Language Essay Topics

Translation in the light of theory and practise

With each author, a translator must put on a mask. He must be an actor, with the ability to play every role in the work he translates. Emil Basat. With the development of civilization the necessity of building relationships with people from different cultures becomes clearly perceptible. However, there are barriers and these are the… View Article

Translation Shift Approaches

Introduction The term “shift” commonly refers to changes which occur or may occur in the process of translating. As long as translating is a language use, the notion of shift belongs to the notion of linguistic performance as opposed to that of theories of competence. Although the term “shift” was initially adopted by Catford as… View Article

Case Study: Translating Talent in Three Businesses

1. How does Sol y Canto define its business? Identify the offer, the target market, and the product and delivery capability. Sol y Canto define its business by creating “music and performances that move, delight, excite and connect—connect that audience to the richness of Latin American culture; connect individuals, Hispanic and non-Hispanic, to each other… View Article

The Importance of Translation in International Business

Translation is an activity comprising the interpretation of the meaning of a text in one language — the source text— and the production, in another language, of a new, equivalent text — the target text, or translation (Axistranslations). Normally, translation is done by human. As technology become higher and higher, some simple translation can be… View Article

The Ways of Translation Neologisms

In the world, Chinese and English has both the longest history and most people used compared with any other language. As the society developed more and more quickly, many kind of new information came out. Including them was that, there were a lot of neologisms in Chinese words. Many people who do English translation study… View Article

Reasons for Studying English Translation

Translation studies, in recent years, have become more prominent among different fields of study. Each year with more journals and essays being published concerning this major, more attention is focused on it and more students are attracted towards it. There are different reasons for people to focus on this field of study. Reasons such as… View Article

Translation procedures by zakhir

Adaptation In adaptation, the translator works on changing the content and the form of the ST in a way that conforms to the rules of the language and culture in the TL community. In general, this procedure is used as an effective way to deal with culturally-bound words/expressions, metaphors and images in translation. That is,… View Article

“Translations” Reading Response

The first act of “Translations” presents several different instances of translating. Jimmy translates Homer from Greek to Gaelic; Owen translates from English to Gaelic and back; Hugh has his students translate Greek and Latin while he is speaking. In particular, Owen holds a certain power over the people he is translating for. Because neither side… View Article

The Influence of Culture at Movie Translation

Outline Thesis Statement: Difference in eastern western culture causes a thing different in value orientation, Translation of a work of a movie gets a way of direct translation, and, it’s possible to admit for an audience. It’s need to changed the Culture in the movie. ?. Introduction: China’s movie translation enterprise has passed through more… View Article

Unnaturalness in English Vietnamese Translation

Abstract Unnaturalness in English – Vietnamese translation: causes and cures by Le Phuong Lan The purpose of this graduation thesis has primarily been to define and describe mistakes – the translation unnaturalness – frequently seen in English – Vietnamese translation which, does not completely ruin the whole work though, may confuse or puzzle readers of… View Article

Aspects of Scientific Translation

1. 5 The translator In the context of translation studies, it is assumed that to do a satisfactory translation, the translator must be aware not only of the texts in hand, but also the physical world and the culture in which the texts are formed initially. This implies that the translator should be acquainted with… View Article

Interpreting and Translation

The Similarity and Differences between Translation and Interpreting 1. Similarity • Both transferring the message from Source Language (SL) into Target Language (TL) • Both retaining the message • Both restructuring or reproducing • Both having SLT and TLT • Both having the target audience 2. Differences. |Translation |Interpreting | |The medium is in written… View Article

Translation as a Process

Translating goes well beyond the mere univocal conversion of terms between two languages. A translator’s art is to transpose meaning from one culture to another, with a skillful choice of linguistic tools. A translator’s aptitude is rigorously measured on the basis of knowledge of the subject matter, ability to identify with the contents, accuracy and… View Article

Translation Techniques

I would like to start this blog by telling you a story of what actually happened once in our office. A prospect had called our office and wanted to get further information regarding our costs per word and translation services and asked one of our new Account Managers if we had “one of those translation… View Article

Theories of Translation

1. Introduction Translation, oral or written, is probably as old as the spoken or written word. Throughout the ages, famous writers have tried their hand at “the art of translating“. Translation is usually defined as the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by the means of an equivalent target-language text. It can be… View Article