Landfills problem in Hong Kong Essay

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Landfills problem in Hong Kong

Imagine one day that we may have nowhere to dispose our waste, ______. You may be dubious that there is still a long way to this nightmare; however, according to the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, the three major strategic landfills in Hong Kong will be saturated in the mid to late 2010s. In other words, our landfills are going to be filled up within ten years. It implies that Hong Kong indeed has an imminent waste problem associated with the sturation of the landfills.

At present, we depend merely on landfills to dispose of our garbage. Therefore, it will be inevitable for us to face great trouble concerning the disposal of waste if we pay no attention to this acute situation and allow it to deteriorate. Thesis statement

2. Problem
Topic sentence (define the problem clearly) As time passing by in these few years, landfills Proof (provide concrete data or statistics to prove the existence/severity of the problem) Causes 1: wasteful lifestyle

At present, most of Hong Kong’s food waste is disposed of at landfills together with other municipal solid waste. In 2011, there were some 8,996 tonnes of MSW disposed of at landfills each day. Of these, about 3,584 tonnes (39.8%) were food waste, constituting the largest MSW category being landfilled. Among the food waste disposed of daily, some 1,056 tonnes were generated from commercial and industrial (C&I) sources such as restaurants, hotels, wet markets, food production and processing industries. In recent years, the amount of food waste arising from the C&I sectors has increased steadily: from less than 400 tonnes per day in 2002 to over 1,000 tonnes per day in 2011. Cause 2: food waste

Cause 3: limited land resources
Negative consequences

3. Solution and Evaluation
Solution 1:
Topic sentence
Solution 2:
Topic sentence
Solution 3:
Topic sentence

4. Conclusion
Best solution
Future outlook

5. References

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