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Reconstructed Portrait of Juan Dela Cruz

...And the part of the said article where “sense of humor” is talked about comes with a complicated context that it blends the positive and negative statement in one part of the text. He could’ve written it in a flow which either of the two statements comes first. Second, the issue of the Filipinos speaking foreign languages for them (foreigners) to appreciate the hospitality of the natives; it doesn’t seem to make a sense. For all I know, it’s a part of tourism. This statement proves tha...

Evaluate the effectiveness of speech, language and communicate

...When activities and play opportunities are planned, children’s level of language needs to be considered. Certain activities require a high level of language and so may not be appropriate for a child whose language is still developing, for example ’20 questions’ or ‘I spy’. Language is also needed for role play and so it is important to think about whether children who want to join in role play need support. The ability to process language also means some activities which require childr...

The Importance and Advantages of Learning a Second Language

...Plus, when people learn a second language, they become a valuable asset to the community in which the work and live. Apart from the requirement of translators and interpreters, there are an increasing number of jobs where people are required to interact with people that speak other languages. Learning a second language also enables a person to adapt to a variety of cultural backgrounds. Also, the capacity of communicating in another language can be a contributory factor to the overall achievemen...

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Archaisms and historisms

...Though many of the words discussed above are rather old-fashioned, outdate and are rarely used in modern society, they still have a unique place in the depositary of English word-stock. Thus they can be found in bigger dictionaries as they might be relevant to specific fields. Words and their meanings are always bound to specific contexts and times in which their meaning makes sense. Anyone learning a language needs to be aware of how words are used today and historically in order to correctly i...

Factors affecting the english proficiency of fourth year students

...4. Respondents – It refers to the fourth year students in Magpet National High School who are officially enrolled in academic year 2013-2014. 5. Factors – It is about the facts or circumstances which constitute a result or situation. It refers to something that contributes to the performance of the fourth year students in MNHS based on their English proficiency. 6. Teachers – The academically qualified individuals assigned to teach and handle the fourth year students of MNHS specifically t...

Sapir- Whorf hypothesis

...Because people have different perceptions due to difference in language, communication is made harder and near impossible. Linguistic relativism is the idea that an individual’s experiences and habitual language depict the world for them. This means that because of one’s community and their culture, their experiences influence their perception and thoughts that they use in present day. Experiences that one may experience can have a big impact on the way they communicate to others. The Sapir-...

Main thrends in phonemic theory

...The physical view represented by Daniel Jones and B.Bloch regards the phoneme as the family of related sounds. In other words the phoneme is a mechanical sum of its allophones. So, similarity between sounds is considered to be the main criterion for attributing them to a particular phoneme. We see that the representatives of this approach ignore the abstract and functional aspect of the phoneme. 1) to establish distinctive difference between sounds, that is to establish relevant features 2) to ...

Sociolinguistics & English language

...There is often no consensus if such a local language variety is a dialect or a language. The choice is usually taken on the basis of political or conventional criteria and never on linguistic ones. 2. A speech register: a way of speaking or writing including vocabulary, syntax and pronunciation (or spelling) chosen by individuals to express themselves depending on the circumstances they speak: high register (formal occasions like parliamentary speech, official documents, celebrations), low regis...

Theme of Identity Explored in Kindertransport

...They had their days years ago.” This again presents to the audience how Lil pushes Eva into the English culture. As the play progresses, Eva learns English and speaks it almost fluently. However, she often speaks German when she’s feeling upset. For instance, on page 37, Lil is unhappy with Eva after returning late home from school. Lil lectures her, but Eva will only reply in German. This demonstrates to the audience how Eva is comforted by the language; it may remind her of her past she l...

Cuss Time Summary

...Part of McCorkles’s reasoning was without cussing (Or other words society has viewed as wrong or bad) it limits our potential in how we express ourselves. Her last point that she addressed was if these words are taken away then more will be taken until it’s a dead language. “Word by word, our history will be rewritten if we don’t guard and protect it. . .). In this quote she basically says our language will be changed if we don’t stand up and take action on our Freedom of Speech. Throu...

