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Essay on Language

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Diction, Syntax and Imagery

Sandra’s use of imagery also helps you see the youthful tone throughout Eleven. “My face all hot and spit coming out of my mouth because I can’t stop the little animal noises from coming out of my mouth…” (Cisneros 21) This example from the text makes it easy to picture a young girl being this flustered. It makes it makes it easier to see Rachel sitting there becoming more and more over...

Me Talk Pretty One Day

I think the purpose of this essay is to discuss the subject language. The essay was published in 2000. David Sedaris tried to bring this subject to debate in a time where the globalization brings every nation closer to each other and therefore needs a way to communicate. It was a current theme in 2000 and still is today in 2013. China is growing bigger and is historically not speaking anything els...

Transformational Grammar

When it comes to syntax, [Noam] Chomsky is famous for proposing that beneath every sentence in the mind of a speaker is an invisible, inaudible deep structure, the interface to the mental lexicon. The deep structure is converted by transformational rules into a surface structure that corresponds more closely to what is pronounced and heard. In transformational grammar, the term 'rule' is used not ...

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Visual Imagery in Literature

In conclusion, through the use of imagery, poetic techniques and the composer’s vibrant visualisations, we are able to shape meaning and understanding of the distinctively visual portrayed in the poems of Douglas Stewart, ‘Lady feeding the cats’ and ‘Nesting time’ and the striking and iconic image of the firefighters in the aftermath of 9/11 which are particularly effective. This portray...

Code Switching During Interpersonal Communication

Similar types of situations have also been reported in some other settings. Linguistic reinforcement often takes place even in courts, according to David (2003) where counsels tend to speak to a number of different interlocutors at the same time. During such occasions obviously they mix codes or switch codes accordint to the ethnicity of the addressee. One reason for such use of mixed languages is...

Teaching Methods for Getting a Foreign Language

To summarise the main points mentioned in this essay; The difference of language usage in both methods, the advantage in language usage of both methods, the way of acquiring skills in both methods, the teacher and students role, and the historical background of both methods. These points given, I can conclude that the communicative approach of teaching a language is more effective to teach the lea...

Firoozeh Dumas’ Use of Humor on the “F Word “

It is not really easy to live in a society that has many languages. People are forced to make linguistic adjustments or suffer the consequence of making other people’s lives miserable. Dumas’ problematic complications with her name are just one of the many unfavorable conditions of living in such a society. By telling humorously about the problem of names, however, Dumas is bringing into a rea...

Dramatic Dialogue Analysis

It is the flexibility of the possible syntactic unit that enables them to be used for the organization of turn-taking in conversation (Hakulinen and Selting, 2005). In the construction of conversation, participants are not concerned with the construction of units as such, but the construction of units is contingent upon practices or activities such as holding, organizing, and yielding the turn. TC...

Language of Charles Dickens' Sketches by Boz

The use of inversion by the speaker helps readers to concentrate on certain parts of the narrative. This is done in deliberation to gain readers’ attention, particularly in – “An occasional policeman may alone be seen at the street corners,” as opposed to the conventional ‘may be seen alone.’ Such emphasis is also used in – “cold, solitary desolation.” The speaker employs onomato...

Translation Studies

Where literature is studied and compared transnationally and transculturally, necessitating the reading of some literature in translation. Contrastive analysis: Another area in which translation became the subject of research was contrastive analysis. This is the study of two languages in contrast in an attempt to identify general and specific differences between them. Conclusion: The practice of ...

Ambiguity in Translation Across Languages

sign is only what is represents for someone . Disambiguation is a key concept in computational linguistics. The paradox of how we tolerate semantic ambiguity and yet we seem to thrive on it , is a major question for this discipline . at this time , there is no computer capable of storing enough knowledge to process what human knowledge has accumulated. It can be seen, there for that ambiguity in l...

