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Sign Language: True Language for the Deaf

...One interesting example of a sign language is Nicaraguan Sign Language (NSL). NSL arose in the early 1980s when hundreds of isolated deaf people were brought to school for the first time. For the first time, it was possible to see the emergence of a new language. This case became interesting because NSL wasn’t created by language contact or by merging previously existing languages, rather it was formed by the merging of idiosyncratic gesture systems called “home signs”. Nowadays, Nicaragua...

Should Singlish Be Banned

...On the flipside, people worry about how Singlish affects the way Singaporeans communicate. It is often argued the Singlish causes Singapore's standard of English to drop. Since Singapore is an international country, we must know how to communicate well with people from other countries, and Singlish is preventing us from doing so. However, this is not the case for most people. As long as we exercise control over when to and when not to use Singlish. One obviously knows it is only right to speak p...

Learning Strategies

...(1990). Clinical Exercise Physiology . Unided States of America. Ellis, R. (1994). The Study of Second Language Acquisition. New York: Oxford University Press. Oxford, R. L. (1989). Language Learning Motivation:pathways to the new century. Unided States of America: University of Hawai'i Press. Ekwensi, F. , Moranski, J. , & Townsend-Sweet, M. , (2006). E-Learning Concepts and Techniques. Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania's Department of Instructional Technology. 5. 1 Instructional Strate...

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The Audiolingual Methods

...The structural view to language is the view behind the audio-lingual technique. This approach focused on examining how the components of language associated to each other in the present, that is, 'synchronically' rather than 'diachronically'. It was likewise argued that linguistic signs were composed of two parts, a signifier (thesound pattern of a word) and a symbolized (the principle or meaning of the word). The research study of language focuses on describing the performance, the" parole" as ...

Support Communication, Language and Literacy Skills

...Maintaining a good relationship with the parents and the carers is vital as the child is the bridge that keeps us connected and in order to provide the best care, support and help to the child and help the child to develop their speech language and communication skills we work together to bring our ideas, knowledge and information regarding the child and the needs to provide opportunities and tasks for the child to flourish. We give parents the opportunities to see the child’s work, and effort...

Communication Leaflet

...Language barriers: someone who doesn’t speak in a language you understand, for example, they are foreign or they can only communicate with sign language. To overcome a language barrier, enquire what language they communicate and have in place a signer if needed or a translator. Body language: is an aid to expressing what we want to communicate, verbally and none verbally. Body language that can be misinterpreted, for example, a manager stood at their office door with their arms folded may be s...

Prescriptive Grammar

...3.Most importantly, there are social reasons for prescriptive rules. Nonstandard dialects are still frowned upon by many groups and can inhibit one's progress in society. The existence of prescriptive rules allows a speaker of a nonstandard dialect to learn the rules of the standard dialect and employ them in appropriate social circumstances. Therefore, prescriptive rules are used as an aid in social mobility. This does not mean, however, that these judgments about dialects are linguistically va...

Importance of Learning Languages

...2. Apart from the financial gains learning a foreign dialect can offer a unique experience to travellers. * People, who love to explore different parts of the world, know about diverse cultures, places, and lifestyle, knowing the local language can offer a life changing experience. * You can easily find the places, ask for directions, and even order food. * Speaking a language gives you a better understanding of the country’s culture. You can interact with people more freely providing a greate...

The Scope of Sociolinguistics

...The term social class is used to clarify that society can be divided into different social classes. Different people or groups may have very different ideas about what makes one "high" or "low" in the grading. In general term, they can be divided according to income, occupation, education, behavior, etc. It has been asserted by some sociolinguist as Basil Bernstein that there are two varieties of language to its speakers (an elaborated code and restricted code), and as William Labov’s research...

Origin and Development of Applied Linguistics

...Speaking of applied computational linguistic, people often mention machine translation, computer - assisted translation, and natural language processing as fruitful areas which have also come to the forefront in recent years. I am going to pick up machine translation as a typical example of applying linguistic knowledge. Machine translation is a form of translation where a computer program analyses the text in one language - the "source text" - and then attempts to produce another, equivalent te...

Sociolinguistics: Dialect Continuum and Language

...Obviously in a diglossic society no one has the advantage of “high variety” at home as their first language. Consequently the way to acquire the high variety is not by being born into the right kind of family but by going to school. For ex. in an Arab-speaking diglossic community the language used at home is a local version of Arabic with little variation between the most educated and the least educated speakers. If, however, someone needs to give a lecture at the university or a sermon in ...

Speech Communities

...For any speci? c speech community, the concept ‘re? ects what people do and know when they interact with one another. It assumes that when people come together through discursive practices, they behave as though they operate within a shared set of norms, local knowledge, beliefs, and values. It means that they are aware of these things and capable of knowing when they are being adhered to and when the values of the community are being ignored . . . it is fundamental in understanding identity a...

Importance of Japanese Language

...Even if you plan to travel to Japan or just a casual traveler. Minimal understanding of the importance of Japanese will make it easier when traveling around Japan. Common every things like road and shop signs that are written in Japanese. Even when ordering food in a restaurant or communicating with your waiter or waitress or other locals in the restaurant will greatly improve your experience of your travels. A critical challenge to remember is that of vocabulary. Having used different books and...

