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Language analysis

Feature article ‘Application failed: Tortured by hi-tech’ written by Sally Morrell in the Wednesday, June 13 issue of the Herald Sun contends that instead of machines making our lives easier, they have now become the control center of our daily activities. This feature article written in a reasonable and colloquial tone shows her views towards the topic of hi-tech as well as the visual showing a woman using a computer as a drug to help encourage readers to support her views. The title of the article makes her opinions on ‘hi-tech’ clear and the piece is filled with many reasons on why technology has overdone its natural purpose. Referring to life experiences in her opening sentence indicates that Morrell has an understanding of the topic and is able to relate to what she’s writing about. Her writing attempts to show readers that their lives have been over controlled by technology and machines.

The juxtaposition of the title and visual shows an ironic analogy which helps strengthen matter at hand. ‘Application failed’ is entitled to compel reader’s think of a software program making it relate to the topic of technology. By using the image of a crazed woman ‘connected’ to her computer, strikes the reader’s attention enabling them to see how in order to function in our everyday lives, we need to have that addiction of being dependent on our technology resources. The technology around us is like a drug and Morrell forces readers to see that having machines is a pleasure but it can also be an over dominate resource thus agreeing with her in saying that it has ruled our lives. Colloquial language such as ‘twig’ and ‘conned’ throughout the text is used to personalize Morrell’s article.

Relating to experiences and referring to them throughout the text, presents her as a person who has knowledge and understanding of matter. This helps supports her opinions and allows her to disagree on the statement ‘all these gadgets would make us all independent’. Her experiences show that even she has become a person who has relied on her device especially for communication with others. The way she personalizes her text makes what she is stating more believable and true. This obliges readers to see that instead of become more independent individuals; we have become more dependent on our gadgets enabling them to be the focal point of our lives. Readers do not have the time to enjoy time in the bathroom, at a cinema or at the dinner table because we are addicted to our gadgets and devices.

‘No wonder the World Wide Web is so named – webs are meant to trap people aren’t they?’ and ‘doesn’t it sounds like a lame excuse to say your computer was stuffed?’ are rhetorical questions Morrell uses to build up the arguments she wants to discuss. Her opinions and experience draws the reader to think about how idiotic it sounds that not rippling to an email within hours is late but when you don’t receive a letter for a week or two it’s okay. Having technology is meant to be ‘freedom’ but what’s freeing about having people contact you day and night about a crisis at work when you’re trying to relax and be free from the stress of work.

Not only does Morrell state about freedom she also writes about how life 100 years ago wasn’t based on the devices and that now in our lives we are hostage to what is around us. Readers will see that we have become so reliant on their devices that they are basically our control center. Having experience on the topic, Morrell articles leaves readers to think about the affect technology has on their lives and how controlling the have become. Having caught the readers attentions through the life examples are her personal views throughout the article allows readers to be at one with her opinions and agree on the fact that technology and the World Wide Web have now become the control center of our daily activities.

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