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Essay on Language learning

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Me Talk Pretty One Day

I think the purpose of this essay is to discuss the subject language. The essay was published in 2000. David Sedaris tried to bring this subject to debate in a time where the globalization brings every nation closer to each other and therefore needs a way to communicate. It was a current theme in 2000 and still is today in 2013. China is growing bigger and is historically not speaking anything els...

A Perspective on Language Learning

The students have a good basic knowledge of vocabulary. They can talk about themselves, where they come from, their profession, their families, experiences they have had in the past and things they like to spend more money on. (Example of good language: "My picture is a technical object but I really don't know what it is used for", "Because you met the Pope, you changed your mind" "You said dug ...

The Exploration Of Presupposition In Semantics

In the field of linguistics, we can probe into the presupposition from two perspectives, namely, semantic presupposition and pragmatic presupposition. This thesis mainly focuses on the interpretation of presupposition in semantics. The writer introduces the features of semantic presupposition like stability under negation and presupposition triggers and then makes an analysis of the problems arous...

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Teaching Methods for Getting a Foreign Language

To summarise the main points mentioned in this essay; The difference of language usage in both methods, the advantage in language usage of both methods, the way of acquiring skills in both methods, the teacher and students role, and the historical background of both methods. These points given, I can conclude that the communicative approach of teaching a language is more effective to teach the lea...

Language Acquisition by Learning Linguistic Gambits

Thornbury S. and Slade, D. (2007) Conversation: From Description to Pedagogy. Cambridge: CUP. Trudgill, P. (1974) Sociolinguistics: An Introduction to Language and Society. London: Penguin Books. 17 Yorio, C. (1980) “Conventionalized Language Forms and the Development of Communicative Competence” TESOL Quarterly, Vol. 14, No. 4, pp. 433-442 Krashen, S. and Scarcella, R. (1978) “On Routines ...

The Problem of Translation

He strongly advocates the foreignization strategy, considering it to be “an ethnodeviant pressure on [target-language cultural] values to register the linguistic and cultural difference of the foreign text, sending the reader abroad. ” Thus an adequate translation would be the one that would highlight the foreignness of the source text and instead of allowing the dominant target culture to ass...

Linguistic Approach to Translation Theory

We may conclude that the discussion of the unit of translation should bring to light its main aspects: theoretical (connected with the understanding and definition of this notion), the size-of-the-unit aspect (connected with the choice of units of translation on different language levels on the basis of identificatory criteria), operational aspect (connected with principles of segmenting a SLT int...

Lost in Translation - Linguistics

The direct translation of No me digas! is: Don’t tell me. In English when you compare the words: “are you serious? ” to “Don’t tell me! ” the meanings are different. “Are you serious? ” would mean: Are you kidding? Really! Or I can’t believe it! While “Don’t tell me! ” would mean: Don’t tell me what’s going to happen or don’t talk to me, I don’t want to hear it! Whe...

Translatability and Poetic Translation

I have done some research from the perspective of hermeneutics which studies meaning in human communication. Modern ideas on hermeneutics hold that the writer may be an editor or a redactor and that he may have used sources. In considering this aspect of discourse one must take into account the writer's purpose in writing as well as his cultural milieu. Secondly, one must consider the narrator in ...

Primary Progressive Aphasia

People with primary progressive aphasia are able to communicate in ways other than speech. For instance, they might use gestures. And many benefit from a combination of speech therapy and medications. Aphasia may be mild or severe. With mild aphasia, the person may be able to converse yet have trouble finding the right word or understanding complex conversations. Severe aphasia limits the person's...

Arabic Dialect

Additionally, there are no special forms, such as the use of capital letters in English, to indicate proper nouns or the beginning of a sentence. A good way to begin learning Arabic is by learning the Arabic alphabet and the rules that govern spelling. After all, Arabic writing is more than just a system of communication; it is considered to be an art form. It has never been easier to learn Arabic...

Language Learning

Key structures from the dialogue serve as the basis for pattern drills of different kinds. Lessons in the classroom focus on the correct imitation of the teacher by the students. Not only are the students expected to produce the correct output, but attention is also paid to correct pronunciation. Although correct grammar is expected in usage, no explicit grammatical instruction is given. It is tau...

Homonyms and Antonyms


Systemic Functional Grammar

According to Halliday (1985), if we talk about grammar in English, there are three kinds of grammar, namely: ‘theme is the grammar of discourse’, and ‘mood is the grammar of speech function’, then ‘transitivity is the grammar of experience.’ Halliday (1981) also defines transitivity as ‘the grammar of the clause’ as ‘a structural unit’ for ‘expressing a particular range of id...

Bilingual Person

You consider yourself one of the other millions or billions? Don’t, you must be proud of what you know and of what you have improved throughout the years. Yes, you are a well-rounded bilingual! If you feel indifferent or just one more in the world, imagine what those people who aren’t bilingual think of their selves. Are they chipmunks? Are they cannibals? No, they are normal people that unfor...

Sanskrit Language

Bodily channels; plural for "srotas" (bodily systems or channels). Obstruction; restrains or stops flow; astringent. The channel that carries breast milk; consists of the lactation ducts within the breast, but has its origins in the wall of the uterus (so there is a direct connection between the breasts and the uterus and both should be treated when there is a problem with milk production). stanya...

Bilingualism as a Phenomenon

Nowadays, a considerable amount of studies explores bilingualism and its manifestations each in spoken language and in written texts (Adams et al. 2002), and mostly researches lay attention at the extensive function of bilingualism code-switching and code-mixing. These phenomena have been researched through many on a societal stage using examples of multilingual speech groups switching between lan...

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