Second Language Acquisition

...On the other hand Krashen states that pushing learners to produce the language will only generate stress and anxiety what will increase their Affective Filter and affect acquisition , this is to some extent true, However, Swains claims that if we don’t push learners to produce the language, they will simply acquire strategies to make themselves understood in the classroom what will affect the development of their Interlanguage (Fossilization) and will not contribute to their language competenc...

Powerful Presentation Skill

...Your eyes are your lighthouse. As you talk do not look at the walls, fans or tube lights but the people sitting in front of you. When you look in to the eyes of the people it shows that you are giving them your attention and in response your audience also looks at you. Moreover, eye contact works like an infrared channel that transfers data from your mind to the minds of the listeners. But do not look at one person for more than 5 seconds because it might make him/her uneasy and it will also tur...

Multilingual Education

...Hope that all the programs that were implemented will pave way to an improved and quality education no matter what language should be use as an instruction. And all children will be given equal opportunity to avail the quality of education that the government offers. That will help to lessen non-readers and poor readers of the country. That Mother tongue will make the lessons easy for every child in recognizing and comprehend to lessons and stories. That they will learn to express their ideas we...

Interlanguage Theory

...John Benjamins. * Ellis, R. (1997) Second Language Acquisition. New York: Oxford University Press. * Fauziati, E. (2011) Interlanguage and Error Fossilization: A Study Of Indonesian Students Learning English As A Foreign Language. (Vol. I No. 1, pp. 23-38). Indonesia: Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics. * Han, Z. (2002). Fossilization: Five Central Issues. Toronto, Canada: The Second Language Research Forum (SLRF), Teachers College, Columbia University. * Lakshmanan, U. and Selinker, L. (...

My hometown is worth visiting

...They used bamboo and put the chicken inside it and then cook it just the same like Lemang. Isn’t it unique? Its taste is also delicious too. It is not take a long time to been prepared. Where can you find it except Sarawak the Earth of Hornbill? In the nutshell, I believe my hometown is worth visiting enough as the attractions, interested places and the uniqueness that we can find out here such as Sarawak Cultural Village, Jong’s Crocodile Farm and the foods that made from Sarawak which are ...

Care Values and Communication in a Hospital setting

...Individual’s rights and Beliefs means being treated as an individual according to our own needs, every individual wants to be treated fairly, in the care sector it is of the utmost importance that a service user is treated fairly and also treated with love, care and respect. The individual rights are respect, choice, dignity, protection, and equality, access to information, non-discrimination, and effective communication. They also have the right to their own beliefs and a doctor must respect ...

Histroy of English Language

...For two centuries after the Norman Conquest English remained the language of the lower classes. When English once more gained importance, it had been considerably changed from what it was in 1066. In a similar way the Hundred Years' War, the rise of an important middle class, the Renaissance the development of the British empire, the growth of commerce and industry, science and literature have all contributed to make the English language what it is today. In short the English language reflects i...

Discourse Analysis

...An example might be football fans blaming various aspects of a player's motivation for the failure of their team (e.g., "he gets so much money, doesn't need to try", "he looked as though he wasn't bothered", "he didn't want the ball", and so on). In the results section of the report, the themes abstracted are collated and reported on. In doing so, it is usual to cite from the transcription examples of the points you are trying to make. A summary of the findings can be offered but also a critique...

The Scope of Applied Linguistics

...In other words ‘Linguistic applied’ is just the application of linguistic models, while Applied Linguistics studies the whole picture, including the analysis of many others disciplines like psychology, neuroscience, sociology, law, medicine, etc. and also models and theories. As these disciplines were included, the universe of language-related problems grew. So Guy Cook (2003:20) enlightened linguists pointing out that there is a systematic way to classify the kind of problems we are concern...

Language Acquisition

...This approach explains the child’s social communication experience. Even during babyhood there is a communication that develops between the carer and the child. Cross culturally, similar patterns are used by mothers to communicate with their infants in order to indicate approval, disapproval, encouragement, discouragement (Ferhald, 1985). Vygotsky’s work is placed in this theory because he showed the importance of social interaction and learning language. Parents provide their children a lan...

Reflection of Understanding of the Reading Process Using the Five Components

...At present I personally use an interactive approach in which all five components are dealt with equally, rather than using only one specific strategy (SIL, 1999). Therefore the research has reinforced the methods which are currently used, confirming that they are the appropriate way in which to teach children. On way in which the method used in the classroom may be improved, however, is to ensure that children do not forget the earlier steps in the process such as phenomic awareness as they prog...

Student Vignette

...The teacher who can observe this process skillfully can help promote students’ success by practicing a pedagogy that is responsive to English learner” (Balderrama & Diaz-Rico, 2006, p. 61). Takeshi may achieve academic and second language success during his time living in the United States through the adaptation developed by his teachers and peer interaction. Even if his parents continue to refuse an ESL program for him, Takeshi may still improve his English skills and academics in mains...

