Language Problem in India Essay

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Language Problem in India

India is one the greatest or well you can also say one of the weirdest countries in the world…. it’s a country u could never have thought would come over 50 years living together…. Our country on its way had to deal with many great problems… and the one I am going to speak about is the language problem that the Indians faced… According to the linguistic survey of India, there are 179 languages and 544 dialects… That’s a pretty huge number…. A lot of languages…Many people use different kinds of languages…it varies over place to place…For example, Bengali is the language of the Hindu, Muslims and Christians alike in Bengal. It varies as per their state language their mother tongue etc.

The Constitution of India recognizes twenty one ‘official’ regional languages and Hindi as the ‘national official’ language. In addition, English is used as a ‘link’ language for communication between Hindi and non-Hindi states. An aspect of the language problem in India is that no language problem in India is that no language is spoken by an absolute majority of the people and even Hindi, the most widely-spoken language-even if one disregards its various dialects – is used by one about 40.42% of the total population of India. This, at the national level, there is no linguistic majority or minority in the arithmetical sense. Language problem becomes a barrerier in the way of economical development of the country.

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