LA Ministers to Promote Digital-to-Analog TV Conversion

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LA Ministers to Promote Digital-to-Analog TV Conversion

Olivarez-Giles, Nathan. “L. A. Ministers Asked to Spread the Word about Digital TV. ” Los Angeles Times. 10 Feb 2009. 10 Feb 2009. <http://www. latimes. com/business/la-fi-digitaltv10-2009feb10,0,7978127. story>. Summary On June 12, all television viewers of Los Angeles – the largest group of television viewers in the country – must have digital-to-anolog converters to be able to watch TV, unless they are customers of satellite or cable television.

The Federal Communications Commissioner has asked church ministers of Los Angeles to convey this information to church members, adding that there is no difference between converter boxes sold for $40 and the expensive ones for $70. Response I found Nathan Olivarez-Giles’ article “L. A. Ministers Asked to Spread the Word about Digital TV” enjoyable to read because it is humorous. The author refers to the Federal Communication Commission asking “for divine assistance” with digital-to-analog television conversion.

But, the fact that the Commission has chosen churches as its medium of communication with the public is based on practical reason. Churches are responsible for leading groups of people. Then again, if churches are expected by federal regulators to convey this kind of information to the public, they may be asked in future to act as television news channels to boot. All kinds of news may be conveyed through the church. In that case, there would be no difference left between the church and local media. It is for this reason that the author has written a humorous article about the news.

He mentions spreading “the word” with the awareness that churches were initially established to spread the word of God. Because it is illogical for federal regulators to expect the church to spread all kinds of information to its members, in order for this news not to sound as funny as it does – it would be best for federal regulators to spread the word about converter boxes through local media, that is, newspapers, television channels and radio. Churches have their own responsibilities that should not be made a mockery of. Therefore, I completely disagree with the Commissioner’s request.


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