Translation Analysis of Language in Most

The translator has successfully managed to translate all problematic words and expressions. The original Polish version contains more shortened constructions and sentences with implied subject. The language is more colloquial which makes it easier to read. A conversation held by characters is looser and unfettered, which gives the whole text a more ironic sense. The English translation is characte...

Linguistic Approach to Translation Theory

We may conclude that the discussion of the unit of translation should bring to light its main aspects: theoretical (connected with the understanding and definition of this notion), the size-of-the-unit aspect (connected with the choice of units of translation on different language levels on the basis of identificatory criteria), operational aspect (connected with principles of segmenting a SLT int...

Translation Techniques Methods

In other words, a competent translator is wll-advised not to deprive the TL reader of enjoying, or even recognizing, the allusions either in the name of fidelity or brevity. It can be claimed that the best translation method seem to be the one which allows translator to utilize 'notes. ' Furthermore, employing 'notes' in the translation, both as a translation strategy and a translation procedure, ...

Language Translation as a Process

This level is target text oriented, focusing exclusively on the construction of the target text. Random, unpredictable things that just seem unnatural in the target language makes things more complicated as naturalness often depends on the situation, such that something might seem natural in one context but unnatural in another. Perhaps, the only way, to ensure naturalness is to read through your ...

Translatability and Poetic Translation

I have done some research from the perspective of hermeneutics which studies meaning in human communication. Modern ideas on hermeneutics hold that the writer may be an editor or a redactor and that he may have used sources. In considering this aspect of discourse one must take into account the writer's purpose in writing as well as his cultural milieu. Secondly, one must consider the narrator in ...

Word Formation

More recently New French internet terms have been introduced that reflect the times we live in are reseau meaning social-social network and mobinaute for mobile internet (Robert, 2011). In all, it is possible to conclude that although language is continuously changing it is wise that one establishes what language is appropriate for our dictionaries, and to keep what is “internet jargon” as com...

Language Learning

Key structures from the dialogue serve as the basis for pattern drills of different kinds. Lessons in the classroom focus on the correct imitation of the teacher by the students. Not only are the students expected to produce the correct output, but attention is also paid to correct pronunciation. Although correct grammar is expected in usage, no explicit grammatical instruction is given. It is tau...

Pidgin and Creole Languages

That the influence could have been a two-way traffic is dealt with later. The process of decreolization is most in evidence in the New World varieties, though it is to be found in all areas where the two types of language co-exist. As education through English was made compulsory in the West Indies long before such a policy was pursued in West Africa or even in urban areas of Papua New Guinea, it ...

Homonyms and Antonyms


Style and Technique of Virginia Woolf

Finally, Woolf uses choppy, or short, phrases to help convey this lasting significance. The most obvious comes after they, her brother, father, and herself, had caught the fish. “… there was a little leaping tug; than another; up one hauled; up through the water at length came white twisting fish; and was slapped on the floor.” Much like the punctuation, these short and choppy phrases create...

Bilingual Person

You consider yourself one of the other millions or billions? Don’t, you must be proud of what you know and of what you have improved throughout the years. Yes, you are a well-rounded bilingual! If you feel indifferent or just one more in the world, imagine what those people who aren’t bilingual think of their selves. Are they chipmunks? Are they cannibals? No, they are normal people that unfor...

Contrastive Lexicology

According to the affix principle the splitting of the word into its constituent morphemes is based on the identification of the affix within a set of words, e.g. the identification of the suffix -er leads to the segmentation of words singer, teacher, swimmer into the derivational morpheme - er and the roots teach- , sing-, drive-. According to the root-principle, the segmentation of the word is ba...

Isyu Sa Wikang Filipino

To conclude these reflections with an open-ended marker: I believe that only from this historical materialist perspective, and within the parameters of the political project of attaining genuine autonomy as a nation-people, can the discussion of a Filipino national language be intelligible and productive. But, again, such a discussion finds its value and validity as part of the total engagement of...

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