Kurt and John Bauer Essay

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Kurt and John Bauer

Kurt was from a family of entrepreneurs he always wanted to one too. He always knew the immense possibilities of becoming successful business man as a self-business owner. He had meetings with many people, and he had the intention to set up a company in Eastern Europe. The more he researched and strived the better he became convinced that the time was right for the company to set up in the East. He was not hundred per cent into a manufacturing unit as it takes some time to say how the business is going on.

Ludwig, who happened to start a magazine company in Eastern Europe, was his companion’s father. Evaluating the Opportunity of Kurt In the year 1994 Kurt enquired about working with a publishing company where Mr. Ludwig Schmitt was a partner. Kurt was, in fact on the out look of a business opportunity. Kurt always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Following up on a talk they had earlier Kurt sent a few proposals of the service he could renter to Mr. Schmitt’s publishing company called Crystal publishing.

He offered to work with the company in a few deferent positions and taking up responsibilities His offer was met with hearty welcome and crystal publishers came forward to hire him in the manager role. Ludwig was in agreement with accepting his new business projects too in mutual terms demanding only negotiation and the time leverage he needed. Kurt was given 25K basic salary, 10% of profit share of Ludwig’s Profit and division of 50/50 profit in a Tele group project he proposed. As Kurt was visiting Poland he thought of a new business project of an online financial information site.

He had his brother joining him and then found able partners in Poland who would be potential partners if he went ahead with the idea. Why he would need to go with hi new thought of company is that the publishing industry in Eastern Europe really did not look very promising as the government agency would tell them the number of copies they must print as well as the analysis showed that the growth of the publishing companies in those countries promised any growth only if the country development showed an equal ratio with that of United States.

Many Western European publishers are able to make it viable in Poland (Bartyzel 1993) Fund raising strategy He could always look up on the 100K he could generate from the family which would help him to start up and run the company for nine months. Just looking at the project an experienced entrepreneur was ready to invest on that. With his brother’s and his own contribution it was projected that he could run the company until it had a cash flow. Valuing a Start up Company Currently the volume at the Poland stock exchange has surpassed that of many European markets.

The need of such company among the public is high. No online data base provides in-depth financial information. The project itself is quick to easy cash flow and technologically feasible. Professor’s advice Given the inexperience of Kurt, considering his ambitious nature and the possibility of success the professor would give him 80% consent and Kurt should adhere to that. Kurt and John Bauer 3

Reference: Bartyzel (1993) new venture creation: entrepreneur ship for 21st centaury.

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