Endangered Languages

...Since unambiguous examples of thoroughly successful language revitalization efforts are still quite rare, focusing on documentation rather than revitalization can, particularly in academic circles, be seen as a more realistic use of limited resources to address language loss (see Bowern & James, 2010, for a challenge to this view). That said, documentation and revitalization efforts more often than not go hand in hand, particularly because endangered language speech communities typically exp...

Thesis- Vocabulary

...College/ Department of Arts and Letters. This study will be beneficial as it holds what’s the most effective strategy of the AB English students in terms of expanding their vocabulary. Thus, this will make a lifelong notion that they can use in the near future. Teachers/Professors. This study will serve as a means for the vocabulary teaching methods that they use and implement. This will enable them to weigh out if the said methods were effective. The findings will make them aware of whatever ...

SIOP Lesson Plan for Literary Arts

...Assessment of the lessons can be completed in various ways depending on the stage you students may be in at the time. Assessments should be varied from oral to written dependent on the stage as well. The assessment can be reflective of the ongoing lesson and include the activities incorporated such as journal writing or cloze handouts, tasks completed such as the personal dictionary and projects completed such as a book summary. It is important to know the different stages and which may apply to...

Language Anxiety

...To conclude, it must be said that learning a language implies many affective factors but anxiety is one of the most relevant and an inevitable feeling among second language learners. The matter is Do my students know how to identify anxiety symptoms and do something positive about it? What is more Do I know what to do to diminish language anxiety? When learning a language the answers to these questions can be the difference. To ignore language anxiety within a classroom is not the solution; it w...

My Voice Matters

...Humans instinctively and subconsciously judge. After I saw my realization I knew in fact I must surmount my barrier on my muteness, casting the burden by the interaction of all that shackles me down from my achievements. I have found my character of a man of compassion, integrity and hope for a brighter future in the world to guide meaning people who has gone through the similar pariah-ism of self-confidence. I was meant for more than that. My voice is important! I’m meant to speak with others...

My Personal Idiolect

...It is a hidden rhetorical question, which a lot of the younger generation use. In the conversation with my dad, I changed the word 'Innit' to say 'Ya know what I mean'. This is because I know most adults consider slang as bad-mannered and disrespectful. Another reason is because I wouldn't want my dad or any adult to feel uncomfortable and confused when talking to me if I spoke in the way I do with my friends. I speak to adults politer than how i would speak to my friends as society makes young ...

English Proficiency

...According to Murugesan (2003), the decline is largely due to a backwash effect from a change implemented in the early 1960s and 1970s when `Bahasa Malaysia` replaced English as the medium of instruction in schools and as the language used for official matters. On the other hand, according to Lee (2002), the drop in proficiency of English has not been due so much to the emphasis on Malay, but it is primarily the result of bad attitudes to language and poor approaches to the teaching of language. ...

Deaf Experience Paper Example

...These kids have their own learning environment the have special hearing aids used to hear teachers better. While in the sessions I noticed Speech Therapist, Nancy Peduzzi , handling the loudness of her microphone which was directed to the child’s hearing aid. I found that fascinating, she explained to me that, they were specialized for that reason, and that each classroom with deaf children has a speaker used to make noises louder so the kids can hear better. I absolutely loved the experience ...

Language and Identity

...When speaking “Black English, you have confessed your parents, your youth, your school, your salary, your self-esteem, and, alas, your future” (Baldwin 110) according to Baldwin. People associate language with background which then leads to choose to treat that specific person a talk to him a way they associate with the people who speak that exact same language. In this case, for the minority, it is language that assumes their behavior, but for the other dominant group, it is identity that s...

Listening Distractions

...The key to contending with these distractions are to practice the speech, become comfortable with the topic, know how long the speech will last, film the practice session and identify personal traits that may cause distraction. Have someone listen to the speech to identify patterns or behaviors that may be offensive or controversial. Understand the message, what is the purpose of the speech; focus on the transition of thoughts and ideas to ensure a smooth process. Avoid monotone voice patterns u...

English language communication

...Hence, English even-though being a foreign language to many is now most commonly used language worldwide especially in British dominion later became Independent republican countries like India and Pakistan. Proud to be an Indian, speaking foreign language, so people around you can't understand. Knowledge of English is important as we can get to know how to frame sentences, how to use words in dialogues while speaking to others. As every word has a particular context where it fits right, using wo...

Technical Communication

...All communication, intentional or unintentional, has some effect. This effect may not be always in communicator’s favor or as desired by him or her. Communication that produces the desired effect or result is effective communication. It results in what the communicator wants. Effective communication generates the desired effect, maintain effect & increase effect. Effective communication serves its purpose for which it was planned or designed. The purpose could be to generate action, inform...

The Advantages of being multilingual

...Learning a new language offers many new career opportunities as well as other advantages which are often ignored. Among the less obvious benefits is the change in perspective one will gain from seeing the world through different eyes. Every language expresses ideas in it’s own particular manner, giving us the ability to see things from another angle and thus allowing us to gain new insights of ourselves, our native culture and the world around us. This can spark creativity and give individuals...

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