Language Study Plan Essay

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Language Study Plan

In the world of globalization, communication has played an important role in human life. English for example has become an international language for people to communicate with each other from different country. That is the reason that I choose English as my second language. As a child, my father persuaded me to study English because he strongly believe that studying another language in young age can have a huge result and efficient effect to me when I grow up. I have been studying English for more than 8 year and I have use English a lot in my daily life to improve this language. Sometime I feel more confident using English than my native language which is Khmer. However, the more I study the more I gain so I have been trying so hard to improve my English to advance level which is required for taking a bachelor’s degree course. Moreover, if I get admit to scholarship I will be studying preliminary Korean language course to which I believe that English will become the main language for me to study Korean. As a result I will improve both in Korean and English. Korean has always been the language that I want to study the most but because I couldn’t spare my time for these in my high school, I considered to wait until university. However, in my free time in order to entertain myself from all those hardship work at school I always enjoy watching Korean drama and their variety shows that have a subtitle so I use to this language even I couldn’t understand but still I know some phrase and word in Korean. I believe that by taking a preliminary Korean language course I will improve this languages as my third languages quickly which is required for taking a bachelor’s degree course because I will be using Korean in my daily life such as studying and communicating as a result I will become confident in using Korean as I feel in using English.

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