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Once more to the lake

8. The paragraph's last sentence began with "And" to add as an almost after thought to the prior list of campers. It shows the seperation of the campers (everyone getting drenched in the rain while swimming) and the the "comedian" whom comes into the lake with an umbrella to save themselves from the rain. It's a very silly thought, and to us as readers it can show the character of everyone there....

Greasy lake and the three immature teenagers

In brief, Coming of age seems to be a problem. When I first felt the teenagers as adults and to take very risk decision to grab the tires iron and after trying to rape a woman every wrong decision have their consequences. However, they are very willing to face the adult outcomes. Perhaps the lesson here is do not try to grow too fast. The point of view is in first person, from the point of view o...

Case Study: Lakes Automotive

7. Should a singular methodology for project management have a process for the prioritization of projects or should some committee external to the methodology accomplish this? Answer: There should be a singular methodology for project management to have a process for the prioritization of projects because as a project manager, you are responsible for the planning, execution, and closing of the pro...

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"Once More to the Lake" read through analysis

Then all at once as White watches his son gather his wet, cold bathing suit to go swimming in the rain and then put it on, he suddenly feels the chill of the cold bathing suit as if he put it on himself like he once did as a young boy. He referred to the sensation as the "chill of death" because he realizes that he, like is father, is going to die, and has an involuntary acceptance of his own mort...

"Once More to the Lake" by E.B. White

Here, White's language has bulls-eye precision, and the dragon fly is transformed into a representation of the continuous cycle of life and death. The present mixing with his past experience is again validated with details of the lake that "had never been what you would call a wild lake." It is a calm, tranquil, and bounded place where youth is apparent. Here, the lake represents the familiarity o...

Homework on “Once More to the Lake”

After that he began to sustain the illusion that he was I, and therefore, that he was his father. He seemed to be living a dual existence like he would be in the middle of some simple act, he would be picking up a bait box or laying down a table fork, or he would be saying something, and suddenly it would be not him but my father who was saying the words or making the gesture. The difference betwe...

The Cramer Lakes

I knew I would grow to love the outdoors even more, and I have. I sensed I had met the woman I would marry, and I had. Since then, each time I sit around a backcountry campfire, I compare that trip to the Cramer Lakes trip; the fabulous campsite, the shockingly bright colors, the scenery on the trail, the unexpected wildlife and the personal epiphany I discovered. So far none of our endeavors have...

"The Lake" by Roger Mcgough

Towards the end of the poem there is a very frightening description of the pigs looking towards the houses their “piggy eyes glistening” and “licking their lips” as they look forward to taking over the people in the houses by the lake. Roger McGough has written this poem as a warning to us all. The lake itself is a metaphor for a future world destroyed by humans. He is telling us that if w...

Analysis of the Theme in TC Boyle’s Greasy Lake

Instead, he states that “he wanted to get out of the car and retch” (136) and go home to his parents’ house and crawl into bed. When the girls said “Hey you guys look like some really bad characters” (136) instead of being gleefully happy that they had finally accomplished their mission, all three of the boys “stared straight ahead, rigid as catatonics” (136). Unfortunately, the best...

A Critique of Once More to the Lake

White successfully demonstrates all three criterions: Structure, Emotion, and Language. The structure, emotion, and the language used demonstrates that many people’s past memories, past experiences, past lives, resemble some of moments in the present. Therefore, sometimes their memories reflect and mirror their children’s present. The author provides plenty of evidence to support the main idea...

Lakeland Wonders Case Study

- Concern over quality control and possible damage to brand image. - Regional, long term partners would be lost. - New CEO's absence of clear brand name technique for proposed brand-new items. - Union issues- threatened by outsourcing, not spoken with previously on, and so on - Brand-new CEO's strategy to bring in brand-new individuals (Cecil, Pat) will make long term employees feel threatened and...

Camp Green Lake - Stanley's sample letter

Funny, isn't it? Anyway, that's enough about me, and anyway all this moaning won't do anything apart from upsetting you both and making you feel miserable and me unlucky, so, how's Dad's sneaker project going on? I hope he hasn't made any more blunders and made the house stink! Wish him the best of luck on my behalf and you too, take care of yourself and don't worry, I will be out of here after ei...

Inlay Lake in Myanmar

Raw material availability is challenging. In order to maintain skillful labor of producing lotus threat and product, it is needed to train the new generation upon technical assisting. The lotus products must be guarantee such as color, texture and pattern display, etc. Government trade policy must be developed to protect culture product. RecommendationsIf culture product spread out across worldwid...

Guilford Lake State Park Lisbon, OH

INTRODUCTION One of the attractive sites most campers love in Ohio State when choosing RV parks is Guliford Lake State Park. The next time you find yourself near the Canton city of Ohio with or without your RV, Guilford Lake State Park is a place to be, as it is located at the beautiful county seat of Stark County. Guilford lake State park has a total land area of 98 acres and the remaining part i...

Sadie and I were casually walking towards the lake In my thoughts

I lunged at Lachie and we were both fighting each other. Sadie told me not to, but I ignored her. I remembered what David had said - One more scratch and your gone. - I didn't care about that. I had both my hands griping on his shirt. We were both trying to push each other on the ground. It was hard to get any grip on this muddy ground. The mud was going everywhere on me and Lachie. David is going...

Water Quality Physical, Chemical, & Nutrient Characteristics

Nitrate (NO3-) is usually the most common form of inorganic nitrogen in lakes and streams. The concentration and rate of supply are tied to surrounding land use practices within the watershed. For example, nitrogen derived from fertilizer runoff or soil erosion and waste-discharges from cities and farms often flow into streams and lakes. Excessive amounts of nitrate in water can cause death, ill...

The Mississippi River, located in North America, begins in Lake Itasca, Minnesota and flows south, ending at the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana

6. The last reason as to why humans can cause an increase in flooding risk is because of urban development. The impermeable asphalt surface of the roads does not allow water to infiltrate the ground. Instead it is forced to flow as surface runoff into drains. The drains may release the water directly into the rivers. In which case, there would be very little delay from when it rains to when the wa...

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