Language Essay Topics

English investigation

Introduction: For this project I am going to analyse how women and men behave when using language in casual situations? There have been many previous research finding and conclusions about gender and conversational behaviour. For example Jennifer Coates identified two approaches, which she describes as dominance and difference. Jennifer Coates was a writer to wrote… View Article

English Language Coursework – Task One and Introduction

Task One Robin Lakoff devised a theory of language and gender differences. She believed that women had a greater lexis when describing subjects such as colours where men would have a greater lexis in subjects such as sports. Lakoff also believed that women use more prestige grammar and clear pronunciation with more intensifiers than men…. View Article

The Two Extracts About Jungles by Isabella Bird and David Attenborough

1. From reading the two extracts by Isabella Bird and David Attenborough, we can plainly see that each writer creates a description of the jungle from different points of view. The extracts from each writer are written in different styles and are arranged in different ways, which would show the contrast between Bird’s and Attenborough’s… View Article

How does Brian Friel establish the theme of language

How does Brian Friel establish the theme of language and its effects on communication, power and identity in Act one? In the play Translations, language and its effects is clearly one of the central themes. This is evident because the characters all show what language means to them ranging from Hugh who uses his knowledge… View Article

Mother Tongue Language And Mathematics

In what ways does your mother tongue language and mathematics resemble and differ from each other? Mathematics and language both act as a source of communication, thus both mathematics and language play an important role in life. According to the dictionary, language is defined as a “communication of thoughts and feelings through a system of… View Article

Interpreted language

Interpreted language can be vague, based upon cultural differences. However, language can be compiled or written which strictly distinguishes how language is spoken around the world. Language, in fact, is the foundation of every culture. Language is an abstract system of word meanings and symbols for all aspects of culture. It includes: * Speech *… View Article

Is the truth obscured by language?

Truth is public, independent of anyone’s belief and eternal.1 Language allows us to convey knowledge from one person to another by recording our thoughts and feelings and communicating these to others. However, I think that our knowledge can be affected by our capacity to communicate through language. Truths are obscured and our understanding of them… View Article

Compare the use of language of the two editorials

Compare the use of language in the two editorials, considering in particular how far the fact that they were written at different times is reflected in the language of the two texts The two texts are extremely contrasting in their use of language and it is apparent from the dates that they were written as… View Article

Language Autobiography

Being a girl of a mixed ethnic background, you can imagine the diversity of language used across my family. The dialects and accents have a wide variety as my family are spread all across the globe. My mother carol is British born and bred in the Essex country side. Whereas my father ahmed is, half… View Article

Language Investigation

How gender affect linguistics in programmes. For this investigation I aim to produce a theory on the language of gender orientation in programming. I think it will be interesting to observe how the role of male and female in our society can affect the programmes that are broadcasted and the linguistics that feature when a… View Article

Language – Symbolic Representation

Language is a way of communication that involves symbolic representation. Language allows information about culture and society to be passed down from one generation to another. It is there to make people understand each other. Language is not only descriptive but is also an action. The way people use language is how they see things… View Article

Language spoken

England is filled with a mixture of different dialects and pronunciation. Every area or city has its own dialect pronunciation and specific words only used in that area for example in east London “innit”. The closer the areas are the more similar they are. In addition people living in a specific area have their own… View Article

Language acquisition

Contemporary researchers, who are interested in the language teaching, ELT publishing, second language acquisition and the theory of language in general while referring the process of a mother tongue influence on a foreign language teaching, usually apply the terms: ‘Language Interference’, ‘Cross-Linguistic Influence’, or ‘Transfer’. All of the terms imply that the language produced by… View Article

The language of arts

Labor, toil, travail, drudgery, and grind are listed as synonyms for work. Although these words depart from the conception that many non-artists have about art, it is common to hear artists talk about the drudgery and even boredom that is very often part of the process of making art. The antonym for work is play,… View Article