter and fun. The speaker’s frequent wrong use of the present continuous instead of the simple present is further revealed in his speech when he says that he is always appreciating Miss Pushpa’s good nature,...

Explaining First Language Acquisition

...Yet most people would not in be surprised when a four-year-old learns grammar, which is a difficult task. Children learn the rules of their native grammar by hearing a limited set of sample sentences. In addition, the limited information they receive is mathematically insufficient for them to determine grammatical principles, yet somehow they are still able to do so. Reference: Lightbown, P. M. , & Spada N. (2006). How Language are Learned: Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers. (3rd ed. ) ...

Explain Each of the Terms

...What word combinations are best in what situations (“Would you mind moving your foot? could quickly change to “Get off my foot, please! ” if the first request did not produce results) You can have language without having speech. Though speech and language are related, you do not have to have speech to have a language. How? The best example of this is the use of Sign Language. Communication is the process of conveying a message or meaning to establish a shared understanding to others. You d...

Explain and evaluate claims made by linguistic relativists regarding the relationship between language, thought and culture

...It can be interpreted as linguistic determinism and relativism; it remains arguable and controversial whether this hypothesis is too strong. Much evidence arises even until today supporting the hypothesis. It is inevitable that every hypothesis receives criticism, but I truly believe the reason why Whorfianism is still being studied today is because we can never deny the influence of language on our thoughts and culture. Language may not be the one the strongly defines our perception and values,...

Do You Speak American?

...The dialects in United States are diverse. In my opinion, dialect is a component of cultural activities. And some dialects are related to history, some are related to the life style of different region. There are a variety of expressions for dialects. Those include the differences of pronounciation, the new words for common meaning, net English, etc. Most important, no matter what kind of language we say, we should respect all of them and admit the existence value of them. At last, I think watch...

Communication Shc

...Similarly, it is always best to tell your supervisor if you receive any information that concerns you. If someone wants to tell you something ‘in confidence’, you should say that you may not be able to keep the information to yourself because part of your job involves safeguarding children’s welfare. It is then up to the person to decide whether to tell you or not. Always do this in an area where nobody else can overhear what you are saying. It is better to seek advice verbally rather than...

Attitudes to Language

...However, there are times when the use of standard langue would seem totally out of place and would even interfere with semantics. For example, folk stories, folk songs and proverbs seem to lose a certain essence when translated into standard. The role of language as a vehicle for sharing culture is indisputable. Caribbean writers, singers and oral poets have played a major part in fostering acceptance of the Creole languages of the region, by incorporating them into their work and exposing them ...

Argummentative Essay

...Ideas may not be organized correctly and there may be little evidence of linking words and punctuation. Register and form are mostly correct. The student is below the level expected for the task. | Below 3| The student largely fails to perform the task. The student is not consistently relevant, clear or comprehensible. There are major errors of structure and vocabulary which affect meaning. Ideas are not well-organized and there is little or no evidence of linking words. Register and form may be...

A Research About Reasons Make People Not Learning English Easily

...Oxford. 15-17. Fran Lehr, M. A, Jean Osborn, M. Ed. and Dr. lfrieda H. Hiebert, A Focus On Vocabulary Kennedy, C. & Bolitho, R. (eds. ) 1984: English for Specific Purposes. London: Macmillan. Jeremy Harmer and Richard Rossner, More Than Words, part A, unit 3, 29. McCarthy, M. 1990: Vocabulary. Oxford: O. U. P Moats, L. C. (2001). Overcoming the language gap. American Educator, 25, 5, 8-9. Nguy? n Tho Sinh M. A, Percentage Formula, Learning English Effectively – H? c Ti? ng Anh Co Hi? u Qu?...

An Effective Technique and Material in Learning English

...It is realized when teaching the students; we should choose the songs with suitable level of difficulty. The suitability of the song is a particularly important issue. It should be known whether or not the students like the song. The use of Singing Procedure There are various ways of using songs in the classroom. The level of the students, the interests and the age of the learners, the grammar point to be studied, and the song itself have determinant roles on the procedure. Apart from them, it m...

A Critical Review of Infant Artificial Language Learning

...Conclusion Infant Artificial Language Learning and Language Acquisition by Rebecca L. Gomez and Louann Gerken is a journal that expose about infant artificial language. They explain how infant acquire language from their own observation and they also made a grammar special for infant in order to complete their observation but besides that, they also take some observation which also already been discovered. This journal is worthy to read especially for the linguists who try to reveal and find out...

Benefits Of Technology In Education English Language

...To sum up, technology has many faces and means, and we should choose the appropriate use of technology to get the most benefits of it. We have to lead the technology, and don’t let the technology leads us. TV, Internet, and mobiles are some examples of technologies we can’t ignore using them in our daily life, and to follow the speed track you need to follow the speed of the technology. Using technology in education has become a fact in our lives. Advantages and disadvantages are issues to b...

Introduction To Vocabulary Improvement And Reading Comprehension English Language

...Studies show that combining morphology with incidental learning successfully increases vocabulary in both native and nonnative students. Such interventions also result in enhancing reading comprehension, and as a result learning. Additionally, ESL students benefit in terms of satisfaction with school, and desire to continue studies. It is important to note that such interventions do not last in the curriculum, but are only employed as part of an overall study (Carlos, 2004).Conclusion...

Thought and Language

...So, the basic idea we infer from the above discussion that language and thought continuously move back and forth from thought to language and language to thought. Language helps us to think with a specific point of view and thought again develop the language. And thought is not only being expressed in words, it also comes into existence through them. Every thought relates one object to another and it moves, grows and develops, executes function and solves problem. This flow of thought occurs as ...

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