Language and motor Development in Early Childhood Essay

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Language and motor Development in Early Childhood

Children experience different rates of language and motor development. There are many factors, which contribute to the deference that exist in the rates of both developments.

There are the social, environment and genetic factors that play a part in childhood development. Children show various weaknesses both in their physical and social development. As a result of the differences, children there are various strategies that are used to enhance childhood development. Different strategies are used depending on a child because every child has unique needs.

In the given case where Sara exposes loneliness character, various strategies can be used to enhance her social participation. One of the ways that Sara can be helped is by encouraging her to befriend more sociable child. This would make Sara be influenced by the sociable child to become social. This may take time but after sometimes but after sometimes Sara would start following her friends actions. By this, her confidence will also be build up gradually.

The child who she is encouraged to be friends with should be younger than she is. This will help her to be the guide and senior, which will help her increase her self esteem. She will be in a position to feel the responsibility and she will learn a lot because her mind will analyze some situations. This will also help her improve her communication skills. (Cassidy & Asher, 1992).

Sara should also be encouraged to join group activities. This will assist her to, as she will require communication and socializing. She will be able to lean to express herself in front of the group members and share her abilities. Her participation will also make her feel proud of her achievements, which will act as one way of boosting her confidence. This process may not be easy at the start because she may be hesitant but by being shown that this is a safe activity, she will get attracted.

She should be guided to start participating in small groups, which will not scare her because she cannot be ignored easily. This will also enhance her chances of leading the group because there will be fewer choices. When she is comfortable in the small group, then the group can be increased in size gradually. This will make her adapt to social life in the school and she will finally be able to socialize fully with other children. Sara can also be helped to stop her loneliness by being given specific tasks.

This should be applied at home and in school. (Cassidy,  & Asher, 1992).This will help her learn some strategies and techniques, which she can apply when she is undertaking group activities. She should be allowed to undertake the specific tasks alone so that she can realize that she can be trusted. The only thing that is d\needed in this case is monitoring so that she does the right thing.

A teacher can also assist Sara by looking at how the school curriculum may be helpful to her in developing her social skills. This is because there are children who may benefit by being allowed to have opportunities to express their feelings of loneliness or sadness by use of manipulation, music, drawing or use of other creative activities. The strategies will allow Sara to have more positive experiences, which will assist her build her confidence and assertiveness. These two qualities are necessary for a child to be able to develop better social skills (Kontos & Wilcox-Herzog, 1997).


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