Lacma Review Essay

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Lacma Review

Our field study assignment was to attend the LACMA to visit the exhibit California Design, “Living in a Modern Way” and I truly couldn’t have enjoyed it more. I have a huge love for interior design and clothing, especially being vintage. This exhibit had a many different styles but I could imagine it exactly how it was in the times through 1930-1965. I brought my family along and I was happy I did because I was able to hear my parent’s stories in the 60’s and how their own parents had that exact couch or similar light fixture. It was such a fun experience, and I had never visit the LACMA before this trip.

What particularly caught my eye was definitely more than one object so I’ve decided to talk about my most favorite pieces. Right when you enter you see this beautiful airstream “clipper” motorhome from the 30’s and immediately want to go inside and take a ride. Though it was small, it gave off an illusion of space due to its design. Often called streamline modern, the look was simple and sleek. It embodied aerodynamics along with simple lines that were influenced by speed. It had this shimmery metal were you almost see your own reflection as though you were looking into a mirror.

The tires were small but seemed to fit correctly with its proportions. I couldn’t believe how they’ve evolved from the today. It amazes me, yet I still wish they looked how they did in the 30’s. I sometimes think what if I had been born in that time; my dad would of owned one. Seeing the clothes I definitely was wishing I were from that era. My favorite piece has to be the matching lobsters swimsuits, Catalina Sportswear. Mary Ann DeWeese designed it in 1949. The woman’s bikini I would of worn in a heartbeat, and the male speedo I found to be a crack up, but equally loved.

They were both all white, more of an off white, accompanied by a lobster or two. I loved how it was designed and seemed would to very faltering to wear, especially as a woman. It was high waisted bottoms, which were exactly the style back then, and coming back today. The texture looked smooth, almost silk like. It was made of Lastex and cotton. The balance of the lobsters was in my opinion perfect. The size of them was big, but it wasn’t overkill and fit well with the overall look. It reminded me something you would wear Memorial or Labor Day weekend!

The last thing I was to talk about it one f the lounge chairs made of straw it looked like. The shape of it alone of was mind blowing and something I can still see being very popular and modern in today’s homes. The proportions were very even and didn’t seem like it would be awkward to lay down in, like some were. It was rectangular but had an arch to position your back comfortably. Even the artwork behind it, I truly fell in love with. There were shapes, lines, and patterns that made so inspired to make my own. They had fun and bright colors that really caught your eye.

Most of the bowls and hand dishes as well had bright colors that really stand out, which I love! The LA County Museum of Art was such a fun experience for me and I made a whole day of feeling inspired for my future home and ideas that I would love to create some day. This project was very educational for me as well and helped me get a better understanding of designers all over the world, especially a respect for ones in California. I couldn’t imagine not being able to have access to these beautiful visions and artifacts from it this exhibit, and I felt very appreciative to have viewed it.

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