Language Essay Topics

Teaching Problems

The English language teachers, as well as any other teachers, encounter various professional problems concerning lesson planning, class management, student motivation, coping with unpredicted issues, and numerous other problems. There are many specific problems that usually only foreign language teachers meet, e.g. the usage of the mother tongue during the lessons etc. Student motivation One… View Article

Comprehension of Prisoners Without Trial

Roger Daniels’ book Prisoners without Trial is another book that describes the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. This piece discusses about the background that led up to the internment, the internment itself, and what happened afterwards. The internment and relocation of Japanese-Americans during World War II was an injustice prompted by political and… View Article

History of Biligual Education

My project was to go and find out about bilingual education’s history, process, and the experts in the field of bilingual education. Bilingualism is the ability to speak two languages fluently. Bilingualists study Bilingualism and bilingual education, which is teaching all subjects in school through two different languages. Bilingual Education was first adopted in Ohio… View Article

Explain the role of effective communication

A common form of communication is texting. This electronic form is used every day and can be used as a replacement for voice utilized conversation if the communicator is unable to speak. Another form of communication is drama. Drama is an expressive art and is often used as a way to allow people to express… View Article

YouTube: India

1. Do a SWOT analysis of YouTube in India. Strengths: The site is user-friendly and uploading videos is simple. They enable fans content and users with whom they can connect. Weaknesses: Copyrighted material is allowed to be uploaded to the site. While there are some Indian languages on the site, the main language is still… View Article

English Language Teaching

This paper aims to highlight the importance of teaching sociolinguistic competence to ESL learners in Malaysian schools. Sociolinguistic competence is the knowledge of socio cultural rules of language and of discourse. This type of competence requires an understanding of the socio context in which language is used. It is proposed that carefully designed language activities… View Article

Me Talk Pretty One Day

This essay written by David Sedaris is a walk down memory lane where David tells about his experiences and troubles when he studied French in Paris. The story takes place the first day after the vacation. He moved to Paris with hopes of learning French but it turns out that it was not as easy… View Article

Disadvantages of the studying abroad

The studying abroad is the problem of youth of Kazakhstan The most difficult for a young person is looking for profitable occupation. «Do you speak English? » – a question that can be heard at any companies even they are not foreign ones in our country. And if you confidently answer «Yes, I do! »,… View Article

Scheme of work – Cambridge InternationalA

Scheme of work – Cambridge International AS and A Level English Language (9093) Overview This scheme of work provides ideas about how to construct and deliver a course. The syllabus has been broken down into teaching units with suggested teaching activities and learning resources to use in the classroom. Recommended prior knowledge Learners will need… View Article

Verbal Persuasion and Body Language

RELATED LITERATURE According to an article by Long (2011), deceiving another person with your nonverbal messages is a form of contradiction. For example, you may be bored on a date or in class, but you do not want to communicate this feeling. So you pretend – you simulate interest, by keeping eye contact, nodding and… View Article

Language Study Plan

In the world of globalization, communication has played an important role in human life. English for example has become an international language for people to communicate with each other from different country. That is the reason that I choose English as my second language. As a child, my father persuaded me to study English because… View Article

The Benefit of Code Switching

Chapter 1 Introduction Code-switching, which may be defined as the alternation between two or more languages in a speaker’s speech, occurs naturally in the scheme of bilingualism. Studies have reported that code-switching often happened subconsciously; ‘people may not be aware that they have switched, or be able to report, following a conversation, which code they… View Article

English Proficiency and Academic Achievement

Introduction For many years now, linguists and researchers have examined the impact of English language proficiency on various fields like academic success and employability. While early researches suggested that English proficiency does not dictate high academic rating and employment aptitude, evidences are now showing that proficiency of the English language is a cutting-edge asset in… View Article

My Writing Experience and Thoughts about Different Cultures

First of all, I would like to talk about my writing experience. In China, primary students originally talk about the pictures in primary school. There is no particularly difficult impression in my memory, But when I was in high school, I found a primary school second grade examination paper and I found articles particularly well… View Article

