Lab Questions Essay

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Lab Questions

1. Number of results for a tiger woods video game
Only 1 video game on the second page, results are mostly polo’s or books 2. Ancillary products for my favorite sports team ( Borussia Dortmund) Jerseys, Shorts, and hoodies

Lab Assignment #2
1. What selection criteria do you think the company goes through in order to choose which events to sponsor? I think company’s look at how popular the event is not only in the present day but also how popular it can become, I also think they look at what percentage of their target market attend those events, and of course they look at how much money can be made at a single event.

Lab Assignment #3
1. Approximately how many people watch the March Madness tournament? 140 Million Watch March Madness
2. March Madness is second to only one other sporting event. What is it? March Madness is only second to the super bowl
3. What percentage of the NCAA’s revenue comes from men’s basketball? How is this revenue generated? 90% of the NCAA’s revenue is from men’s basketball this revenue is generated by things like ticket sales. 4. How did Nike first gain brand exposure through men’s basketball? Explain. Nike First gained exposure when Sonny Vaccaro want to Nike and said “We should give the shoes away and pay the college coaches, put the shoes on the kids and put the t-shirts on the kids and public will buy”.

5. How does best-selling author Michael Lewis argue that playing college sports impedes athletes from getting an education? The Students spend too much time on their sports and not enough time on their school work. 6. The president of the NCAA argues that education combined with access to some of the best coaches in the world is adequate compensation for student athletes. Do you agree? Why or why not? I do not agree since the students have to spend most of their time playing sports instead of doing their school work, and yet the coaches expect them to pass classes and as soon as the players or no longer vital in the game they don’t get there scholarship for the following year, which is highly unfair.

7. After watching the video, do you think that college basketball players should be paid? Why or why not? I do not think the players should be payed but there should defiantly be some rules put into place to protect the players, and that the coaches not only look at the players work on the field but also at their work in school. 8. Do you think the lawsuit against the NCAA will be successful? Why or why not? I think the lawsuit against the NCAA should be successful on many level since the players do deserve to have some rights, a problem can arise once the NCAA puts their best lawyers on the job making it nearly impossible to win a lawsuit against them but If a jury could decide the fate of the lawsuit I do believe it would ever successful.

9. Should fans of college basketball be concerned about the alleged injustices in the NCAA? Why or why not? Yes, I do think the fans should be concerned about the alleged injustices since they may be supporting the injustice by buying tickets and buying the video games. 10. Do you think its fair that college basketball players have to sign a contract that states that their images and likeness can be used by the NCAA forever without receiving any compensation? Why or why not? No. I do not think it is fair that the students need to sign a contract stating that their image and likeness is the property of the NCAA. It is the students image they should be able to decide when the NCAA uses their images.

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