Language: the main cause of success in humanity

Language now a day is taken for granted, humans in the 21st century have been educated about language since their early years, and have no idea about it tremendous importance on human life. This highly developed ability to communicate is what some people may refer as our essence, what differentiates humans from primates, it is what helped us to put our selves on the top of the food chain. Language is what allows humans to work together, to develop, to socialize and to relate.

By taking language for granted people aren’t able to inquire into the true meaning, the origin, the way in which it is transferred and most important the tremendous power language has. As a English writer once said “The pen is mightier than the sword”.

If we ask ourselves what is language, hundreds of definition can be possible but all of them will have the same specific characteristics about language. First of all, it is an ability in which vocal sounds are used, second, it is specific for humans and thirdly it is a system.

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Language is a system because it is organized and has a sequential order, this systematic characteristic is possible because of the duality of pattern.

So in a concise way language may be defined as the way in which humans communicate. However language happens to have different properties, one of them is that it may be expressed in distinct ways. For example art is a visual representation of language. Another property of language is that it expresses meaning and emotion that can be altered by the way in which it is expressed, this means that the way words are spoken adds meaning.

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This is why gestures are

“How language is obtained?”, this is a question that has followed humanity and has been asked by doctors, philosophers and professors. Because language is described as a ability biologists have stated that it is inherited, this theory isn’t wrong but it may conclude in wrong thoughts because people think that cause it is a innate ability then language is something that doesn’t need to be studied. This idea is wrong, because language is a human ability that needs to be developed via education, it is open ended and creative so it may evolve as a human acquires more knowledge.

The origin of language is unknown and mysterious, many philosophers and scientist try to theorize about how it first appeared but this are not proved. The most common idea is that language was produced due to necessity; that language was needed to survive, but then why do animals are able to survive without this so called “language”? This question in a way denies the theory of necessity so Darwin comes out with a much better and structured theory for the origin of language in humans. He says that language is a product of evolution; that language is a variation that helped human kind to survive more efficiently and because of this the variation stayed permanently. May be this is the right theory because what else rather than natural selection may preserved so well a characteristic that is now innate in human beings.

In conclusion language is the principle tool of humanity, it allows connection between different cultures, this connection involves the sharing of knowledge that allows diversity of perspectives in human thoughts and concepts. Language is this powerful ability that allows us humans to express in the most pure way and to express our most intimate thoughts so that other people may use them for their advantage and in this way help with human development.

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