Lady Macbeth's Confession letter to Macbeth

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I am very sorry to say that I cannot live with the murder on my mind. Whenever I am asleep I dream about his death and I dream that my hands are full of blood. I am afraid of dark and I sleep walk reliving the night King Duncan was murdered. I cannot cope with the change in our life. I wish our life could go back to normal all the excitements all the joy, happiness and when you have beaten the Repel Scottish Lords.

All the rewards you got for winning the battles.

Since you have met the witches you have changed a lot you don’t even have time for your wife who you use to call the “my dearest partner in greatness”. Why did you have to meet them witches because I think they are the one who ruined our sweet life. We were living so peacefully and happy since them three “evil weird sisters” told you that you can be future king if you kill Duncan.

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You wrote to me and told me about the evil witches predictions.

I know I am the one to blame for forcing you into murdering King Duncan. If he didn’t visit us and stayed with us this never have happened. I looked so easy and made me think that I have got the best chance to get him killed and make you the king because I wanted you to be happy. Since he died my life gone so bad and miserable I think it’s the guiltiness and I cannot live with it no more so I have decided that I am going to suicide.

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Lady Macbeth's Confession letter to Macbeth

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