Kuliniski the Ice Man Essay

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Kuliniski the Ice Man

There is little information available on his victims, major details can only be found on those murders he was tried and convicted for. Kuklinski had made statements admitting to and describing over 200 murders between the years 1948 to 1986. It was because of the way Kuklinski disposed of certain bodies, including the body of Louis Masday that earned him the nickname of The Iceman by the media. With the murder of Masday, the media became more and more pressing on the issue of mafia connected murders. In 1986, he was charged with 5 counts of murder, six weapons violations, attempted murder, armed robbery, and robbery. In 1988 a New Jersey court Kuklinski was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences, making him only eligible for parole at the age of 111. While at the Trenton State Prison, he often granted interviews to writers, television producers, criminologists, psychiatrists, and even stars in two HBO documentaries, “The Iceman Confesses” and “The Iceman Tapes: A Conversation With A Killer”.

There is also a book available written by Anthony Bruno, titled “The Iceman” detailing Kuklinski’s exploits. While he admitted to over 200 murders he was not tried for any more than five, until 2003. He pled guilty to the murder of NYPD officer Peter Calabro, this added another 30 years to his sentence. The trial held for the NYPD officer 23 years, after the murder sparked media interest. Kuklinski was set to testify at the much publicised trail of Gambino crime family underboss Sammy Gravano. Before he could however, he died at the St. Francis Medical Centre in Trenton, New Jersey. While New Jersey State Police were watching him Kuklinski began to make mistakes.

For a year and a half Special Agent Dominick Polifrone went undercover, disguised as a hitman and eventually met and earned Kuklinski’s trust. Kuklinski got caught bragging to the agent about his proficiency with cyanide and boasted about freezing a corpse in order to mask his time of death. They had sufficient evidence to arrest kuklinski due to the a tape recording that Polifrone had obtained during one of his encounters with kuklinski. NYPD were afraid Polifrone would soon become another of Kuklinski’s victims, so they moved in quickly after taping some of his confessions and getting him to agree to do a hit with Polifrone. These tapes ultimately led to the conviction of Richard Kuklinski and they

?, 1949: Charley Chase (bludgeoned with a wooden dowel)
January 31, 1980: George Malliband, 42 (shot)
March 14, 1980: Peter Calabro (shot with a shotgun)
July, 1981: Louis Masgay, 50 (shot in the head)
April 29, 1982: Paul Hoffman, 51 (shot, then bludgeoned with a tire iron) December 27, 1982 (found): Gary Smith, 42 (was poisoned with cyanide, then strangled with a cord by Daniel Deppner) May 14, 1983 (found): Daniel Deppner, 46

Note: In addition to these seven victims, Kuklinski has also claimed to have killed over 200 people in total. Whether or not this statement is credible currently remains unknown. The recorded tapes led to his arrest

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