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Language spoken

England is filled with a mixture of different dialects and pronunciation. Every area or city has its own dialect pronunciation and specific words only used in that area for example in east London “innit”. The closer the areas are the more similar they are. In addition people living in a specific area have their own peer groups; these peer groups have their own sociolect. Sociolect basically, means language spoken by a social group, social class or subculture. In this regards it differs to the dialect of that area slightly. Every person in that peer group has their own idiolect.

Idiolect means a variety of language unique to an individual. It is manifested when that person chooses the word phrases or idioms which are unique to an individual. The idiolect you speak is influenced by many factors, for example the area you live in, where you are from and who is in your peer group. These could happen simultaneously which will make your idiolect even more unique. I believe that your idiolect is mainly changed by your geographical location. My idiolect has been changed drastically through the years I have been living.

Even though I was born in the UK the first language I was taught was Farsi, this was minor setback however I was able to overcome this issue. As I was sent to school, I renovated this issue and I was able to distinguish both languages and I usually never had to code switch. As I grew my knowledge on the English language increased considerably, however my amount of Farsi I knew increased at a really steady pace. This is because in school I was improving my English as it was a requirement at home this didn’t happen a lot, my parents only wanted me to know the basics of my language and that was satisfactory for them.

In addition my mum and dad wanted me to fit into society better. They done this by the process of primary socialisation, they told me not to swear, not to code switch so that I do not have to be deviant in school and to speak in standard English. At a very young age of 6-7 I was slightly getting confused with the English language. This is because as I spent time with my peer group they taught me their sociolect, at the time I wasn’t educated on this topic enough. For example one day my friend told me when we were inside to “Look out” as there was a ball flying towards our window at a high speed.

As I was not educated, I thought he literally meant for me to look outside luckily I did look outside but the ball missed me. This use of a phrasal verb confused me; this is because phrasal verbs also confuse non-native speakers and I wasn’t that educated on this new type of dialect. At this time I started to mix both standard English and my sociolect until I reached 8 years old. At this time I was able to make out the type language I should use in school, the one I should use with my friends and the one I should use at home. Even though I was able to differentiate when to speak each language I still had problems.

My English at this time was getting better day by day however my Farsi improvements came at a standstill. When I use to speak to my parents, and I could not find the correct term in Farsi, I had to say it in English. This caused me to code switch even more. This automatically made me speak a mixture of English and Farsi when I went home. Did not finish (deliberate), Mrs Hart please tell me what I should add to improve; what I can to make it even better. I was going to talk about my transcript however I am unable as I want to know the mistakes I have made so that I can make it better with the transcript By Wariss Tamim 10. 8.

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