Kwame Nkrumah Strategies and ideologies towards Essay

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Kwame Nkrumah Strategies and ideologies towards

Nkwame Nkrumah had a vision for Africa, he wanted to have a united continent where all the corners of this region can work together and talk in one voice. He was one of the great proponents of Panafricanism where he passionately advocated for such a union as the only solution to the many social, economic and political problems that this continent was facing. In essence he can be said to have provided a vision for the achievement of a united continental government of Africa.

His passion was to see Africa united, he strongly believed that no single African country can achieve progress in most of the aspects on its own, unity among nation was such an important move as could harness the development in this continent which Nkrumah believed had a great potential. (Wallerstein, I. 1967) Nkrumah advocated for a collective African agency which can be largely be attributed for the initiation of the African groups within the United Nations. In 1960s Nkrumah organized the African states to vote as a block and nominated one of the African states for the United Nations membership.

Nkrumah was advocating for a single African vote instead of micro nations. His reasoning was that a powerfully consolidated continent would be in a very good position to bargain rather than a fragmented continent which can not speak in one voice. He was of the opinion that the full realization of African nationalism would not be achieved until a single political unit was formed. (Wallerstein, I. 1967) Nkrumah was very instrumental in the formation of an African union. He together with other peer leaders in the African continent was the founding fathers of the Organization of African Union.

He championed for unity in the continent so that they are net left behind while the other continents move forward. He used his oratory and negotiations skills to influence other African leaders to rally behind him and work together towards realization of this dream. His efforts bore fruit as the organization which was to be used as a vehicle to a united Africa was up and running. Whether this dream lives on to this time is not important the fact remains that this great African leader was dedicated towards achievement of African unity. Reference Wallerstein, I. (1967) Africa: The politics of unity. New York: Vintage Books.

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