Langone’s comments Essay

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Langone’s comments

This paper reflects my thoughts on Langone’s remarks, in the said article. He says, “ Turn it on, by being respectful, truthful and honest. Even if you need to tell someone that they are better in other industries”. This statement makes a lot of sense. Each person has some strengths and some weaknesses. All persons obviously are not fit for all jobs. A person needs to select his or her profession according to his likes and abilities. A person, with an aptitude for basic mathematics attempting to head a business house would be a pathetic effort. What Langone tries to imply is that one has to select a profession according to one’s own

aptitudes. This is a sure shot way to guaranteed success. It may sound rude, insulting or shocking, to tell someone that he is more fit into some other type of work area, but this bitter doze is necessary to cure the ailment which is likely to be the cause of life time frustration. It is more wise, to say this, than feel frustrated at the fag end of the career that one has not been able to achieve, whatever he wanted to or whatever he was capable of. His second statement, restates a universal truth. He says, “Whenever Bernard or I visit the Home Depot, we never walk in without pushing some shopping carts into the store

from the parking lot, it gives meaning to what the lot boys do every day ”. People follow you only if you demonstrate a liking for them. One becomes a popular leader, only if he inspires others, and this can be done only if acts in a way, with which others can identify. When the boys of Home Depot, see the owners of their store, carrying carts, they are surely inspired. The leader has to set a goal, and act in such a way that others also identify with him, and follow him.

Reference: 1) Pecoraro Gerardo C. , Venture capitalist enthuses hall, (18 November 2008)

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