Langston Hughes “Salvation” Essay

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Langston Hughes “Salvation”

In this essay I will not only “inventory” my college readiness experience but I will also attempt to critique my own life skills as to assess my ability to excel in the college experience. Looking into the “Habits of Mind”, I understand you asked me to elaborate on one however two stand out. I would like to take the opportunity to expound on two. The first being metacognition, I am a conscious thinker. I consciously reflect on my past experiences personal and professional to determine my future endeavors. I believe success is a building block process. I have gained knowledge cognitively and intellectually by engaging in life as a whole. Past educational as well as life experiences have created a knowledge base that was honed by maturation.

My personal life choices as well as a varied career in the military have given me insight into a knowledge base that has equipped me to with life skills that continue to go hand and hand with my professional goals. Most importantly completing a college degree. My second “Habits of Mind” skill I readily use is persistence; I can be dogmatic in my approach to success. This skill comes from a successful military career. I do not use the word can’t it is not in my vocabulary. I spent thirty years in the military all over the world because of this I was unable to complete my college degree. However it was always a goal I knew I would accomplish. I am now here to complete my goal.

Now in all honesty I must expound on what I need to develop out of the eight habits I think I need to explore “Creativity” not that I am not creative but my military experience molded my state of mind for many years. I am still adjusting to civilian life and the freedom that it brings. This is a work in progress and knowing a weakness gives you the knowledge base to change and diversify my skills in the needed areas. In conclusion I am enjoying my college years and I am able to focus on the experience in its entireity because I am an older student. I don’t know if after high school I would have valued it as much as I do now. I make every day a learning day and I value the importance placed on my personal growth thru my educational experience.

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