Language is spoken differently in many places around the world It's a

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Language is spoken differently in many places around the world. It’s a way to communicatewith people around you. Language is very powerful because it’s used to speak and write. In a way that many people can understand you. Language can also be very challenging for example in the United States, there’s people that migrate from different countries from around the world. They migrate to the United States and speak a Native language. They are expected to speak Standard English.

It’s important for people who migrate from another country to speak english but it doesn’t have to be perfect English. Standard English doesn’t have to be the only appropriate language to be used in educational settings. Especially because most people that come from different countries have interesting stories to talk about, that perhaps only speak English outside of their home. But speak a Native language in their homes. People in a circumstance like that shouldn’t be limited to use only Standard English in their educational setting.

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For example if someone wants to write a book, they shouldn’t feel obligated to use Standard English only, if English isn’t the only language they would want to include in their book. Some book writers might want to include their native language in their book, so people can get the feel of the writer’s experience and personal background. Teaching New Worlds/New Words by bell hooks states in the article It has been hardest to integrate black vernacular speech I grew up hearing and speaking.

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She felt that she was at risk of losing her relationship to black vernacular speech. He didn’t want that for herself so she decided to work at integrating into a variety of setting the particular integrate black writing. Especially for academic journals, when she first began to incorporate black vernacular in critical essays, editors would send the work back to her in standard English. That is why bell hooks encourages students to use their first language and translate it so they so not feel that seeking higher education would necessarily estrange them from language and culture they know more intimately. Bell hooks strongly argues that We must change the ways that we think about language, create space where diverse voices can speak in words other than English or in broke. bell hooks suggest that people may learn from spaces of silence, that way we can learn about people and their native country instead of making assumptions about them or their country. bell hooks mentions in her article that speaking or communicating something in another language that’s not English can be difficult in a society that has the belief that there is no dignity in the experience of a native language. But it is important to know that we the people are the ones that make our words worth and are allowed to liberate ourselves in language and we shouldn’t let society get a hold of us. We should speak on what we truly believe in and let our stories be told even if they are not in standard English. Voices/speeches should be heard from places all over the world, there are people that are going to relate and make sense of the message that is being sent out, because many people struggle speaking standard English in the United States. In fact in the United States everyone has the freedom to speak any language they want to speak because English has never been the official language in the United States, that means that no one should be afraid or get scared to write or give a speech in broken English. In Speaking in Tongues, Zadie Smith she starts of by saying how she felt forced to changed her voice from a working class London to a high class Cambridge. Zadie Smith is a biracial British woman, her mother was black and her father was white. She uses the word voice during her article because, she felt that she had a new voice when she went. took on her new voice when she went to University in Cambridge. In her mind she truly believed that people would value and respect her more if she spoke the way that they did. Zadie Smith believed that changing her voice would be a way to socialize more and fit in The way she spoke before attending Cambridge University was the way she felt comfortable speaking. She thought she could manage to keep both voices she spoke before and the new voice she developed in the Cambridge University. Towards the end she realized she couldn’t, Zadie Smith regrets that she made Cambridge English as her preferred voice to be heard. The fact that she lost the old way she spoke before, she says makes her silly she tried keeping both voices even though she felt like two different people. She felt like she had two lives, in time her new voice became the dominant one and she could no longer choose to use the other. The point is that Zadie Smith says that it was ignorant of her to think that she could only become a professional writer if she sounded white in her voice. She uses Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady as an example of someone who changed her voice and lost herself and someone who struggled in the process. Zadie Smith just like Eliza search for her identity she loses herself by changing her voice, which shows weakness because the need to prove yourself to others, shows how insecure you are as a person. That is why its important to speak up for what you truly believe in, I personally believe that Standard English shouldn’t be the only appropriate language to be used in educational settings. I’m one to say that being from Brooklyn, New York and coming from a Mexican background, I have met a lot of people that were born in the United States. That have parents that come from Mexico or other countries, and feel that they need to act like they only, speak English and not Spanish because society has made them believe that its wrong to speak another language besides English. That all starts in the educational settings especially in elementary schools, that separate the kids whose parents speak no English and take them out of class to put them in an ESL class, and leave those kids in the class with the teacher to continue a normal class. That made many students like myself and other kids in my position some type of way. We missed out a lot in the class the teacher was teaching simply because the board of education made it seem like it was a sin that our English was different than the rest of the students in the class that spoke Standard English. I’m a strong believer that no one should feel obligated to forget about their background and have a voice and embrace their culture without feeling ashamed.

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Language is spoken differently in many places around the world It's a

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