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Lack of Communication Essay

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When you join together and form a relationship you become part of something greater. You must work together as a team if either partner disregards the relationship suffers. Given a desire and will to make things better it takes communication. Lack of communication in a relationship can make a person feel lonely and isolated. This could come from being busy with life, lack of love, and word vs. actions. Lack of communication only results in unsuccessful human alliances which cause grief not only to you as an individual, but to others as well.

Many couples stop communicating with each other because each they are caught up with doing his/her own thing in life. Whether it is work hobbies, children, and school, among other things there is always an excuse. Just as you budget how you spend your money it is important to remember that budgeting in time for your relationship is important as well. Lack of involvement and communication increases distance in any relationship.

If you don’t have quality time and communication your relationship and understanding will start to vanish.

When you are no longer in love with your spouse then more than likely you are not communicating with each other. When you are not in love anymore it is a horrible feeling because you become unhappy and negative about the relationship. It’s difficult to realize that you just don’t feel the same way about the man/women you thought you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Falling out of love is inevitable. So much of how we perceive love is what we have seen or read. Whenever you stop communicating you destroy the love that you have for one another.

Moved by emotions and excitement of the situation, you can get carried away with words saying things that later will not be backed by actions. Actions speak louder than words. A person who wants to be in a relationship with you will show you with their actions consistently over time. Words are powerful and they can hurt, heal, build up or tear down, comfort or curse the relationship without the action behind it. Sometimes you come to a point where you may not have anything to talk about.

Speaking from experience and research it is because you know each better than you did before. Now a days people believe in personal space, but sometimes too much space widens the gap between people. Express yourself to your mate talk about your problems, share your feelings with each other and cherish those moments of life together. When you take a close look at your relationship communication is the foundation that will strengthen your bond. Without this, your relationship will definitely not be a lasting one.

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