Tasks of contrastive lexicology

Questions 1. Lexicology as a subdivision of linguistics. Its object and tasks. 2. Subdivisions of lexicology. 3. Tasks of contrastive lexicology. Its theoretical and practical value. 4. The IC analysis in lexicological studies. 5. Distributional analysis in lexicological studies. 6. Transformational procedures in lexicological studies. 7. Componental analysis in lexicological studies. 8. Statistical methods of… View Article

Classification of Modern Germanic Languages and their Distribution

Classification of languages means their placement into families or phyla [‘failə] on the basis of lexical or typological similarity or shared ancestry. Languages may thus be classified either genetically or typologically. A genetic classification assumes that certain languages are related in that they have evolved from a common ancestral language. This form of classification employs… View Article

Action Research

Abstract This research is conducted to find out whether the use of CALL can boost students’ level of confidence in learning English. CALL is one of the methods used by teachers to facilitate students learning. Quantitative approach is selected to conduct the study. Survey is distributed to form four 15 male and 15 female students… View Article

Parts of Speech

When the idea of the traditional eight parts of speech comes to mind, flashbacks to sitting in the back row of my middle school English language class flourish through my brain. I don’t remember too much about them today, however I do know that it was drilled into my brain until we could fully understand… View Article

Public Speaking Self-Reflection

In order for public speaking to become a skill, there are a few areas in which I need to improve to make it a suitable strength. Public speaking is not a weakness for me but I would like to transform it into one of my strengths. During my two minute presentation, I found that in… View Article

Paradise Lost by John Milton

1 – ‘Language has the ability to make sin look attractive’ Tis Pity was published by John Ford in 1633 and is set in Italy, the heart of the Renassiance. John Milton published Paradise Lost in 1667, relatively soon after John Ford, and was the first epic poem to be written in blank verse. Both… View Article

The Roommates

This case is about the dual conversation between Bernadette and Celia regarding the disagreement of two roommates. The goal of studying this case is to identify the proper language to be used while making the verbal conversation. The purpose of this study is to identify ‘you’ language and the proper conversion to ‘I’ language and… View Article

Syllabus for English Language Proficiency

I. Subject Description: This course is intended to develop students’ skills in the use of the English language in the context of teaching profession. Like any course in English for Specific Purposes, it is anchored on the philosophy that the students’ mastery of the English language should be developed, primarily, along his discipline of his… View Article

Speech Analysis

The speech about homelessness in the United States was a great one, but there were few things that needs to be improved. He needs to avoid speaking too fast, and the camera should be focused on the speaker alone. While giving a speech, it is very important for the speaker to present his points clearly… View Article

Developing language skills

1. INTRODUCTION Throughout the last several years English teaching course books have become the essence to learning the English language successfully. There has always been a major necessity to reading, listening and writing but recently educators have found that communicative competence is an important asset that needs acquiring. According to this latter statement, recent course… View Article

Leadership in Health and Social Care

Use and Develop systems that promote communication. Evidence: • TC Refresher Training 25/06/13 • Picture Hygiene Chart • Aspergers Training Certificates • Minuets from TC updates • Various support plans (Stated Below) • Pictures of TC boards • Feelings chart for RL In the services that I manage there is a range of individuals with… View Article

English as a World Language

The global spread of English over the last 50 years is remarkable. It is unprecedented in several ways: by the increasing number of users of the language, by its depth of permeation [“pE:mI’eISn] into societies and its range of functions. There is a model consisting of 3 circles proposed by B.B. Kachru in 1982 in… View Article

English Literature and Background

MA (Previous) Semester I Paper I Paper II Paper III Paper IV Paper V Semester II Paper I Paper II Paper III Paper IV Paper V Semester III Paper I Paper II Paper III Paper IV Paper V History, Structure and Description of English –I English Literature up to the Early Seventeenth Century—I English Literature… View Article

Starbucks in China

Why did Starbucks fail in the Forbidden City? Zane lee (Ziang Li) ESLI PMP Why did Starbucks fail in the Forbidden City? Introduction Nowadays, economic globalization is becoming an irreversible tendency; therefore, different multinational corporations always want to extend their branches to other countries, especially for the food companies, such as, McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Burger… View Article