Oprah Winfrey Commencement Speech

...Oprah conveys to her audience to learn that life is more than just making money. You have to earn it and making money has to have meaning. If you do not have meaning in making your money and making a difference to the world then money doesn’t matter. Oprah shows much inspiration in her speech that should make the audience aspire to be like her or even more. Overall, Oprah did a great job catering to the diverse audience with her speech. It did not seem rehearsed, she gave eye contact and her a...

Growing Up in a Bilingual Family

...There is not evidence of negative effects of y learning at early age two languages or more. Instead, there are many evidences that children growing up with two languages have advantage over the ones that are not. As Grosjean says, “researchers have found that bilingualism is, after all, a great asset to the child”, and he continues, “Especially, in intelligence and cognitive growth, researchers stress the assets of bilingualism”. There is nothing to loose getting our kids to learn two la...

Effective Communication In Health and Social Care

...3 – Norming is the third stage in which all the team agree on the rules and values by which they operate. They begin to trust each other and individuals may take greater responsibilities so the leader can now take a step back. Personal, intimate and realm opinions are expressed in this stage. 4 – Performing is the last stage and not all teams make it to this stage. Structural issues are resolved in this stage which allows roles to become flexible and functional and group energy is channeled ...

Acquainted With the Night, An AP Analysis

...There are many details that Frost added to give a person a better understanding of the speaker and his feelings. The idea of the speaker, "outwalk[ing] the furthest city light" shows that he is out of bed in the middle of the night walking aimlessly trying to get his problem lifted. It shows how disturbed and troubled the speaker is with this mysterious problem floating around. The line "I have looked down the saddest lane" shows how the speaker has sort of a woe-is-me attitude where he feels th...

Chief Seattle's 1854 Oration - Was it true?

...The man known as Chief Seattle existed, the Duwamish tribe existed, Doctor Smith existed, these are known FACTS. However, there is only but one written account by a Doctor Henry Smith that this Oration took place, and only one translator was said to have been at Chief Seattle's Oration and that one man was a Doctor Henry A. Smith. The Duwamish tribe had no written language for an official copy of this speech to have taken place, and there is no reason for anyone to believe that Doctor Smith took...

Analysis of The Cool Web by Robert Graves

...Less obvious is the desire to protect ourselves from "too much joy", a condition that would appear to be desirable. Perhaps the poet believes that we are unable to cope adequately with either extreme of fortune. There are a number of superstitions in this regard such as labelling something as being "too good to be true". It may be that Graves is suggesting that we subconsciously know that we can't sustain a state of delight for long and that the pain of the ensuing disappointment is not worth th...

SLA Lg teaching methods & approaches

...Immersion education, on the other hand, recognised the positive potential of the CLT. Responses to CRAMLAP questionnaires show a great diversity in models of ab initio teaching in Higher Education, with some institutions emphasising grammatical competence, others communicative, others again a combination of both. However, the belief that exposure to ‘comprehensible input + 1’ could be sufficient to ensure language acquisition is now challenged. We are now in a ‘Post-Communicative’ era, i...

The evidence for and against the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis

...Pinker, Stephen (1994): The Language Instinct. Harmondsworth: PenguinSapir, E. (1929): 'The Status of Linguistics as a Science'. In E. Sapir (1958): Culture, Language and Personality (ed. D. G. Mandelbaum). Berkeley, CA: University of California PressWhorf, B. L. (1940): 'Science and Linguistics', Technology Review 42(6): 229-31, 247-8. Also in B. L. Whorf (1956): Language, Thought and Reality (ed. J. B. Carroll). Cambridge, MA: MIT PressWikipedia, accessed 04.03.2007 http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

Response to Robert Frost's "Education by poetry"

...Second, the word terrorism represents vice in those who have been considered terrorists. Third, the word terrorism can point to any states, to which Americas high places seek its way. On the other hand, its weakness is that because of depersonalizing, though meaning the Middle East countries, the word terrorism can offend any states with which America currently has friendship. All these strengths and weakness do not have to be necessarily right or fair and so may be irrelevant to proper relative...

