Labor Relations in International Business Essay

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Labor Relations in International Business

Our company has stood steadfast in all aspects of achieving success in our global operations. Our presence in the international markets considered in details each and every intricacies and relevant features of each of those market places. Topmost however to all of these detailed considerations is the working relationship we establish with the national workforce in each and every country. International labor relations focus on the human resources available and contributory to every foreign office we operate.

As new, embarking sales professionals delving into the exciting and challenging global market – you must have the foresight and sensitivity in relating to different kinds of culture; of habits; or laws; of working styles; professional methods – apart from a dash of individual idiosyncrasies. Your ability to work through those factors and variances will go a long way in sustaining our success in the international business arena. Multinational companies such as ours move on a fast paced and challenging global environment due to the rapid advancement in technology and transportation mode.

The swift interconnectivity of human beings in this 21st century invigorates constant change in product qualities and standards; incites innovates customer relationship techniques; and most of all enhances speedy delivery of services. Competition is therefore constant and very much alive and challenging as new market segments arise; new methods of packaging, advertising and marketing strategy come to fore; and aggressive servicing strategies arise.

This wide arena of competition makes multinational companies look for operating in foreign markets within the lowest cost possible at a faster pace; sustained quality of product and customer service and innovative marketing techniques. Our sales operations overseas are overseen by designated Country Managers who is overall responsible for every aspect of running the business. We opted to appoint a national citizen of every sales branch.

This is more effective as he creates the teamwork and networking within the country of operation. The Country Manager is supervised by the Regional Manager. There are company policies we hand over to the Country Managers specifically with regards to product image handling and pricing. However, the rest of the operational requirements are inherently conceptualized and designed by the Country Manager, together with his team with regards to growing the business and developing the market and relating to customers.

The focal aspect with regards to labor and human relations policies are likewise pretty much within the guidelines and jurisdiction of the labor laws of each country. The pertinent recognition and respect is given to compensation guidelines; minimum wage parameters; overtime rewards; bonus; work perks like healthy insurance coverage; work safety standards and laws on working hours. The Country Manager is likewise given leverage in making decisions about observance of holidays and national and religious festivities inherent in the country of operation.

As we operate as trader and sellers and each country, the issue of labor union and collective bargaining has not arisen yet. Each of our overseas operations is staffed approximately between 100 to 150 personnel and this does not call for such aspect of labor relations. The company therefore looks forward to your success and enjoyable learning experience in our spearheading global business. Please feel free to talk to your management team for any inquiries or clarification you seek.

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