Language and Taboo Essay

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Language and Taboo

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing this letter to complain about the episode 3 from the Season 13 of Modern Family where the small girl Lilly uses the f-word over and over again. This is unacceptable and inappropriate! I as a parent don’t want my child to hear the vulgar language on TV. TV programs have a special kind of effect on the children. This is so because they find the TV actors to be their role models. They want to wear the same clothes, act the same way and even talk the same way – basically live up to them. That’s why the script writers of the Modern Family need to be use appropriate word to express the ideas.

I fully acknowledge that the f-word was used on purpose. If there is no other way to make the show funny, but to use inappropriate words, then I am sorry. But you need to keep in mind that the show is for the whole family to watch. I am so loud about this issue because a serious problem rose up in our family after watching the episode. Me and my family were all sitting in our living room and watching “Modern family”. When Lilly dropped the f-bomb, my younger son started laughing hard. As soon as the episode finished, he got up and stated: “What a f****ing good show it was.

It was f****ing funny”. I was left speechless. Me and my wife had an hour long talk with him to explain how bad the f-word is and that he cannot use it in any circumstances. After listening for the hour-long harassment he turned to me and kindly asked “Dad, why can’t I use that bad word if Lilly can? ” Dear reader, do you see where I am leading to? Lilly just showed him that using the word is completely okay and that it makes people lough out of it. Lilly’s dad laughed at each every time she pronounced the word. This is not right. That shouldn’t have been the reaction from her dad.

This made my younger son Erik think that using the curse language is natural and funny. After watching the last episode yesterday, he got even more interested in watching the next episode. He is anxiously waiting for it because there is a chance of learning some new “nasty” words. On the other side, as You can assume, I will not stand still and will not allow him to watch the next episode because it is inappropriate for his age. Apparently, one family after another will realize the impact of the show on their children and will stop viewing it. I am sorry to say but You will be at a loss.

According to a study by a university, “children exposed to profanity in the media think that such language is normal, which may reduce their inhibitions about using profanity themselves”. The study has shown that the children who are exposed to the vulgar language more often are more aggressive verbally and even physically. I as a parent don’t want my son to be caught by police because of assaulting someone on the road. Also, Erik can be beaten up by some elder boys if they hear him swearing at them. If anything of this kind happens, the responsibility lies on You!

According to another research at the University of Bristol, “Swearing provokes a physical stress response which will increase the blood pressure level”. If my son starts using the f-word over and over, he might have high pressure and become a physically misbalanced person. None of the parents would like their son or daughter to have high pressure because of watching “Modern Family”. “Modern Family” is a show which should reduce the pressure by easing the life. The whole point of the show is to show how the modern family is different from past and make jokes about it.

But making a small girl swear gives a complete opposite impression. Being a parent in this situation is a very tough job. It is very important to say the right thing at that moment. If a wrong message is given, then the child may go out of control. We never faced any problems of this kind with our elder son and so it is the first time we are having such a serious and vital conversation at home. For the future episodes please use appropriate language so that we could sit with the whole family and watch the series together again. We used to enjoy doing it.

But now I am afraid that we can’t do it anymore due to the fear of inappropriate language. We managed to erase the f-word from the head of our young kid this time, but I am afraid the next time we won’t be able to do it anymore. So, we would plead you to revise your scripts and remove all the inappropriate vocabulary out of it. It is a show for all of us and lets not make fun of the swear words and stay away from them. They are not needed. There are many other ways to make people laugh and I am sure that your editors will be able to come up with some better ways to make people laugh.

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