Bias-Free Language

...She advocates for individuals to expand their vocabulary and use the opportunity to develop new phrases and more creative, accurate ways of saying things and cites many authors throughout history that have done just that, hoping that these examples will encourage others to do the same. Maggio does a good job in preparing a case against using biased language. She also does well in refuting attempts at underscoring her project. She has many good points which would be valuable to a society willing ...

Teaching English Through Translation

...Translation can be a very valuable classroom activity; however, as teachers we must have on mind some strategies in order to adopt and make translation useful for our students, among them I consider two: to make translation a process-based activity, including all students, encourages meaningful and independent interaction in English and try and provide students with learner-centred, cognitive translation activities to help students notice the differences and similarities between L1 and L2 meanin...

Language attitudes comprise

...(2001). Bilingualism in Development: Language, Literacy, and Cognition. England: Cambridge University Press. Cummins, J. Bilingual Children’s Mother Tongue: Why Is It Important for Education? Retrieved June 7, 2009, from http://74. 125. 153. 132/search? q=cache:f490N3_lOpAJ:www. iteachilearn. com/cummins/ mother. htm+positive+effects+of+bilingualism&cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ph Ng, B. C. & Wigglesworth, G. (2007). Bilingualism: An Advanced Resource Book. U. S. : Routledge. Roma...

A Summary of Amy Tan s "Mother Tongue"

..."Mother Tongue" is a look into the way some people, look to language as a way as a sign of how educated you are. In views of Tans prompt she gives the readers the impression that her mother is an uneducated Chinese woman who does not comprehend the language. Nevertheless, this was never the effect Tan intended for readers to assume of her mother considering that Amy did not think her mother was ignorant or uneducated because her intelligent thoughts and answers were there. Her mother just could ...

Teaching by Principles

...He argues that reading does not actually exist separately from writing or listening from speaking. He discusses further about the various aspects of lesson planning together with the significance of each feature to the general whole. However, the principle does not exist separately from the pedagogy or the practices. Looking back at the twelve principles, it becomes more obvious that experienced teachers can benefit from reading the book. References Brown, D. (2001). Teaching by Principles: an I...

Speech Intros

...Brooks knows that she lacks the expertise to respond to the world and reflects that metaphorically, she swims 'in a sea of words' and his is how she 'pushes into the full truth of the world. She describes her writing in the extended metaphor of 'the woodshed' and that her experience as a journalist had 'given her some 'durable tools'. She continues by referring to writing as a craft where ' words are stones and the book is a wall' and this demonstrates the laborious process of being an author. ...

Curriculum Development

...Language Program Evaluation: Theory and Practice. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Marcos, K. M. (1998) Second language learning: Everyone can benefit. The ERIC Review, 6 (1), 2-5. Morris, P. , (1992). Curriculum development in Hong Kong. Education Papers 7, Faculty of Education, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong. Morris, P. , (1995). The Hong Kong school Curriculum. Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong. Verspoor,A. , (1989). Pathways to change: Improving the Quality of Education in Develop...

Advantages of Being Bilingual

...Bilingual adults have a clear edge in business world. By being able to communicate in two languages, you have twice as many opportunities to land a great job. Being bilingual makes it easier to travel, find a job and belong to this new global world inside and outside of the U.S. Children’s brains are primed for the necessary language skill developments in a way that adults’ aren’t. Many of the advantages described here will show up most strongly if you start bilingualism in your child’s...

Essay on Language Diversity

...In conclusion I think that language diversity is an inextricable part of South African life, and it should be understood and respected by everyone. Citizens of the country should put active effort into learning how to communicate across language and cultural divides. Language diversity should not be seen as a force pushing the different cultures apart, but rather as a challenge that can be mastered in order to foster educational outcomes, political peace and work projects as well as a tool that ...

