Lack of Discipline among Students

In the development of every country, the problem of campus discipline is becoming more and more serious day by day. Indiscipline is a destructive act that does not promote peace and coexistence in society. This behavior is a threat to many countries in the world because it poses a threat to the lives of these young people. Several world leaders have made many efforts to reduce this growing stigma, particularly among schoolchildren, but regrettably not a day goes by without the media failing to report on disciplinary violations that take place in newspapers, radio and television.

The lack of discipline in schools is caused by many factors in society. Especially when it comes to the lack of discipline among children in schools, parents, teachers and adult role models in society, all must take responsibility. The family background of the students is the main reason for the lack of discipline in the school. Careless parents who don’t care about their children’s behavior changes from early adolescence to late adolescence often lead to indiscipline.

Often parents who get up early in the morning to work and come home at 5 p.m. neglect their role as caregivers, while children from such families may learn bad habits from their friends because most of their parents are not around. This creates bad priorities and encourages children to disrespect school authorities.

In the addition, the lack of sincerity and devotion to duty of teacher also will also lead to disciplinary problems. When a teacher’s morals are lax, it leads to lax discipline.

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For example being lazy, incompetent, and dictatorial in class and flirting with girls can also lead to lax school discipline. Some teachers lack professionalism when they talk back to their colleagues in the front of students, which also leads to their lack of discipline. According to research, teachers’ poor work attitude leads to students, ‘ inability to fully engage in the school environment, which leads to students, ‘ lack of discipline. Next, the situations where teachers tend to have a punitive attitude can also lead to disciplinary problems, as most students may try to defend their rights. In the end, the above reasons may lead to violation of school rules.

Last but not least, the abolition of corporal punishment in schools has exacerbated students’ indiscipline. This is not because it is necessarily wrong, but because it has not been thoroughly discussed among all stakeholders, parents, students and teachers to replace it with equally effective or more effective disciplinary measures. As a result, teachers feel more vulnerable, and more and more students and parents feel that they now have the right to do what they want without the effective consequences of their actions. This has led to a more violent school climate.

In a nutshell, lack of discipline does not lead to proper and successful educational development and learning. We should spare no effort to prevent discipline problems in the embryonic stage so that they can have a stable learning mentality and get good grades in study.

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