Land, Public and Private Essay

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Land, Public and Private

1. Why do humans value land?

Humans value land because it has multiple purposes such as agriculture, housing, recreation, industry, disposing waste, mining, etc.

2. What is the tragedy of the commons? What is an externality?

The tragedy of commons is when people share a common resource they tend to deplete is because of self-interest and for a short term profit.

3. What is maximum sustainable yeild?

Maximum sustainable yield is the maximum amount of harvest that the land can produce without having to compensate the future of the land or resource.

4. What are the main uses of public lands in the U.S.?

The main uses of public lands in the United States is National parks, Managed resource protections areas, Habitat and species management areas, Strict Nature reserves and Wilderness areas, Protected landscapes and seascapes, National monuments, etc.

5. How do human land use decisions influence categories of public land classification?

Human land use decisions influence categories of public land classification because what land we have interest in we will express more environmental policies, laws, and put more time in managing the land.

6. What are the ways in which timber is harvested in U.S. Forest, and how do they compare in terms of their environmental impact?

Timber in the United States is harvest by commercial logging in exchange for a percentage of revenue. Clear cutting removes almost all of the trees within a certain area. This method is the most economical method because all the trees will be the same age because they are all planted at the same time. This method can also cause habitat alterations that can lose biodiversity. Selective cutting removes single trees out of a few number of trees. This method works only among shade tolerant trees because the other trees grow adjacently. The environment impact is less but the overall negatives effects are the same.

7. What is the significance of the National Wilderness Area designation for parts of federally owned lands?

The significance of the National Wilderness Area for parts of federally owned lands is to set aside land to preserve large intact ecosystems. The designated wilderness area however has roads that existed before the designations and may be still in use, mining activities can be permitted , and human use is limited but can still be done.

8. What is NEPA, and what is an environmental impact statements (EIS)?

A NEPA is the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969. This act involves federal money or federal permits. The Environmental impact statement (EIS) outlines the scope and purpose of development project that describes the environmental context.

9. What are urban sprawl and smart growth?

Urban sprawl is the creation of urbanized areas that spread into rural areas and remove clear boundaries. Smart growth is the strategies that encourage the development of sustainable, healthy communities.

10. How can zoning help reduce urban sprawl?

Zoning can help reduce urban sprawl because it can create a quieter and safer community.

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