Stuart Hall’s ‘Encoding and Decoding’

...Codes for encoding and decoding may be different and this difference results to misunderstanding of the idea the author originally had but the symmetry can be increased when the relationship between the author-encoder and reader-decoder is strengthened. Still, no matter how tight the relationship between them may be, they will still work independent of each other. Thus, there is still a degree of ‘understanding’ and ‘misunderstanding’ of both parties, especially on the reader or the deco...

Hamlet: Context of the Original Version

...The meaning, context and complexity of the words as used in the original version disappear when translated into the modern version. Modern versions of the text are usually taken in its literal sense, thus, the author’s real purpose in using the words disappear. Furthermore, the art of using words by applying figurative speech was not preserved in the modern version. Modern translations of the text, while easier to understand, fail to meet the complexities of Shakespeare’s words and come shor...

Meaning from a Stylistic Point of View

...Here reign religious zeal, aspirations to brotherhood, and often fanaticism, intolerance and the suppression of intellect…The representatives of opposing group, on the contrary, reject the idea of the absolute. They discover frequently with horror that inner feeling cannot be expressed in comprehensible forms. ” Adjectives are more abstract in meaning than nouns. Adverbs are considered to be more abstract than adjectives. Conjunctions and prepositions got higher degree of abstractness. Meani...

No Fear Shakespeare

...The translation’s text book definition of Shakespeare does not give you that link, it just tells a story; it doesn’t have meaning behind it. Shakespeare has great insults as well, so why insult in modern language when you can confuse a fellow peer with beautiful Elizabethan. We shouldn’t fear Shakespeare we should learn to love him. He brings beauty and richness into literature that no other could do, especially in this age. He is thought to be a genius of the theatre. He has this original...

Historical linguistics

...Although linguistics is the scientific study of language, a number of other intellectual disciplines are relevant to language and intersect with it.Semiotics, for example, is the general study of signs and symbols both within language and without. Literary theorists study the use of language in literature. Linguistics additionally draws on and informs work from such diverse fields as acoustics, anthropology, biology,computer science, human anatomy, informatics, neuroscience, philosophy, psycholo...

Applied linguistics

...Rather than discursive statements like “A sentence is made up of a subject and a predicate”, a compact formula may be given, for example:. These formulas are called rules. For the initiated they make a description very precise; the symbolization, however, must be mastered, particularly the abbreviations and the use of signs to indicate relationships. Such grammatical formats may resemble mathematical essays. Yet the information in the rules, however compact, simply corresponds to description...

Psychology and Language

...Language is learned or input into the brain through the cognitive process. Humans commonly use mental representations such as concepts, prototypes, and cognitive schemas. Cultural differences and variations in language can change the perception or how the information in processed. How the information is acquired, stored, processed. The brain contains the human capacity to recognize and learn a language. Human learn through their environment, memory, modeling, and gaining knowledge. Cognition the...

Applied Linguistic


Corpus Linguistics

...Our understanding of the ways that types of language might vary from one another, and our appreciation of the ways that words pattern in language, have been immeasurably improved by corpus studies. Even more significant, perhaps, is the development of new theories of language that take corpus research as their starting point. The list of used literature 1. M. A. K. Halliday - Lexicology and Corpus Linguistics 2. Teubert and C ? erma? kova? 2004 3. Wallis, S. and Nelson G. 'Knowledge discovery i...

Introduction to Linguistics

...Peter, R. (2000). English Phonetics and Phonology. Cambridge University Press. Ronald, W. (2006). An Introduction to Sociolinguistics. USA: Blackwell Publishing. Widdowson, H. G. (1990). Aspects of Language Teaching. Oxford University Press. Wikepedia: Sociolinguistics (n. d. ). Retrieved 30 October 2007 from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Sociolinguistics Wikepedia: Anthropological linguistics (n. d. ). Retrieved 30 October 2007 from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Anthropological_linguistics Yu...

Schools of linguistics


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